Daniels’ Penthouse

By: Jamie Fuchs

Erotica Story Genres:

Ring-ring, ring-ring, ring-ring. I took a look over at my phone on the coffee table. Sarah was calling me. I picked it up. She was moaning excitedly.

“Come… here. They want…. you too…” she said.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Daniels… and James. Come here—”

The line went dead. I could feel my pussy moistening at the memory of what she and I did with those two. Clearly, Sarah was having fun; she could hardly even speak.

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I sat on the couch a while longer, letting the unspoken terms of the invitation sink in. I knew Sarah was glad that I was sexually liberated, but this? This was kind of ridiculous, to just call me out of the blue and expect me to drop everything to come get fucked.

Looking at the TV in front of me, however, I realized that I wasn’t actually doing anything important. I shut it off and headed out the door. I arrived at the base of the gargantuan luxury apartment building that housed Daniels’ penthouse. I looked up and was overcome with a dizzy feeling as the clouds raced by rapidly overhead. I pulled my cell phone out and rang Sarah.

“Hey, I’m here.”

“Good,” she replied, her voice strained. “James will… be down—”

The call dropped again. It was probably a bit difficult to talk while getting nailed.

I waited outside, the cool autumn air chilling my exposed legs below my skirt. I squinted through the glass doors, watching the elevator where I expected to see him.

Finally, there he was. His hair was a mess and he was sweaty, this time wearing only civilian clothes and definitely not looking like a billionaire’s chauffeur! He smiled at me as he opened the door. I flashed a wary smile back.

“Welcome back, Casey,” he said as he held it open for me.

“Hey, James.”

He led me back to the elevator to take me up. The moment the doors joined at the seam, I could see a change in his eyes. He transformed from a normal looking guy to a hungry beast. His eyes glazed over with carnal greed as he edged closer to me before finally pinning me up against the wall. He focused in on my eyes as he pulled me in tight against his bulging cock.

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His hands clasped down so hard on my ass that they squeezed the juices right out of my pussy, drenching my underwear. The muscles in my legs weakened as he held me in place with his hands.

“We have a surprise for you,” he whispered in my ear, his breath hot against my skin. A tingling ran down the side of my neck before his teeth sunk into my tender flesh. If he hadn’t been pressing me so hard up against the wall, my knees surely would have given out.

His hips began gyrating against my stomach as he rubbed his body all over mine. I let out a little moan to show my appreciation as his thigh pressed up between my legs. I felt around the back of his strong body and under his shirt where his muscles were hiding. The way they flexed as he groped my body made him irresistible. He made me feel like lying down and submitting to his will right there in the lift.

Ding! The door opened to expose the penthouse suite to me once again. The whole room smelled of sex. It looked so much nicer in the daytime as the sunlight bounced off the smooth stone walls and filled the room with a comforting glow.

There were more people there than I had expected, and it looked like I was joining the party halfway through. Sarah was on the sofa bed by the large glass windows with Daniels and two other men, all of whom were completely naked.

They had her locked down in the same position that Daniels and James had me in the first time I was there. One of them was fucking her ass from below and the other was using her pussy from above. Daniels was at her mouth, his head turned upward in bliss with his hands on his hips as Sarah eagerly sucked him off.

Slap! James brought his hand down across my ass and pushed me toward the couch to join them. He walked ahead of me, removing his shirt on the way to reveal his wide shoulders and tight waist. The definition in his muscles compelled me to follow him.

When Daniels saw me approaching, he smiled and pulled his cock away from Sarah, letting her moans escape as the other two men continued pounding her. He climbed around them on the lay-down couch and welcomed me to the orgy as he and James wasted no time tearing through my clothes.

“Don’t worry, we’ll buy you new ones,” he said, not even worried about my torn blouse in his hand.

Slap! James’ hand met my ass again, the force of it throwing me onto my knees on the couch. Daniels laid down next to Sarah and the two men, holding the shaft of his cock in one hand as he drew me in with the other. His defined body rippled tantalizingly in the sunlight.

I took hold of his cock and leaned down to suck on it. I could hear James’ belt hit the floor behind me and he crawled onto the couch between my legs. Within seconds, his cock was already spreading my juices around and up to my clit. My pussy relaxed, eagerly awaiting the large cock James packed. It had been so long since I’d last gotten it that my body was practically begging for him to enter me.

He teased me with his cock, rubbing it up and down my stomach and mound. His hands gripped my hips tightly as he slapped his own against my behind, each thrust making my cunt more and more desperate. I’d never gotten so wet before in my entire life. The juices from my pussy dripped down to him as he spread them around with each thrust.

My excitement started taking over and I looked to Daniels’ cock for release. I rubbed my lips along his shaft as fast as I could move my head and took him in as deep as I could, but his cock was too massive for me to fit it all the way in. I tried to satisfy the rest of his shaft by wrapping my hand around it and stroking it rhythmically. His low groans made it worth the effort.

Behind me, James pulled his hips far enough away for his cock to bounce into position against my cunt. With a mighty thrust, he threw himself back at me, ramming the length of his rod deep into my pleading pussy. I had to let go of Daniels’ cock to brace myself from the force of James pounding me from behind.

It was almost too much for me to concentrate on sucking off Daniels as James’ girth expanded me to my limits. I tried my best to continue pleasing him, but it became nearly impossible between the pleasure of James’ enthusiastic strokes digging deep into my cunt. I couldn’t control my moans as James rammed me and the ecstasy was quickly overwhelming me.

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Sarah’s screams of pleasure started to resonate in my ears. I hadn’t been able to focus on how she was faring since James first entered me. I looked over at her rubbing her clit furiously as the two unknown men wreaked havoc on her body. Her head was tilted back against the throat of the man below her as her body shook all over.

I couldn’t watch for more than a few seconds as James ramped up his rhythm. He was taking long, deep thrusts that overpowered my ability to focus on the sound of Sarah’s yelps.

Daniels pulled his cock away from me and crawled underneath me head-first. His hair brushed the tip of my nipple as he slid below me with his cock bouncing closer and closer as his lips made their way down my stomach, teasing me along the way to my pussy.

James pulled out just before I felt Daniels’ warm, wet tongue start stroking my clit. He performed gentle circles around my tender spot, lapping up all the juices that had been dripping from me. The intense bliss that followed made me lightheaded as he rolled his tongue up and down.

But James hadn’t had enough yet. His cock started pressing up against my puckered asshole. With a deep breath to relax myself, I allowed his well-lubed dick slip inside of me. He didn’t ask permission, but he didn’t have to; I was their little toy to play with.

My clit became more and more sensitive as Daniels’ tongue pleasured me while his lips sucked me into his mouth. It wouldn’t be long before my legs would be shaking uncontrollably, and I could feel the orgasm building rapidly inside of me. My moans amplified as his tongue found the perfect balance of speed and pressure as it lapped hungrily at my slit.

I couldn’t hold up my own weight up any longer. My arms collapsed and I searched for Daniels’ legs to grip onto with my fingers. The tell-tale tingles of my impending climax ripped through my body, and not long after, my clit released wave after wave of pleasure throughout me. My entire being shook on top of Daniels as his tongue and James’ cock worked in tandem to finish me off.

I released a deep breath as my orgasm subsided. Daniels reached around and pulled his cock from the bend of my neck and put it in front of my mouth. I pulled it closer and took it in, stroking it and wrapping my lips around the shaft. I wanted to taste his ecstasy.

The sounds of Daniels’ pleasure were all I needed. His moans and groans were warm against my cunt as I got him off. I took his cock in deep, spinning my lips around his rod as I bounced my head up and down. My tongue swirled around the tip of him at the end of each bounce.

He released my pussy from the pleasure of his tongue as his whimpers took over and his body started to tremble underneath mine. He wrapped his arms around my waist and dug the tips of his fingers into my skin as his hips started to rock. His gentle breath grazed my cunt with each moan.

Cum started bursting out of him in streams of salty bliss. I took shot after shot at the back of my throat as Daniels released his load and quivered underneath me.

James started thrusting harder and harder into my ass, each thrust more powerful than the last. Releasing Daniels’ cock, I let James have his way with me; he was surely close, too. He pushed himself deep inside until his hips connected with me each time, gripping me hard as he mercilessly rammed me.

I could feel his grip weakening as his thrusts became more turbulent and his load started filling me, releasing a storm of cum deep into my ass. His movements became weaker and weaker until he finally pulled out, satisfied.

With the three of us appeased, we sat on the couch watching the two other men have their way with Sarah. They lay on their sides, sandwiching her between their sweaty bodies. One was making out with her as he fucked her from the front, the other entering from behind and gripping onto her breasts. Their thrusts were in sync, filling her with two cocks at precisely the same time.

Their moans started echoing through the room as they pumped her, each of them spasming in pleasure as they filled her with shot after shot of cum.

“Come, we will get you some new clothes,” Daniels said as he grabbed my hand. “I have a closet full of outfits for special occasions. You can choose anything you like…”

Note from Jamie – I hope you enjoyed this little bonus scene for the Kept, Taken, Controlled series. Thanks so much for your support! 🙂