Cheater: Deleted Scene

By: Jamie Fuchs

Erotica Story Genres:

This is a scene from the second installment in Cheater that just didn’t work with my story, but I don’t want it to go to waste so here it is, for your reading pleasure 🙂

He grabbed onto my hand and lead it up his thigh toward his clothed cock.

“I bet this is what you were thinking of too.” I didn’t put up any kind of fight and gripped onto him through his pajama bottoms, still craving everything he could give me.

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Releasing my hand, he quickly slid his fingers below the waistband of his bottoms and pulled them down to reveal the object of my desires. With a little bead of pre-cum quickly forming at the tip of him in a tiny droplet, it quickly became clear that he felt the same way that I did.

With the two of us completely naked he knelt back down to me, his cock mere inches from my mouth. Placing one of his hands on the side of my head, he held me down and rendered me immobile before stuffing his dick into my mouth to use me. He forced himself deeper and deeper until I could take no more, his shaft too big to fit all the way in.

A throaty groan of pleasure escaped from him before he pulled out and pushed himself back in. I loved the way he used me to satisfy his own needs and I could feel the juices dripping from my cunt as it swelled with need.

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Pulling himself out, Ed ran the length of his shaft between my lips one more time before he flipped me onto my stomach and laid down on top of me. The length of his smooth, wet cock placed directly between my ass cheeks as his warm breath found my ear.

“How long do we have?” he growled.

“Until 5,” I replied eagerly, knowing that would give us plenty of time.

I could feel his body weight shift as he looked to the alarm clock behind us on my dresser.

“Perfect.” I waited patiently for what was to come, my whole body was tingling with excitement, I never knew what he would do next.

He slowly moved himself down my body, kissing the back of my neck as tingles shot down through every nerve in my body. His lips made their way lower, down my spine as wave after wave of pleasure radiated from the places he kissed. I became more and more sensitive as his hot breath wore away at my defenses. Not before long, he had me just where he wanted. With my nails digging into the bedsheets above my head, he swiftly moved his lips back up to my ear.

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“Are you ready?”

I gave no response, but the way those words caused my body to squirm under him gave a clear indication of what my response would have been if I could have given one. Ed grabbed hard onto each of my thighs just below my ass as he parted my legs. Everything was wet, the bedsheets, my cunt, my thighs… He straddled on top of me and pushed the tip of his cock against my opening. I let out a moan as I gripped the sheets harder, preparing for him to fill me with his massive cock. I should have known better though, Ed never gave me what I wanted when I wanted it. He enjoyed watching me suffer as he kept it from me.

Running the length of his cock across my pussy I could feel him throb as he bathed in my desire. His teasing was almost too much to handle as he began thrusting gently back and forth, stimulating my clit with each pass of his tip. I couldn’t take it any longer.

“Ed!” I screamed in frustration, “fuck me you bastard!”

He pulled his cock all the way back and with the precision of a sniper he rammed it directly into my pleading pussy. I screamed with pleasure as the sheets came loose from the mattress under my grip. Ed was done teasing me, I searched for something, anything to grab hold of as he satisfied my pussy. Finding the edge of the mattress, I grabbed hold and tried to steady my body against the fury his hips were unleashing upon me.

Pushing me down harder with a hand on my upper back, his groans became more and more intense as he used my body. I reached down to my clit, knowing that it wouldn’t be long before a hot, steamy load would be spilled all over my ass and back. Rubbing myself furiously, I could feel the encroaching orgasm building up. Screams of passion freely escaping from my throat before his other hand reached down and cupped my mouth, muffling any sounds I could make. The feeling of being so taken, so used was almost too hot to handle.

In a few seconds I’d be thrashing uncontrollably in the powerful waves as they would take my body. Ed released me and pulled his cock out, pressing the length of his dripping wet shaft between my ass cheeks, locking it in place with the palm that had been covering my mouth. His thrusts continued until the tell-tale moan spilled from his lips and his hot sticky mess began coating my back.

That was all I needed, the second the first hot batch of his ecstasy hit me I arched and the pulses released. I put my face into the bed and screamed as every nerve in my body was filled with wave after wave of pleasure, all the way down to the tips of my fingers. As soon as I was able to control my muscles again I could hear Ed panting behind me. He got up and left me there to clean myself up, just the same as before.