Dominated by Two – Menage Erotica

By: Kenzie Haven

Part 1 of Naughty Menage: The Complete Series

Erotica Story Genres:

I could have had anything I wanted for my birthday. Cars, vacations, diamonds, whatever my heart desired said my boyfriend.

When I said I wanted the man that lived down the road, I thought he would laugh it off. That he would think I was joking and ask me what I really wanted.

He didn’t.

Instead, he clarified which man I was referring to. I didn’t even know his name. All I knew was that he jogged past our house at seven a.m. every morning and I was waiting by the window without fail.

He was hot, and that was putting it mildly. He was all muscle and pure man. His blonde hair flopped with his movements, almost in slow motion like a shampoo commercial. I wanted to lick the sweat off him each and every morning.

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Not that I didn’t love my boyfriend. We’d been together for close to five years and I was very happy with him. But there were only so many times you could have sex before it started to get mundane. Even spicing things up soon grew tiresome when repeated enough.

We worked together in every way but we were both getting bored. I didn’t realize just how much until the prospect of having someone else join us was raised. And actually considered. Like it was a real possibility.

Michael said to leave it with him and he winked. I wasn’t sure if that meant he would actually give me what I wanted for my birthday or he was merely humoring me. I forgot about the whole thing, there was no way Michael was going to let me be with another man.

My birthday came around before I knew it. I wondered what kind of diamond jewelry Michael would present me with. Maybe a tennis bracelet? Or a new ring? A girl could never have enough earrings, right?

I awoke on the day early, only to find Michael gone. He left me a note, saying he had to go in early to work and he would see me tonight. He also left me a spa voucher for a day of pampering.

He was definitely a keeper. I couldn’t believe I had risked everything with him just because I was salivating over the guy down the road. I was lucky to have such a loving boyfriend. So what if our sex life was mechanical, at least we had sex. A lot of other couples would have given up by this stage. Or scheduled it in once a month, never putting much thought into it.

As soon as I was ready I went to the spa, looking forward to a full day of massages, facials, and cleansing. I would make sure my body was buffed to perfection and then maybe Michael and I would mix it up a bit. We hadn’t done it in the hot tub for a while, maybe he’d agree to that.

By dinner time I felt amazing. All I needed was for Michael to get home so we could enjoy a candlelit meal together. I slipped on my new lacey underwear and sprayed myself with expensive perfume (last year’s birthday present).

The headlights on the driveway announced Michael’s arrival. I bounded to the door like an eager teenager, desperate to fall into my boyfriend’s arms and be enveloped there.

Michael swaggered up the path and my heart skipped a beat for the man I loved. He was the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome. He came from an Italian family and inherited every bit of the nation’s charm.

I pulled the door open before Michael could fumble for his keys. He took one look at me before grinning. “Hey, Sarah. You look hot, babe. Did you go to the spa?”

“All day.” I gave him a kiss and pulled him into a hug. “Thank you for my present.”

“That wasn’t your present.”


Michael laughed and pulled away, amusement was written in each of his features. “No, babe. Your present will be here in about an hour.”

My present had to be delivered? It couldn’t be flowers, he would have brought them home himself. Did Tiffany’s deliver?


“What exactly is my present?” I asked. My breath hitched in my throat, unable to wait until I heard the answer.

“Exactly what you asked for. Hot jogger guy is named Luke. And he was more than happy to help me out and grant you your birthday wish.”

“Are you serious?” Everything south of my belly button throbbed to attention.

“Of course I am. Do you like it?”

“You’ll join in too, right?”

Michael pressed his lips onto mine, kissing me deeply before replying. “You’re my girl, that’s the rule. But you’ll have both of us catering to your every desire tonight.”

I squealed with delight and pulled Michael into the dining room. “Tonight is going to be amazing. Thank you, honey.”

We shared a perfect meal but I barely remembered it. My thoughts kept drifting to the bedroom as I imagined what it would be like to have two men fucking me to within an inch of my life. I would be in raptures.

At eight o’clock exactly, the doorbell rang. I jumped out of my skin. It was really happening. I was going to have sex with the stranger behind the door and my boyfriend was going to join in. I’d never done anything so naughty or adventurous before. Especially between the sheets.

“Are you going to get that?” Michael asked. “Or do you want me to?” He studied my reaction, enjoying the fact I was so nervous and excited.

I forced myself to my shaking legs. “No, I can get it.”

Hurrying through to the door, the soft pad of Michael’s feet followed me. He waited by the staircase while I swung open the door.

Hot jogger guy was standing on the stoop, holding a bunch of red roses. “Happy birthday.”

I accepted the flowers, completely taken away with how gorgeous he was up close. His casual white T-shirt and jeans showed off all the muscles hidden underneath. His blonde hair was a tangled mess, like he’d run his hands through it one too many times. My hands were going to be tangled in it soon.

My pussy was already wet and eagerly anticipating the night. The mental pictures I had were only getting dirtier standing there.

“Come in,” I said, remembering my manners. Luke and Michael exchanged a greeting as we stood in a tension-filled triangle. “So how does this work?” I had to ask, we couldn’t stand around all night. Not when I was on fire and needed to be put out.

The guys shrugged. Apparently this was a first for all of us. “How about some alcohol?” Michael suggested.

We all relaxed over some Jack Daniels and cola. As it turned out, Luke was a fireman. I almost had an orgasmic rush when I heard that. He wasn’t just a hottie, but a fireman. All my fantasies were coming true in one night.

After I had some liquid courage, I was more than ready to get into it. This was going to be a birthday to remember and I didn’t want to waste another minute.

I took one of Michael’s hands in mine and did the same to Luke. “Let’s go, boys.”

They let me lead them all the way up the stairs and into our master suite. Michael and I had a big bed, King sized. We’d gone all out for luxury in our bedroom and I was grateful for it now. We’d have plenty of room to make me into a sexy man sandwich.

There was no point being shy once we got up there. All three of us knew we were there to have sex, inhibitions were left at the door.

The guys must have come to the same conclusion as the moment we were in the bedroom, they came alive. I had both of them on me in an instant, Michael at the front and Luke behind me.

Michael kissed my lips before exploring all around my jaw and neck. Luke kissed the nape of my neck as he ran his hands up and down my back. Michael’s grip was on my boobs, massaging them through my clothes.

The sensation of two bodies working on me was like nothing else. I was in heaven, letting the feelings take over and switching my brain off. I was likely to combust with the heat being generated by my two lovers.

I tugged at Michael’s shirt and helped him remove it. I worked on his pants next, getting him naked in no time. The guys spun me around and I repeated the process on Luke. He looked even better naked. My hands traced all the muscles of his six pack down to the deep V of his abdomen.

Michael lifted my dress from behind. The second it was off, Luke was on my breasts. He pulled my boob out of the bra and sucked on the nipple like there was no tomorrow. I relaxed into Michael’s arms as he watched over my shoulder. The thought of my boyfriend seeing another man enjoy my body made me wet all over again.

Michael undid my bra, giving Luke complete access to my tits. They were more than a handful but he kneaded and fondled them until the nipples were so hard they could cut steel.

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While Luke continued with my boobs, Michael kneeled down to the floor and started kissing my lower back. He moved lower and lower until he hit the elastic of my panties. He slowly pulled them down, kissing and licking at the newly exposed skin.

He pulled them all the way down to the floor, gently spreading my legs in the process. He kissed up my legs again until he reached my inner thighs. He suckled on the skin, drawing it into his mouth and holding it until my pussy throbbed with happiness.

He was so, so close to my clit. He brushed his mouth over it, barely grazing the sensitive nerve endings. He was purposefully denying me what he knew I wanted. I loved it when Michael went down on me and he could never do it enough for my liking. He was teasing me now, drawing out the anticipating until I was a sopping mess.

My legs were barely holding me up. I wanted to collapse into the men and let them have their wicked way with me. I didn’t care what they did to my body, I knew it would bring me nothing but joy.

Michael’s finger slid along my clit. He was sitting behind me, one hand between my legs with the other cupping my ass cheek.

“You’re so wet, babe,” he whispered.

“This is awesome,” I panted out. They were the only words running through my head that I could repeat. All the rest were just a series of expletives about how fucking good it felt.

Michael slipped his finger into my hole, plunging as deep as he could go while he started kissing my back. Two pairs of lips were definitely better than one.

As we were four hands.

I moaned as Luke pinched my nipple between his teeth before licking it better again. It was delicious torture as he alternated between pain and pleasure.

“Maybe we should move to the bed,” I suggested. My legs were about to collapse from underneath me, my body could not handle this kind of torment without turning to jelly.

All lips, fingers, and hands left my body simultaneously as the guys helped me to the bed. They lay me down like a revered sacrifice, ready to worship me until I screamed with absolute pleasure.

“Do you want to go first and then we’ll switch?” Luke asked, addressing Michael. I loved the fact they didn’t ask me which one I preferred. I wanted them to take charge and control me. It’s what I’d been wanting in the bedroom for a very long time.

“Sounds good to me,” Michael replied.

Luke started kissing me, covering my mouth with his own. His tongue lapped at my lips before sliding in and merging with mine. While his tongue was pillaging my mouth, Michael’s tongue was on my clit. There was no teasing this time.

Michael flattened his tongue and used all his course taste buds to lick long and slow over my clit. It was a completely different feel from when he used the end of his tongue. It was rough and pulled deliciously at my clit.

I bucked against Michael’s mouth, greedy to have more of him. He suckled on my clit, taking the skin into his mouth and pulling hard before releasing me again. It was almost enough to send me over the edge.

Luke left my mouth and kissed down my neck, the whole time his hands pinched my nipples and then rubbed away the hurt. Every time he did it I could feel a throb of happiness deep below.

“She’s definitely ready,” Michael declared. “I’m going to pound her. You should do the same.”

“Oh, I will. Don’t worry about that,” Luke replied.

They shifted simultaneously, like it was a coordinated dance instead of a duel fucking. Michael rose up until his hard cock was sitting at my entrance. He held both my legs in his hands, angling me upwards so I could take him deep.

Luke kneeled over me, straddling my chest but making sure not to put any of his weight onto me. When I looked up, all I could see was his giant cock bobbing above me. Beyond that was his rock hard abs and gorgeous, intense eyes.

“You ready to be fucked, birthday girl?” he asked.

I nodded eagerly. “Yes, please.”

Michael plunged into my cunt. He forced himself inside, taking ownership of my hole like he had every right to do. With my hips tilted upwards, he easily buried himself in me until I was completely full of his hard erection.

Luke ran his cock over my lips before I opened up for him. He was bigger than Michael, but only marginally. I was ready and willing to take all of him but he thrust in slowly, like he might hurt me if he was too rough.

I held my mouth open wide, licking his salty juices of pre-cum off as he moved in and out of me. Both my holes were filled with the sexy pair of men fucking me. They maintained their rhythm while my heart beat so fast I thought I might have a heart attack.

Michael let go of my leg so he could start massaging my clit again. He traced hard circles around the bud, causing bursts of lightning to soar through my belly. I wasn’t going to be able to take it for too long without coming myself.

Luke’s cock hit the back of my throat as I swallowed him down and ignored the gag reflex. He happily fucked my mouth, shoving his length in and out of me while watching our connection. My saliva coated his cock, making it shine under the lights. His smile never left his face.

“You’re a dirty girl, aren’t you? You like my cock in your mouth and your boyfriend’s cock in your cunt? Huh? You like us riding you?”

I couldn’t reply because of the giant cock in my mouth but I managed a restricted nod and grin. I had never felt more fulfilled and stuffed before. I loved the two cocks, I loved the fact they were taking their pleasure from my body simultaneously. It was going to be difficult going back to one.

Luke grew harder in my mouth, he closed his eyes as his face turned upwards to the ceiling. He was going to come in my mouth and it was going to fill me.

I turned my attention to Michael as he grunted and moaned down at my pussy. His thrusting ramped up in intensity as I was about to reach breaking point. We were all going to come together in one orgasmic wave.

Luke tipped first. His cum shot into my mouth and down my throat with the intensity of a freight train. He held my head between his hands, moving it back and forth along his shaft to milk him for everything he had.

“Fuck, yeah,” he yelled.

All it took for me to come was one hard press to my clit from Michael. My body exploded into a fire pit of ecstasy. I writhed and convulsed around the two men filling me. A second later and Michael roared with his own orgasm. His cock wriggled and sprayed within me as his cum covered my insides.

All conscious thoughts gladly left my body as the orgasm took over. My toes curled and my hands gripped the sheets as I closed my eyes and felt the incredible rush of adrenalin shoot through my body.

Wave after wave crashed over me, originating from my pussy and covering all over my skin. There wasn’t a part of me that wasn’t singing with happiness. The heat in my belly was the most intense pleasure I had ever felt.

If sex with two guys felt this good, we definitely weren’t supposed to be monogamous. Sex should always be a group activity.

Luke shifted in my mouth, pulling out of me as I came back to reality. His wet cock dripped over my face before he stepped over me to sit at my side. His chest was still heaving with heavy breaths.

We looked down at Michael, still inside me as the last of his release lingered. Having someone else watching our connection was by far the sexiest thing I had ever experienced.

“She’s excellent at deep throating,” Luke said.

“That’s my girl. I’m a lucky man.”

“You certainly are.”

Michael pulled out of me, letting my ass fall back on the bed. I was covered with juices – both mine and from the two men.

He took a step back to lean against the end of the bed. “You wanna go? If you think her mouth is superb, you really should try her cunt. She’s tight and greedy.”

Luke nodded as if it was something he really had to consider. “Don’t mind if I do.”

They swapped places. Michael pulled me up to a sitting position before sliding in behind me. I leaned against him, his cock against my back. His hands instantly went to cup my boobs and knead them, pinching the nipples back to pert peaks.

Luke examined my pussy, tweaking my clit like he had done to my nipples. It sent a bolt of lightning shooting through my body. I couldn’t believe they were so ready again so quickly.

His slid one finger inside me, quickly following it up with another. He stretched me, testing the waters. All the while looking with intensity.

“You’re right, she’s hot and tight,” Luke commented. The sexy fireman thought I was hot, that was a definite boost to the ego. “I’m gonna fuck her hard. She looks like she can handle it.”

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“Be my guest,” Michael replied.

Luke pushed up onto his knees, now looking into my eyes. “Make me hard.”

He waved his cock in my direction. It was already semi-hard but I was more than happy to oblige. I grabbed his shaft with one hand and cupped his balls with the other. Together, I massaged them both. Unlike with Michael, I wasn’t gentle. I thought for sure Luke preferred the rough treatment.

His breath hissed out between his teeth while the erection grew. It was approval enough for me to keep going. I squeezed his member, stroking up and down the length until it was a hard piece of dynamite in my hands. I didn’t want it to explode under my touch; that would have to wait until he was firmly inside me.

“Good, birthday girl,” Luke said with approval. He pulled away from my hands and slid his cock along my clit. I almost jumped from the instant pleasure he gave me with that one movement.

His leaned over my body, using his strong, muscled arms to keep him up. He kissed me once on the lips before leaving me again. “You ready for this?” he asked.

“Hell, yeah,” I replied. My pussy was dripping with my juices, eager to take him in and feel exactly what the hot fireman could do. He seriously needed to put out my fire.

“Okay, sexy ass. Let’s do this,” Luke said with a wink. He stopped rubbing himself along my clit and plunged in. He thrust with no mercy, shoving his cock deep into my hole until it was completely buried there. It would have been painful if Michael hadn’t already opened me up.

My head fell backwards onto Michael’s shoulder as he continued to fondle my boobs. Luke set a pace that told me he wasn’t playing around. He wanted an orgasm and he wanted it now. He glided in and out of me with reckless abandonment.

“You’re so sexy, babe,” Michael whispered in my ear. “Take his cock. That’s right, all of it. I want to see you get pounded until you can’t take it anymore.”

With Michael’s encouragement and Luke’s plundering cock, it was hard to keep from turning into a quivering mess. One person should not be allowed this much pleasure.

I hadn’t had sex with anyone except Michael for over five years. I’d forgotten what different men could be like. Luke was amazing, the experience all shiny and new. He planted himself in me to the max before drawing circles with his cock. All the muscles in his arms and abs flexed with the movement.

“Ah,” I moaned, fighting to keep it together.

“Come on, babe. Take his cock, all of it. Let him do whatever he wants to you. I want to see you writhing and screaming.”

With Michael’s words swirling in my head, I clenched down on Luke’s cock and tried to stave off the orgasm. I desperately needed to let go and plunge over that cliff but I held on with the ends of my fingertips.

Luke stopped the circles and went back to pounding in and out of me. Our bodies slapped together as his pace reached frantic point.

One of Luke’s hands moved between us as he found my clit again. Gentle wasn’t in his vocabulary as his pinched the sensitive skin between his fingers. He tugged at my clit, drawing it in circles and giving me the most intense pleasure of my life.

“I can’t hold on,” I panted out. “It’s too much.”

Michael suckled on my neck while his wicked fingers continued to caress my tits. “Okay, babe. Tell me how much you like it. Be loud and let go.”

I screamed.

The ecstasy was too much to hold in. Luke plunged in one last time as he clipped my clit. I barreled into the most satisfying orgasm of my life. The rolls of pure joy went right through me as I lolled back against Michael. He held me tight, never relenting with his fingers.

Luke grunted and then groaned as he slapped against me once more before coming. His piece of dynamite did indeed explode within me, setting off and sending out a shockwave of euphoria.

The thought of his cum mixing with Michael’s inside me was too much to think about. Whoever said only having sex with one person at a time was the way to do it was completely wrong.

A threesome was my new favorite thing.

My entire body vibrated and hummed with the magic coursing through me. Even with two men watching me writhe in my pleasure wasn’t enough to make me self conscious. I loved the fact they were there just for me, taking what they wanted from my body while giving me so much fun and happiness in return.

Michael’s erection was sticking into my back. He needed taking care of too. The thought hit me while I was breathing through the last of the orgasm. It was only fair he get another happy ending too. Especially when he had organized the whole thing. I wanted to show him how much I appreciated everything he did.

With Luke still buried deep within me, I shifted to the side as Michael let go of me, realizing what I was doing. I moved to the side far enough to so I could grab Michael’s cock.

I squeezed his shaft, my hands easily sliding up and down his length. His mouth wore a satisfied grin. “That’s right, babe. Look after your man. Get me off. Wank me hard.”

With Luke watching and catching his breath, I pumped down Michael’s cock as fast as I could. His juices made it easy for my hand to glide the length of him. I moved as fast as I could, bringing him to the edge of his own release in no time.

“Come on, babe, finish me off. I know you can do it.”

I went faster and squeezed harder, his generous cock pulsating under my touch. Suddenly it twitched and cum shot from the end. It covered my hands and half my chest. The juice went everywhere, going off like a firework over us.

“Fuck,” Michael swore as his body went rigid and then relaxed as he was lost to the ecstasy. It was satisfying knowing I did that to him. It was my hand that caused him that happiness and no other. I had the power to make him come undone.

Luke laughed at the sight, his cock threatening to get hard again while still in me. I could definitely go another round with both of them. But maybe we needed a rest first, recover a little before getting back into it. After all, we had all night.

“Fuck, babe,” Michael said once he was able to speak again. “That was the hottest thing I have ever seen.”

“You like watching me with another man?” I asked. When I first broached the subject, I never thought it was something he would actually consider. He was too straight-laced for that kind of thing. I also thought he was too possessive to let another man even look at me.

“Hell, yeah. Because I know you’ll have your fun with him and then you’re back to being mine again. I get to fuck you every other night.”

Luke pulled out of me and sat at the end of the bed, exhausted and covered in a layer of sweat. I think I might have worn out the fireman. Score one point for me.

“I’d like to fuck her again sometime,” Luke interjected. “If that’s okay with you.”

Michael didn’t ask my permission, he didn’t even look at me for approval. “I think we can work something out. As long as I’m always here to join in.”

I’m guessing it wasn’t classified as cheating if your partner was in the room and encouraging you to be with the other person.

Good to know.

Luke nodded. “Works for me. I have some buddies at the station who would probably be in on it too if you wanted to get totally wild.”

Me with a bunch of firemen? That was a thought to get me all hot and bothered again in no time. If it was this much fun with only two men, what could a whole heap do? My clit was up and ready already just with the idea.

Michael finally looked at me. “Would that be something you’d like to do, babe?”

“Yeah,” I said eagerly. “That is, if you don’t mind.”

“I think it would be damn sexy.”

“I do too.” Which is why our relationship had lasted for five years already and would continue well into the future.

“I’ll talk to the guys, then,” Michael said. He moved to get dressed, leaving me with a little bit of disappointment. I had hoped to play longer. I guess I couldn’t be greedy. I’d still have one left. “’Night, guys. Have a good one. I’ll let myself out.”

Luke gave me one last wink before leaving. His ass was mighty fine, hopefully I’d get to ride it next time. I lay next to Michael as his juices dried on my skin.

“How’d you like your birthday present?” he asked.

“It was the best birthday ever. Thank you.” I snuggled up to his side as he wrapped his arm around my shoulders. It was almost too easy thinking this was a normal night for us. We’d snuggled together in this bed a thousand times before.

Michael gave me a squeeze and pulled me closer. One hand skimmed down my body and landed in my pussy. He absentmindedly played with my wet clit.

My thoughts drifted to the fire station where I imagined all of the sexy firemen all lined up in the nude. Their cocks standing at attention desperately waiting to have their way with me.