Creating A Dom (The Catalyst)

By: sexyguy

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The sound of the front door slamming shut jolted Sebastian from his reverie. Hot coffee stung the back of his hand and rained in droplets over the report in front of him as he flinched at the racket. She was back earlier than usual. Cursing under his breath, he grabbed for the box of tissues and yanked a couple loose, dabbing at the scattered pools. His clumsy efforts only served to make things worse as coffee combined with ink and formed ugly misshapen patches on the paper. The report hadn’t exactly been the center of his scattered attentions anyway. For the past half hour, his focus had wandered through the murky back streets of his melancholy swamped mind, scouring the wilderness for answers. Where was Louisa this time? Which of her lovers was she at that moment administering her affections to? Those questions were about to be answered. The faint sound of footsteps echoed throughout the open floor plan beyond the door to his office, setting off a steadily strengthening sense of unease within Sebastian.

Knowing her first port of call would be his office and that she would take great pleasure in seeing his discomfort, Sebastian tossed the tissue and the notepad into the waste bin by his foot. Then he waited, his eyes fixed on the door handle, waiting for the slow turn to announce her arrival.

If she was home early, something had changed. It was the moment he had been expecting for weeks, he was sure of it. Why else would she cut short her usual Saturday night excursion to mingle with likeminded socialites who ‘got her’ in ways he could only dream of? Surely, it was not to spend time with him? No, of course not, there was a revelation on the horizon and Sebastian was convinced that he was the focal point. He only hoped she would make it quick. Her acid tongue – even more so when laced with alcohol – was decidedly caustic and seemed to revel in the opportunity to spit scorn in his direction.

Footsteps in the kitchen, high heels clacking against the tiles; grew louder, reverberating throughout his head like hammer blows. He sucked in a breath at the double tap of her halted footsteps and sat up in his chair, steeling himself for what was to come. The door opened then, swinging into space before thudding against the wall and Sebastian almost grimaced – almost.

“Surprise, surprise, still lost in school work are we?” His girlfriend stood in the doorway, her cheeks flushed red, eyes watery. She’d obviously been drinking again though for once, she seemed stable on her feet as she stood regarding him from the doorway.

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Sebastian leaned forward on his elbows, his chin resting on his hands. “Yep, where else would I be, Lousia …,” he said, letting the words soak in for a moment before continuing, “with you?”

Louisa laughed and relaxed against the door, her arms folded, shocking red leather designer handbag hanging off her arm. The laughter was short lived, however and seeing her posture change, Sebastian let out a discreet sigh. He was about to regret his comment.

“Here we go again. That’s all you ever do, Sebastian,” she said, smiling. “Try to make me feel guilty for enjoying my life – while you rot away in this office every night.” Louisa said, gesticulating at his office and its contents. “It’s not my fault you’re …” She heaved a sigh then, shaking her head and looked up at the ceiling.

Sebastian watched her, curious. Something really was different tonight. It wasn’t like her to hold back like that. He leaned back in his chair, sinking into the leather as he watched her. For once, she looked vulnerable as she stood, her arms dropped to her sides, the bag riding down her wrist to touch the floor.

Sebastian almost rose from his seat, but instead said, “What? What’s happening?” He knew full well what was happening but he wasn’t about to let on. Their journey was at its end and the many items of baggage garnered along the way – mainly hers, were about to be returned.

She looked up and her light green eyes met his immediately. He saw what she was about to say, before she said it – in her eyes. They almost appeared to glisten with a misty film of regret but then that was probably just the alcohol, he mused as he waited for her to speak.

“It’s finished, Sebastian … I’m done with this … this joke of a relationship.” Louisa flapped a hand in the air as if swatting at a persistent fly. “I tried to rescue you from this,” she said, firing the word like a bullet as she swept her eyes over the contents of his office before the two green orbs settled back on him once more, “but you’re obviously not a fan of actually having a life.”

Several waves of emotion washed over Sebastian, each taking its turn and each setting off its own flood of thoughts as he regarded her, letting the news sink in. He had known for weeks that their relationship was floundering but he would never actually finish it himself. Maybe he was insecure or simply afraid of being alone. Confusion, sadness and finally anger broke through to the surface as he realized he was being replaced by one of her many lovers. A breakup Sebastian could just about deal with but a breakup that involved another man or in fact several men, all of whom had already partaken of what was supposedly his was too much to take.

Months of being mentally brutalized had taken their toll and if this was the last opportunity he had to at least gain some semblance of his former glory, he couldn’t hold back.

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His hands closed, forming fists and the muscles in his jaw bunched as the anger coursing through him sought a way out.

He said, “I see. So you’ll be packing your things and moving in with one of your entourage?”

Louisa ignored the comment, straightening her body as she held his stare. “This has been coming for months, Sebastian.” Her face hardened. “There’s no life left in you. There never was any to begin with … I just … thought there was but I was wrong – you’re a teacher and I wanted a … man.”

Sebastian stood up, his hands pressed hard against the desktop as he leaned across it. “What are you talking about, Lousia? I am a man and a teacher. It was your cheating that started the rot,” he said, jabbing his finger at her, “one day you were interested, the next you just disappeared, became someone I didn’t know anymore!”

“You wanna know why I stopped loving you, Sebastian?” Louisa asked.

Sebastian threw his hands up. “Yes, go on, tell me.”

Sebastian’s eyes narrowed then as he recognized sympathy in her eyes and the set of her face. She paused before answering and in the pause, Sebastian almost told her to stop. If what she was going to say was so damning, he didn’t want to hear it. But he stopped himself.

“You’re too soft, Sebastian – too needy.”

At once, Sebastian’s body seized up as an explosion of anger rippled through it.

Too soft, too soft! Reason no longer controlling his actions, Sebastian pushed his chair backwards with a kick and crossed the room to stand before Louisa, his eyes boring into hers as raged seethed within him.

A look of shock appeared on Louisa’s face and she stepped back, her high heels banging against the door as she retreated. One year and seven months of grinding Sebastian into the dust beneath her heels hadn’t prepared her for the sudden reversal in the command structure.

Sebastian looked her up and down then, his eyes roaming her body from her legs, bare to the thigh, to her heaving chest, the cleavage of her striped black and white dress revealing the milky white tops of her breasts and finally – his eyes fell on her parted lips. She was wearing a light shade of red lipstick that gave her lips more body, more allure and the heat surging through Sebastian changed from that of anger to something else.

How long had it been since they had last made love? Weeks, maybe even months, their past was an ugly ink stain in his mind and the only thing lucid about it at that moment was that it seemed like a decade rather than the nineteen months that it was.

With each breath he took, the scent of Louisa’s perfume filled his nostrils and the heat emanating from her body stirred the growing need in him even further. He stepped forward until their bodies were almost touching, her breasts just below his face, her breath hot upon his skin and her eyes flitting from his eyes to his mouth again and again as she recognized the hunger in Sebastian. There was confusion in her eyes too, Sebastian saw. Good. She wanted a man, she was about to experience one and not in the slow, awkward fumbling manner of Sebastian’s former advances. No, this time, like an impassioned bull left to its own devices – in a field full of cows, Sebastian would dictate the proceedings.

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He moved closer, his body pressing against hers, his breath now breaking from him like waves crashing against a shore. She made no move to escape, at least not in any convincing way and Sebastian knew he had her right where he desired her to be – in the palm of his hand. The time for words was over. In fact, Sebastian had nothing more to say. He was done justifying his actions, defending his honor and watching Louisa as she walked all over him day after day, eternally questioning his manhood. He brought his hands up and planted them against the door, locking her in his hungry embrace as thoughts raced through his mind in a blur of images and memory snapshots, each one fueling his desire further.

A spurned attempt at a cuddle in the movie theatre, a scornful reproach as he reached for her in bed, a pleading question batted carelessly aside. She didn’t want a soft touch … in that case; he would give her exactly what she desired, right there and then. There was no question of a rebuttal this time, no fear of rejection – he was going to take her.

Lunging forward, Sebastian pressed his lips tightly against hers, their bodies colliding and causing the door to thud against the wall. His eyes remained open as his tongue darted between her lips, prizing them open expertly to slide inside and greet her hesitant tongue. Her eyes were locked on his, her brow furrowed, body still slightly rigid as Sebastian overpowered her. Good, Sebastian thought. She was confused, maybe even a little afraid but he was confident that would soon dissipate.

He was right. Her tongue began to stroke back, sliding over his, doing his bidding and she moaned into his mouth as he bit her lip suddenly, pulling at it with his teeth, just enough to stir the passion within her awakening body.

As her hands began to roam, running up his body, one attempting to unbutton his shirt and the other pulling at his belt, Sebastian pulled away from the kiss and shook his head.

“No. This is my show. Keep your hands to yourself – for now,” he whispered, before pushing her hands away.

Louisa cocked her head slightly and seemed about to say something but Sebastian silenced her with another lunging kiss that forced her back into the door. Releasing her mouth, Sebastian ducked and began to kiss her neck, nipping at it, exploring its contours, tracing the muscles with his tongue as her body began to undulate against his. His hands went to work next, in tandem with his tongue, gripping her body roughly and pushing against the elastic material of her dress so that it rode up over her hips, exposing her panties.

Sebastian didn’t rush. He took his time, working his way from her throat, along to her breastbone and down between her heaving breasts, biting and stroking with his tongue while his hands caressed her body, molding it like putty to do his bidding. He smiled as Louisa bucked against him, her nails scraping the wooden door as she clawed at it, her moans growing louder and more constant.

His own body was aching to release the pent up passion surging within, burning inside him like a growing fire but he held it in check, ignoring the incessant throbbing within his pants.

Only once Louisa was more than satisfied, would he partake of her body.

Her neck flushed scarlet with desire and beads of perspiration began to form upon her skin as Sebastian worked, slowly building up the tempo as he moved over her body, exploring the voluptuous curves of it and the sweet taste of her on the tip of his tongue. He allowed her to push herself against his body, thrusting her hips against him, rubbing up and down rhythmically drawing out more and more sensation. His desire was such, at that moment, he wanted to give in and tear his shirt and pants off but he was so intent on proving her wrong, he ignored the deafening pleas of his body.

At last, knowing the moment was right, Sebastian, without hesitation, reached up and tore Louisa’s dress straight down the middle until it came apart between her legs. Louisa gasped as he ripped it off and batted her hands away once more. Building up the tempo, Sebastian wrenched her bra roughly from her, releasing her large round breasts, the nipples fully engorged with blood and jutting towards his eager mouth as he engulfed them hungrily, sucking and teasing them, knowing that each stroke would send yet more electric bolts of pleasure running through her body.

He lifted her up then, roughly, her legs around his waist, planting her back hard against the solid wood of the door behind her. Her eyes pleaded with him, begged him as she strove to release him but once again he pushed her hands aside, taking command. She would dance to his tune now. The ache within him was painful as he strained against the material of his pants, needing release and waves of exploding pleasure mingled with the anticipation of what was to come as he lifted her higher up the door, his strength boundless as he tore her panties away in one swift movement.

Hefting her up higher still as if she weighed nothing, Sebastian lifted her legs over his shoulders and held her against the door as he buried his face between her legs, immediately engulfing her clitoris within his mouth, sucking at it and easing back the hood to reveal the soft pinkness inside. Grabbing handfuls of his hair Louisa thrust her hips at Sebastian as he began to build up to a rhythm, his tongue working within the folds and delving deeply into her; whilst his lips swallowed up her clit, administering a double dose of pleasure to her. Not a single drop of Louisa’s wetness oozed further than his steadily working lips and when he felt that she was close, with one hand, he reached up and revealed her glistening, wet clitoris fully before descending on it and quickly bringing Louisa to a powerful, juddering orgasm that rocked the door against the wall and brought a scream from her lips.

For a few minutes, he held her there as her orgasm subsided, the room filled with her panting. His own desire had reached its pinnacle and he could no longer hold back. Carrying her to his desk, he swept it clean with an arm and laid her on it, his hands quickly working to release his belt and pants. Louisa’s own hands assisted him, deftly loosening his clothing and within seconds he was free of the restraints.

Pulling her towards him, his hands gripping her thighs, her long slender legs once more falling over his shoulders, he found her and easily slid into the wetness, sighing loudly as their bodies combined, the pressure in his loins fading at once. Their eyes met as he slowly worked, savoring every slippery movement, slowly easing himself in and out again, enjoying the way she squeezed him with each thrust. Her eyes were hooded and distant, fluttering open and closed, her mouth wide and Sebastian knew that Louisa would never doubt his manhood again. As he allowed himself to release the unrelenting tide of passion surging within his body, thrusting faster with the onrush of his orgasm, he realized something else.

He had discovered a part of himself that was previously dormant. It had taken the explosive nature of his anger to release that part but now that it was free, uncovered, there was no going back to the way things were. Sebastian had tasted dominance for the first time in his life. The first would by no means be the last…