Creating A Dom (Rebirth)

By: sexyguy

Erotica Story Genres:

Sebastian paused before Headmistress Grave’s office and stared at the darkened doorway, his eyes traveling along its shadowy edges, the dark wood lending the entire corner of the corridor a murky atmosphere. It was as if this section of the school was purposely deprived of light in order to bestow the aptly named Miss. Grave’s office an air of terror. The darkened portal, sinister though it was – no longer caused Sebastian’s testicles to withdraw to whence they came. Instead, he rather felt a sense of excitement. It was difficult to explain. He knew the cause of his newfound courage of course, that would be the previous Saturday’s late night adventure in his office and the subsequent ousting of the ice-queen from his home on Sunday morning. It was now Tuesday and as requested, he was about to see Miss. Graves to discuss his recent poor performance and that of his pupils.

Known to teachers and students alike as ‘Medusa,’ for her uncanny ability to cause all in her vicinity to experience almost instant paralysis, Miss. Graves had terrified Sebastian since her arrival a year earlier. Upon taking up the throne, she had set about scouring the records of each and every teacher, heads rolled, detentions abounded and the corridors became ‘no go zones.’ ‘A teacher’s place is in the classroom. I don’t want to see you cluttering up the corridors …’ Green Fields High had become a prison, Miss. Graves, the self-appointed warden.

Despite all that, Sebastian was buzzing with anticipation but he didn’t quite understand it.

He raised his fist and rapped on the wood several times. The noise echoed throughout the school, traveling along the length of each of the empty corridors. Save for the janitor and a handful of other teachers, he was alone with Miss. Graves.

“Come,” a stern voice said from within and Sebastian entered the room, closing the door behind him.

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Miss. Graves sat behind a huge ornate desk, its surface polished into a bright sheen that reflected the austere white light of the four orbs embedded in the ceiling above.

“Sit down, Mr. Stone.” As usual, her voice was cold, emotionless, her ebony black hair fastened into a lifeless bun atop her head.

“Thank you.”

Sebastian sat himself before Miss. Graves, removed his bag and placed it on the chair next to him. When he looked up, Miss. Graves was staring at him, her face expressionless. Her eyes darted to his bag. “The floor, please, Mr. Stone,” she said fixing her emotionless eyes on him once more as she pointed a finger at the ground. “I haven’t got all day.”

Sebastian smiled and nodded, taking his time as he lifted the bag from the chair and placed it between his feet. He looked up at Miss. Graves and once again, her dark eyes were fixed on him, an unfaltering gaze that never seemed to waver from its intended victim.

“Tell me,” she began, “have you rediscovered the qualities needed to be a teacher at Green Fields?”

Sebastian held her gaze easily and in fact he enjoyed looking into her eyes. He realized she was actually a very beautiful woman. Beyond the hard stone surface of her demeanor, was a woman like any other with needs and desires that longed to be fulfilled but which had long since taken a back seat to her career. It didn’t have to be that way, Sebastian thought as he continued to meet her eyes.

Her almond eyes narrowed and her thin yet deceptively attractive lips pursed. “Well?” Her voice rose slightly. She was becoming annoyed with him, he saw.

“I never lost those qualities to begin with, Miss. Graves,” he said, leaning forward, reducing the space between them as he purposely and openly diverted his eyes to her pursed lips. She was even more beautiful when she was angry, no, perhaps beautiful wasn’t the right word. Alluring, yes, that was it. “I was simply a little sidetracked by some personal issues, but now I’ve dealt with that and can get on with my life and my job – of course.”

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Miss. Graves finally averted her eyes as she bent to rummage within a drawer at her side. As she leaned towards the drawer, Sebastian watched her as if she was someone else and not ‘Medusa’ the terrifying head mistress of Green Fields High. Her profile was almost perfect. A smooth, lineless, gently rounded forehead, pronounced yet soft cheekbones and a small nose with a slight bump on the bridge – an imperfection that only added to her appeal, Sebastian thought as she turned to him once more, a file in her hand.

“Several of your students have been ‘acting up’ of late,” she said, flicking open the file with a long finger and pushing it across the desk towards him, “Harry Thomas has been in detention almost every day for two weeks.”

Sebastian glanced at the file briefly before closing it and looking up at Miss. Graves. “As I said before, Miss. Graves, the situation is under control. By next week, these pupils will be dealt with and you won’t be seeing them in detention again for a while – you have my word on that.”

Miss. Graves raised a slender eyebrow. “Your … word?” she asked, her voice filled with doubt.

Sebastian nodded and smiled, “Yes, if my students are still misbehaving by next week, you have my word that I’ll take you to dinner – on me of course!” The words left his mouth like water from a faucet, unbroken and steady. Sebastian no longer feared Miss. Grave’s wrath and instead he was able to see her for what she was – a woman and an amazing one at that. He almost hoped his students would misbehave just so he could take her to dinner.

Miss. Graves wasn’t so easily had however and her face hardened as the words left his mouth. The small muscles along her jaw bunched as she clenched her teeth and her eyes widened. She straightened in her chair. “I’ll be watching you, Mr. Stone, mark my words,” she said slowly and evenly, “now get out and hope that you don’t see these four walls again anytime soon.”

She likes me, he thought. For a fleeting moment, before the icy outburst, Sebastian had seen some humanity in her. Her lips had parted and she had turned her head very slightly as if taken off guard or perhaps even shocked to be hit on.

When Sebastian stepped outside her office and closed the door, he smiled and nodded, pleased with the result. Miss. Graves was human after all. It would take a little more work, but he was sure he could win her over given time. He blew out a long stream of air and shook his head before setting off for home.

“What’s happening to me?”

He didn’t know but whatever it was, he was more alive than he had ever been not to mention incredibly turned on.

When Sebastian pulled into his drive that evening he was surprised and a little disappointed to see Louisa’s car parked by the side of the road. Great, he thought, she wants me back. The previous Sunday morning, he had helped pack her bags and even carried them to the car for her. He didn’t care where she was going any longer. She could have her lovers as far as he was concerned. He was a free man and while she had unknowingly assisted him in discovering a part of himself that had eluded him for his thirty three years, he no longer felt the need to hold on. It was over and anyway, he had plans and she wasn’t in them.

Still, she was there and he would have to deal with it. He stopped before his front door and made a mental note to confiscate her set of keys and duly have the locks changed as soon as possible. He couldn’t have her waltzing in whenever she felt like it – not anymore.

Sebastian entered and closed the front door, raising his eyebrows at the darkness that greeted him save for a shaft of light that speared into the kitchen from his office, presumably. What could she be doing in there? Loosening his tie and unfastening the top two buttons of his shirt, he made his way through the kitchen, past the breakfast bar, the row of stools and the loosely scattered clothing … loosely scattered clothing?

He stopped in his tracks, squinting down at the dark crumpled form of a pair of suspenders draped over the back of a chair. Around them, other items of clothing lay abandoned as though someone had stripped off right there and … Louisa? It dawned on him then that the clothes were hers. He recognized the large black double D bra hanging from the top of his office door enticing him to enter and at once he felt the stirrings of arousal pick up where they had left off earlier in Miss. Grave’s office.

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She had come back for more. Of course she had. He yanked his necktie from his neck and tossed it amongst Louisa’s abandoned clothes, followed by his shirt, pants, shoes and socks. His boxer shorts remained. She wouldn’t be permitted access until he was ready and she was begging him to take her. He pulled the door open and the sight that greeted him sent a wave of electric pleasure crackling through him, culminating at the quickly growing bulge between his legs. A muffled buzzing filled his office, accompanied by the sounds of Louisa’s wetness as she worked a slender pink vibrator slowly inside herself, her face flushed and dotted with beads of perspiration as she looked up at him, her eyes lighting up at once.

Pulling the sex toy from between her open legs, she placed it at her side and looked up at Sebastian, her green eyes, beckoning him to her as if he were a moth to her flame. Sebastian paused at the threshold, forcing the animal lust threatening to overcome him into obedience.

No longer would he rush blindly in, satisfying himself first. He didn’t enjoy that, he never had, really. The beast in him had always dominated, ending in a panting, short lived burst of passion that died as he came, leaving Louisa to her own attentions. From now on, women came first … but that didn’t mean he would deprive himself, on the contrary, it made things all the more enjoyable for him.

“Come here – now!” He commanded.

Louisa acquiesced without comment, sliding off the desktop and stepping towards him.

“Good girl,” he said, as he ran a finger around her nipple, enjoying the solid bumps and ridges under his fingertip. “Kiss me.”

“Not like that … like this.” Sebastian pushed against her, pulling her hair hard as his lips ground against hers. He pulled away and waited, licking his lips, tasting her, the wine on her breath was sweet and he savored the taste. For the briefest moment, Louisa searched his eyes, her eyes moving back and forth between them and Sebastian knew for what she was searching.

She was searching for a trace of the former Sebastian, the pushover, the soft touch – but he was gone, having vacated Sebastian’s psyche a week earlier. He smiled and nodded gently when her eyes fell upon his lips, her mouth opening hungrily. Her hands came up then and took bunched handfuls of his hair in her hands as she pulled his mouth to hers, biting and sucking at his lips hard. As Sebastian met her frenzied probing and thrusting tongue with his own, keeping up with her, he picked her up and thrust her backwards against the desk, pushing her up onto it before sliding a finger deep inside her, then two, followed by two more.

He didn’t stop there.

Next he guided Louisa’s willing hands to his boxer shorts and she yanked them off, tossing them to the side before gripping him tightly in two hands. For a moment, the air was filled with wet sounds and quivering, halting breathing but true to his newfound character, Sebastian didn’t let things settle there. He pushed Louisa backwards their lips parting with a wet smack, and pushed her flat against the surface of his desk. Removing his fingers, he slid inside her and stifled the urge to begin thrusting as she squeezed at him, gripping him like a fist.

He closed his eyes and rode the waves of pleasure washing over him as she writhed, rotating her hips, her lips holding him tightly within the loud, wet interior between her legs. Moaning loudly, Sebastian opened his eyes and went to work immediately, allowing Louisa to continue to pleasure him as she worked her hips. She could pleasure him while he pleasured her.

Sliding his fingers into her alongside his manhood, he coated them with her juices and withdrew them, before seeking out her clitoris. She gasped, her hips seizing up at once as he forced back the hood covering the swollen mound of flesh and began to lubricate the area with her juices, his fingers darting over her in waves, as if he were stroking piano keys.

Louisa clenched him tightly and slowly began to writhe once more as his fingers stroked her over and over, drawing her closer to her orgasm, her body jerking in fits and starts as she drew nearer.

When she finally gave way, crushing him inside her, juices surging over him within, a tremble running the entire length of her body, Sebastian smiled.

He watched her as she arched her back, pushing against him, her mouth open, moans filling the air and the scent of lust in his nostrils. Perhaps he would allow her to visit more often, obviously under his close supervision.

His mind wandered back to the encounter with Miss. Graves and he licked his lips at the thought of her. If things went to plan – it would soon be her writhing body beneath him…