Cheater: Guilty – Cuckold Erotica

By: Jamie Fuchs

Part 1 of Cheater: Guilty, Stolen, Caught.

Erotica Story Genres:

“Voila!” I exclaimed as I put the finishing touches on Dale’s birthday cake. It was truly a masterpiece. I had spent the last six hours baking it so it would be done before he got home. Placing the cover over top of it, I carried it and two plates from the counter to the table.

Just as I set them down, I heard the garage door opening and his car pull in. Perfect timing.

I quickly ran up the stairs to our bedroom. I wanted today to be a special day for him. I threw off my sweatpants and the t-shirt I was wearing, replacing them with nothing but a black apron with white frills around the edges. I always knew he had a thing for maids, but I’d been too shy to do anything about it until now.

I ran back down the stairs to beat him inside. Grabbing the broom, I pretended to sweep the floor. I positioned myself so that he wouldn’t be able to see my exposed ass as he came in, but once he reached around behind me, I knew his hands would find it.

As the door opened, I looked up from the floor and met his eyes with mine. It was curious how I could see them change from exhausted to surprised, and finally to intrigued. A devious smile came across his face as he closed the door behind him. It made me feel a little embarrassed to be dressed like this, but I knew it would be worth it if it would please him.

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“Well, hello there, beautiful. What are you doing in my house?” he asked as he set his briefcase down and tossed his suit jacket on a chair by the table.

I averted my eyes and played the part of a shy little maid, just here to do my duties. He walked over to me, the sound of his footsteps echoing off the wooden floor.

“Your shoes,” I said, pointing to the mess he would be making on my clean floor.

“What shoes?” he replied as he grabbed the middle of the broom to prevent me from sweeping.

He moaned with a surprised delight as his other hand came around behind me to meet the center of my bare back. Tossing the broom to the side, he took another step closer, pulling my body up against his. I could feel my arousal building as he commanded my actions and slid his hand slowly down to my ass.

“Did my wife hire you?”

I bit my lip and remained quiet, my heart beating as he clawed at my backside. I avoided eye contact, but I could feel the heat of his stare as he exerted his dominance.

Slap! His hand left my ass for only a second before he brought it back down. The strength of his hand on my tender ass forced out a tiny whimper from between my lips.

“Tell me, dear: did my wife hire you?”

“I can’t say,” I replied quietly.


“Why’s that?”

“I… can’t say.”

Slap! My ass stung more and more with each of his firm spanks. I could feel the juices building up between my legs already as he took control.

“Do you know what I do to girls who don’t cooperate?” he asked me as he dug both hands into my burning ass cheeks.

“No,” I whimpered.

He leaned in close, his breath hot on my ear.

“I guess we’re going to find out then,” he whispered.

I could feel my knees getting weaker as his fingers intensified the stinging sensation on my ass. I surrendered all of my power to him as he spun me around and brought my butt up against his bulging cock.

He rubbed himself against me before he leaned back down to my right ear.

“Does this give you a better idea?” he growled.

I remained quiet as his hands found their way to my sides and underneath the apron. He grabbed on hard with one and slid the other down my thigh before bringing it back up to brush it against my folds. With a firm motion, he parted my legs before running one finger up the length of my pussy toward my clit, slowly spreading my juices around.

His other hand moved up my body and around the string that tied the apron on. He let out tiny little groans against my ear as he teased my clit. The other hand found its way to the base of my breast before he cupped it in his strong hand.

He slowly dove deeper and deeper between my lips with each stroke of my cunt. Leaning back against his body, I let him bear most of my weight. The throb of his cock between my ass cheeks had me desperate for more. I couldn’t wait for what was to come.

Reaching around behind me, I tried to take it into my hand, but he pressed it hard up against me to prevent me from getting what I needed. I tried to get my fingers between us, but it was futile. He was too strong.

With me still held up against him, he turned us and started walking toward the table. I was barely able to move with him. My knees felt shaky below me as he rubbed my clit.

“On your knees,” he commanded.

Doing as I was told, I knelt on the floor as he spun a chair around in front of me and sat down. I waited for my next command as I eagerly watched his bulge throb with each of his heartbeats.

“Well?” he asked.

My eyes were still focused in on his cock throbbing through his dress pants.

“What do you want of me?” I asked.

Without hesitation, Dale reached around behind my head and pulled my face hard against his crotch. I tried to brace myself against his knees as he threw me forward, but he pulled harder, rubbing my face against his groin.

“You want that, don’t you?” he said before finally letting me go.

Not wanting to be punished again, I reached for his belt and removed it before opening his pants. He had clearly been enjoying this. His underwear was soaked with pre-cum where the fabric shrouded the tip of his cock. Eagerly, I pulled the waistband down below his balls and took his rock hard dick into my grip.

I stroked the length of his shaft as I watched bead after bead of pre-cum bubble out of the tip of his cock and run down to my hand. I brought it toward my face, desperate to taste the salty beads of pre-cum that were forming on his slit.

Swirling my tongue around his head, I licked him clean before taking it into my mouth. I took as much as I could in and bobbed my head up and down, craving his pleasure.

I felt his legs relax at my sides as I gave him exactly what he needed. His groaning intensified as I moved faster and faster.

“Good girl,” he moaned, placing one hand on my head.

My pussy was getting more and more desperate the longer I stroked him. I could feel my clit swelling and my juices trickling down my leg. All I wanted was for him to throw me down and take my pussy.

The beads of pre-cum continued leaving their salty trail on my taste buds as I brought him closer and closer to the peak of excitement.

Pulling his cock out of my mouth, Dale grabbed me by the jaw and brought me up to him. There was a fire burning in his eyes; he was hungry for more. Leaning in, I stole a single sloppy kiss before he threw me face-down on the table and spanked my ass hard enough to leave a throbbing hand print.

I could hear his pants hit the floor behind me before his cock forced its way past my folds and into my depths. He pressed himself as deep as he could, filling me completely as I let out a hungry moan.

Whimper after whimper escaped my throat with each of his thrusts, his balls brushing up against my clit each time his hips met my ass. The thought of being nothing to him except his dirty little maid brought my encroaching orgasm steadily closer as he manhandled me.

His fingers sank deeper into my hips as he threw his body up against mine faster and faster until I couldn’t control myself any longer. I needed more; I needed release. Reaching down with one hand, I began to rub my fingers against my clit.

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I could feel the tension building, ready to tear through my body at any moment.

“I’m going to fill you, you filthy girl,” he growled down at me.

That was enough; that was all I could take. The tension exploded from my clit and rocked through my body, wave after wave of pleasure forcing screams from my mouth as I shook against the table.

His thrusting intensified and became erratic just before he released a massive groan and his cum began filling me. Each thrust filled me more and more before his strength disappeared and he stood behind me, panting.

“Happy birthday, sweetheart,” I exhaled.

“Thanks, hun,” he said as he leaned down to kiss me on the back of my neck. He pulled himself out. “Oh… by the way—”

“Uh oh,” I cut him off mid-sentence and turned myself around to look at him.

“I wasn’t done yet,” he started again. “Can I tell you now?”

“Yeah, get it over with.”

“I told Ed that he could come live with us—”

“Again? Come on, why this time?”

“I guess his business didn’t turn out so well again. He lost everything this time, and he has nowhere to go. He promised it would only be for a few weeks while he gets back on his feet.”

“Fine,” I sighed. “Let’s forget about that for now and enjoy your birthday.”

I wrapped my arms around his neck and brought my lips up to his, giving him a loving kiss before I turned to get a knife from the kitchen. He put his underwear back on as I walked back to the table, holding the knife menacingly with a firm grip.

“He better get on his feet again quick. Or else.” I stared deep into Dale’s eyes and squinted. He laughed sarcastically and a smile broke out across my face.

I lifted the cover from the cake I had spent all day making and set it to the side. I cut two pieces, placing one piece on each plate and handing one to him. He grabbed it and took a bite.

“I love after-sex cake! This is the best birthday ever.”

I just smiled at him and started eating my own piece.

The rest of the night went really well. I made lasagna, Dale’s favourite. Then we sat down and watched a movie as we snuggled.

After the movie was over, I turned to Dale.

“So, when is Ed moving in?”

“Well, he has to be out of his house in a week. So probably around then.”

“Okay, I’ll make sure the guest room is ready for him.”

It wasn’t that I hated Ed. He’d been Dale’s best friend since they were four. I just knew that since I was working shiftwork at the hospital for the next few weeks, things would get a little wild and messy when I wasn’t around. I also enjoyed having privacy in my own home, and the occasional ability to just close the blinds when things got kinky. Sex in the bedroom was getting a bit stale, and we were trying to expand our comfort zone. I wondered how that would be possible with Ed around.

Ed came over that Friday afternoon with what was left of his belongings. I felt bad for him as he walked through the front door. Everything fit into two large suitcases.

“Hey, Tiffany,” he said as he set them down at his feet. He didn’t seem embarrassed or shameful at all. Somehow, even after losing nearly everything, he still walked with the same confidence as when he was doing well, and he had been doing really well.

“Hey, Ed,” I replied. “I got the guest room all ready for you.”

Ed was a tall man with very broad shoulders and dark brown hair. He kept himself in top shape to stay as productive as possible while managing his business.

“Why, how nice of you.” He smiled as he picked up his things again and headed down the hall to the room.

“Let me know if you need anything.”

“Sure thing, Tiff.”

I went back to the kitchen table to continue reading my book. Pouring myself a glass of nice red wine, I relaxed back into my chair. I should have known though, with Ed here things wouldn’t be so quiet.

He set his things down in his room and came straight out to the kitchen. Sitting down directly across from me at the table, he stared at me until I put the book down.

Fifty Shades, huh?” he said as he raised one eyebrow at me. “You girls and your filthy minds.”

“I just wanted to see what all the hype was about, that’s all!”

“Whatever you say, Tiff,” he laughed. “You know, I really appreciate when you guys do this for me.”

“Yeah, no problem.”

“I’m serious. I don’t know what I’d do without you guys. I know I don’t show it much, but it means the world to have someone I can count on like I can you.”

His eyes seemed completely sincere, something I’d never seen in him before. He was acting… weird. It wasn’t like him to be so genuine about something like this.

“Well, you’re welcome, Ed.”

He got up and went back to the guest room. I watched as he walked away, leaving me puzzled about the new side of himself that he had just shown me.

I spent the rest of the afternoon reading naughty scene after naughty scene, building my arousal with no hope for relief. I couldn’t even masturbate with Ed in the house. It would just feel wrong.

Dale barged through the door after work like a little boy excited that his friend would be staying with us for a while.

“Are you guys ready?!” he yelled, holding two bottles of whiskey high in the air.

I looked up from my book briefly before looking back down, completely unfazed by his antics.

Ed, however, wasn’t so resistant. He came barreling down the hallway.

“Yeah! Let’s do it!” He ran to the cupboard and pulled out three shot glasses while Dale set the bottles down on the table in front of me.

I put my bookmark in and set the book aside, realizing there would be no such thing as quiet for the rest of the night.

“Cheers!” Dale held up his shot glass and I reluctantly clinked mine together with theirs. The two of them downed their shot as fast as they could before slamming their empty glasses down on the table and yelling.

I didn’t understand how Ed could keep his confidence and happiness even after losing everything. Either he was really good at faking it, or he had a stronger personality than I ever imagined was possible. Somehow, he still radiated the power of a leader, even in a situation where he should be crawling around on his hands and knees. Ed would never give up, and eventually, he would make it big.

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For the rest of the night, we sat around talking and drinking. Dale and Ed hadn’t had much time to be friends lately since Ed was sinking every waking hour he had into his business. The two of them competed like old college buddies to see who could handle more shots than the other, and by ten o’clock, things were starting to get a bit out of control.

I watched from the corner of the rug as the two of them tried wrestling each other to the ground. Ed kept pinning Dale over and over. I was starting to have weird feelings, unwelcome feelings. My imagination wandered. It was hot to think that the two of them were fighting like animals over who would get to fuck me tonight.

Ed left Dale in a panting heap on the plush area rug to go to the bathroom. Dale didn’t move, even when Ed returned a couple of minutes later.

“Let’s go another round!” he said, walking back into the living room. “Dale?”

Ed made his way over to Dale, still laying on the rug. He shook him a little before putting his own arms up in the air triumphantly.

“Yeah!” he bellowed.

Dale was passed out. Ed had won.

I could feel the pace of my heart quicken as Ed came over to sit down beside me. My imagination continued to fuel the arousal building in my chest. I kept telling myself that it was just the alcohol in me – that the arousal would be gone tomorrow.

As he sat down next to me, his fingers fell on top of mine, sending a tingle all the way up my arm and down my spine.

“I guess he’s not as good as he used to be,” Ed said as he looked at Dale before turning his attention to me. Our eyes met for longer than I felt was acceptable for a friend before I looked away.

“Tiffany, I have something to tell you.”

I looked back to him with an inquisitive look, giving no response other than what was conveyed through my body language.

“I was never supposed to tell you this, ever,” he continued. “It was something stupid from the past, but I think it’s time to stop keeping it a secret.” Ed let out a deep sigh. “So, I had a huge crush on you back in university before you and Dale started dating.”

“Oh,” I said numbly. “And why is that supposed to be a secret?”

“Because, Tiff, I still wonder what it’s like to fuck you,” he said as he leaned in closer. “And today is no different.”

Ed continued leaning in until his lips were against mine. His touch was electric, and the arousal that had been building inside me all day came to fruition. I could feel my pussy getting damp as I reciprocated the kiss for a moment before pushing him away.

“Ed, what are you doing? Dale’s right there!” I whispered.

“He’s passed out,” he reasoned. “I won’t make you do this, Tiff, but I know you can’t tell me you’ve never thought about it.” He wrapped his hand around my back again and pulled me closer, his eyes glittering eagerly.

I shamefully averted my gaze from his and gave no response. He pulled me in closer and took another kiss from me. This time, my desire overpowered my will.

I grabbed him by the face and climbed on top of him, our lips hungry for each other. My pussy was swelling up against the stiffening cock in his pants as I rubbed myself against him, still kissing with a desire I hadn’t felt in years.

He threw me over onto my back and crawled up beside me, quickly undoing my belt and pants before pulling them off me. I laid by his side, completely exposed with my pussy dripping in anticipation.

Ed climbed on top of me into the sixty-nine position with his cock fighting to escape from his pants just inches from my mouth. He pinned my hands down on either side of me with his legs as he dove his tongue into the shallow depths of my folds.

I let out a cry of pleasure as his soft tongue hit my clit for the first time. He spread my legs wider and gripped onto my thighs. I could see his cock getting harder and harder with each taste he took of my pussy. I wanted to see it; to feel it; to take it into my mouth and taste his pleasure. Trying to free myself was useless – he was too strong and easily overpowered me.

His wide tongue licked me up and down, tasting everything I had to give. I leaned my head forward, pushing my mouth up against the bulge in his pants before gently biting him.

He made quick flicks of his tongue against my clit, forcing me to release his cock as moan after moan escaped from me. I felt so bad knowing Dale was sleeping right next to us, but the worse I felt, the more it turned me on.

The pleasure began filling my whole body as he did whatever he wanted to my pussy. My muscles twitched and tensed as he brought me closer and closer to screaming. He dove his face in deeper, pressing himself harder against my desperate cunt. His lips moved with fierce passion and desire, like he’d never tasted something so delicious before.

I wanted his cock. I needed his cock. But he refused to give it to me; he continued to hold it inches away from my face as he brought me closer and closer to climax.

His lips sucked me in, bringing my swollen clit out before he flicked his tongue over it. That was all I could take, but just as I was about to achieve release, he stopped.

Ed turned around on top of me and brought his lips up to my ear.

“Not yet,” he whispered.

I let out a moan and arched my body up against his, craving what he was about to give me.

He reached down and undid his pants, pulling out his cock, wet with pre-cum. My chest heaved as I relaxed again underneath him and spread my legs. He pinned my hands up above my head with one of his and ran the other down my stomach before grabbing hold of his cock.

Stroking it just inches away from my pussy, he stared into my eyes, and I felt more helpless than ever. I tried to lean up for a kiss, but he pulled away and shook his head. An anticipatory moan escaped as he moved himself closer and closer to my entrance.

He ran the tip of his throbbing cock up and down the wet lips of my cunt as his eyes continued to show me who was in control. Running it down to my opening one last time, he pushed his dick past the wanting lips of my pussy.

With a firm, strong motion, he pressed himself all the way in until I wet the entire length of his shaft. His dick reached far deeper than Dale ever could. He touched places I never knew existed, and ecstasy overcame me with each thrust.

I tried to be quiet as to not wake Dale, but it was no use. I began screaming with pleasure as Ed pounded my pussy with everything he had. My orgasm craved to take over my body. I just needed a touch – any little touch – on my clit to set me off.

Ed leaned into my ear again, letting his warm breath tickle me as he groaned each time he forced himself forward into me.

“You’re my little bitch tonight.”

His comment almost set me off. I just needed a little bit more.

He pulled himself out of me. I exhaled with relief before he turned me onto my stomach and propped my ass up.

“You’re a filthy little girl,” he growled from behind me. I could feel the tip of his cock teasing my opening.

Slap! His hand came down hard on my ass. I whimpered as he spanked me again and again, leaving my ass tingling with excitement before he drove his hard cock back into me.

He leaned down over me and reached one hand underneath to my stomach. It slid lower, heading straight for my pussy.

I tried to hold myself together for as long as I could, but it was no use. The way his cock reached into the far depths of my cunt; the way his fingers rubbed my wet clit; it was all too much to bear.

The dizzying, delicious pulses I had been craving started erupting throughout my body. Screams of pleasure ripped from my throat as he fucked me only a few feet away from my husband. My whole body shook as the blood rushed from my head.

But I still craved more. I wanted to taste him. I wanted to taste my juices off of him.

Pulling my ass away, I spun myself around quickly and took as much of his cock into my mouth as I could. My lips ran up and down the length of his shaft, taking him up against the back of my throat.

Ed leaned back in bliss, his head falling behind his shoulders as I eagerly awaited his climax. The groans he was making were getting me aroused all over again.

His throaty cries became more and more intense as I bobbed my head up and down. I could feel his ass tensing in my hand as I held him. He was close, and I couldn’t wait to taste his passion.

He let out one last moan before releasing streams of his white-hot cum into my mouth. He took the back of my head into his hand as I slurped up every drop, swallowing shot after shot of his ecstasy.

When he was finished, I pulled away and watched his red cock continue to throb, the wetness on it shining gently in the dim light. Letting out one final sigh, Ed came back to reality.

“This is between you and me,” he said. “Nobody can ever find out about this.”