Creating A Dom (Growth of Need)

By: sexyguy

Erotica Story Genres:

Sebastian cut her off before she could continue. Placing the phone on the desk in front of him, he leaned back in his leather recliner, thoughts zipping through his mind in uncontrolled bursts. He was more excited than ever. The next slab on his self-paved path to happiness was laid and in place. Louisa may have left him – but she couldn’t leave him alone, not since his rebirth. Ironically, she was the catalyst. He let out a long sigh, his breath fluttering with the anticipation of what was to come. Part of him wished he didn’t have to teach the next day. Teaching tempered his newfound lust. If it wasn’t for the fact that Miss. Graves often clattered by in the corridor, hastening to punish someone, her body moving with intent, he might dislike his job. His tongue ran over his lips as he imagined engulfing her bullet nipples in his mouth, then his teeth clacked together as he bit down on the imaginary flesh between his teeth.

The day will come Miss. Graves…

It was a month since Louisa had left him. If he was honest with himself, it had been the best month of his life, a month of discovery, of renewed self-confidence and of the burgeoning growth of a new need in him. He looked up at the two newly installed steel rings embedded in the ceiling above his desk, loving how the golden glow of his desk lamp traveled along the new silver skin of each one as his eyes traveled over them. It was odd, he thought, as he fingered the thick plastic clothing pegs in front of him – opening and closing them over and over – that the tables had turned so quickly. Louisa had shunned him sexually for weeks and when she did allow him some sheet time, it had been like humping a mannequin. Now, she had willingly accepted his offer to become his subservient slave. In fact, he thought as an electric tremor ran from his pants to his brain, she had thrown herself at the opportunity as if she couldn’t wait to serve him.

Oh she would serve him alright. He picked up a peg, his mouth watering at the thought and placed it over his finger. It bit into his skin and he let go, allowing it to exert its full pressure, giving him a taste of tomorrow night. He slid open the drawer at his right hand and pulled something else out. He placed it next to the pegs, his eyes roaming over it, imagining where it would fit. The object buzzed gently, and drew a soft whirring sound from the peg it was up against as he pushed a button.

There was nothing else to do but wait. One more night and Louisa would spend her first evening as his slave. He imagined her naked body shuddering in his hands as he inflicted pain and pleasure on it in equal measure and his manhood throbbed upwards against the tight material of his pants. He rubbed a fingertip across the most sensitive area, and sucked in a slow breath that shook as it entered him. The pain of the clothes peg combined with the pleasure of a simple touch was…exhilarating.

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Standing, he flicked the peg away and glanced at the clock. It was just past nine, a little early for his liking but if he stayed awake, he knew it would only amount to torture. He smiled as he closed his office door. Louisa would certainly be tortured. Until then, his passion would stay pent up within him waiting to explode with Louisa’s.


“You’re late.”

Louisa closed the front door behind her, her eyes fixed firmly on the shadow lingering by the breakfast bar. Sebastian enjoyed the way she hesitated at the threshold of the kitchen, unsure of what to do. “Sorry, I got caught in the tra—“

“Shut up,” Sebastian ordered his voice hard. “No excuses and no talking unless I tell you, understand?”

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For the briefest moment, Louisa frowned. Even in the darkness of the unlit kitchen, the only light a sliver under his office door, he saw the expression. She dropped her bag to the floor and approached him slowly, her tiny heels striking the tiles. This time, the sound filled Sebastian with excitement as he ran his eyes over her body. She had followed his instructions to the letter. She wore little black shoes, the type with the delicate strap and the rounded front, black and shiny like wet leather. Long white socks encased each leg to the knee, tight against her skin and the little black skirt, barely more than a flap was just enough to conceal the warmth within.

She stopped just in front of him and looked up briefly before looking down at the floor. Without her heels, she was several inches shorter than Sebastian. He liked that. “You’ve been bad and tonight you’re going to receive your punishment.” He reached out and cupped her chin, lifting her bowed head until she was looking into his eyes. “Admit that you were wrong, that you were a bad girl, and I might make things a little…” He reached out and stroked her right nipple through her shirt. “…easier.”

“I was bad – really bad.” Sebastian squeezed her nipple hard and Louisa gasped her mouth opening wide. His finger quickly slipped between her lips into the wet warmth within and as her lips closed around it, a gentle warmth oozed in his pants. He sucked in a long slow breath as she savored his finger, working at it with long slow movements of her head.

It was going to be a long night…

Sebastian removed two objects from his coat pocket, the same coat he wore to school. One was icy cold against his skin and the other fit snugly into his palm. Louisa stared at the items as she worked.

“You’re going to please me, now.” Sebastian removed his finger from her mouth. “Fail to do so in an acceptable manner and you’ll feel the steel,” he said swatting his palm with the steel spatula. He placed the spatula on the breakfast bar at his side and lifted the other object up before Louisa’s wide eyes. “Please me sufficiently and I’ll please you.”

Sebastian reached out, lifted her skirt to reveal red satin panties and slipped the small pink vibrator into the hot space, making sure it was firmly against her clitoris before letting the material snap back. Louisa was excited now, he could see she couldn’t wait to get started and that in turn was fueling his own growing need.

“Pleasure me.”

Louisa’s hands went for his manhood, unclasping his belt effortlessly. Sebastian struck her right buttock sharply with the spatula. “Not so fast, that’s too easy.”

She took off his coat and let it drop to the kitchen floor before quickly unbuttoning his shirt. Before his shirt had hit the ground she was licking at his nipples. He moaned as an electric bolt of pleasure arced through him. True to his word, he clicked a button on the remote in his pocket and just before Louisa cried out with pleasure, a low buzzing emanated from her panties. Her lips found his neck, nipping at the flesh while one hand worked his nipple and the other slid down between his legs. The loud slap of steel on flesh filled the air and Louisa cried out.

“You can do better.”

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Louisa quickly unbuttoned her shirt and flung it to the side, the buttons clattering against the tiles. When her hot hard nipples pressed against his flesh, another longer surge of warmth flooded his body and he gasped, slapping her buttocks hard with the spatula before sending a jolt of pleasure into Louisa’s body. He enjoyed the way her hot skin quivered against him and the way she fought to stop herself from thrusting at him. Good, he thought, she’s showing admirable control.

Several minutes later, and Sebastian stood naked before Louisa, his manhood oozing onto her swollen nipples as she traced his helmet with them, rubbing his slick oily juices over skin. For a moment he forgot his position and allowed her to cheat a little, taking his hardness between her breasts and letting it slip into her eager mouth. Then with a sudden slap of the spatula against her bare skin, he assumed command once more.

“Enough…follow me.” As Sebastian opened his office door and stepped inside, the growing need of his body was so overwhelmingly intense that he almost grabbed Louisa and threw her over the desk. He took a deep breath, enjoying the warmth spreading with it from his loins to his jaw and turned to Louisa.

Her chest was heaving. Beads of perspiration had formed on her forehead and the tops of her breasts and her eyes were hooded and lost.

Soon, he thought. Soon, after one final test of her subservience…

Sebastian led Louisa and moved her into position below two clothes pegs that hung from the ceiling, wire threaded through each one. The wire was threaded through each of the silver steel hoops in the ceiling and there was just enough wire for what Sebastian had in mind.

His manhood throbbing manically now, his body filled with urgency, he took the pegs and guided them to her nipples. Louisa smiled and licked her lips, as she watched him connect the pegs to her nipples. Sebastian lay on the floor under her, his legs between hers, his cock poised below her, aching to go into action.

He looked up at her. “Now, show me how much you want this.” He nodded to his glistening dome and then up at her satin panties, the light red material now darkened with Louisa’s flooding juices.

Louisa carefully pulled off her panties and without hesitating, lowered herself onto him, his helmet sliding easily inside her, their juices colliding with a wet, liquid sound. Louisa stopped when the pegs tugged at her large nipples, pulling them upwards and she sucked a breath in through gritted teeth.

“Come on, now, show me.” Sebastian lifted himself from the floor and entered her fully, sliding in up to his balls before holding himself inside her for a long moment of blissful release. When he withdrew, he did so almost regretting his decision to install the nipple pegs. A pained expression came over Louisa and she sucked in a long, quivering breath as she lowered herself onto him, engulfing his helmet once more. Then with the sharp snap of pegs closing on themselves, she tugged herself free and swallowed him up with a cry of relief that was echoed by Sebastian.

They thrust at each other hard and fast, their bodies somehow working together, moving and undulating as one and the master, slave relationship was all but forgotten as they reached an explosive orgasm together, sharing the pleasure until they fell in a panting, moaning heap.

“You deserved your…reward.” Sebastian said in her ear, his hands slipping off her hot, wet buttocks to drop at his sides with a thump.

Louisa lifted her head and looked into his eyes, a drunken expression in her eyes as she said, “I’m a very very bad girl…can you give me the spatula, the vibrator and the nipple pegs?”