Josh’s Camera

By: Mr. Max

Erotica Story Genres:

“Dean is coming over tonight. So, you will need to keep to your man cave,” Beatrice, said.

“Of course, Bee dear,” Josh said with a shrug. He had married Bee for political and financial reasons almost ten years ago. And, she had almost immediately started fucking other men. In the beginning, he had fought with her about it. But, the fights had grown fruitless. He couldn’t divorce her and she wasn’t interested in monogamy. So, he had finally relented to her cheating behavior.

He wasn’t the kind to reciprocate and he had stopped fucking Bee as well. He was well aware of her aversion to condoms and the last thing he needed for his political career was an STD. The media would create a shit storm suggesting he had been with hookers or dogs or whatever happened to be the going gossip that the media mongrels made up.

So, he wasn’t getting any from his wife but other men were. That had been bad enough. But, then, she had started bringing the men home with her. That had made his anger fly nearly to the roof, but it also gave him an idea.

He had installed a camera into the wall. One of the cheap spy store ones that transmitted to his computer. And, now, when she had men over, he watched them fuck his whore of a wife while he jacked off to it as if it was any other porno video he could watch online. He didn’t think Bee knew about the camera and that was part of the reason it was so erotic. He was secretly watching her fuck other men. He could get caught. She might call him a pervert. She might leave for her mothers and end the charade they had been keeping. She might order him to remove the damn thing. Of course, he was too addicted to it now. Addicted to watching men fuck his wife. And, he wasn’t willing to give that up.

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He locked the door to his “office” behind him. Then, he turned on the computer monitor. With a few clicks, his bedroom was visible before him. The bed the central focus of the camera.

Bee had put on new linen earlier that day. He had watched her do it. He knew the linen smelled like flowers. Like woman.

He could see Bee on the corner of the screen looking into the vanity and smiling as she adjusted her breasts inside a push up bra. A lacy black thing with a matching thong that she had never worn for him.

She pulled a tight black button down shirt over the lingerie and she pulled on a pair of tight blue jeans. Jeans that showed off the fine curve of her ass.

Josh could feel his cock slowly becoming erect with anticipation.

He tapped his fingers on the desk waiting impatiently. He couldn’t check his email or read a business article. Those things would have ruined his mood. And, he wanted to enjoy his night.

His cock became fully erect at the sound of the doorbell. Apparently, his wife’s lover had finally arrived.

He wondered for a moment what this man would be like. Bee didn’t seem to have a consistent type. She had brought short men and tall men into their bed. Thin men and fat men. Blond, brunette, and red headed man. Different races.

Dean was a muscled black man. Taller than average. Perhaps an athlete, or a former one.

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Josh reached down and undid the button of his pants and unzipped his fly. His newly free cock sprung from it’s polyester prison and he took it in his hand. Waiting. Anticipating.

Bee didn’t waste time. She wrapped her arms around Dean’s neck, clinging to him as she pushed her lips against his. Josh could see Dean push his tongue forth and into Bee’s mouth.

Slowly, Josh began to pump his cock.

Dean grabbed one of Bee’s breasts roughly. In turn, she responded by reaching a hand down to grab his crotch.

Dean moved the hand at her breast to the buttons on her shirt and with one hand began to fumble at opening them. One by one he succeeded in revealing milky white skin against her black bra. Her breasts were heaving. Josh imagined her moaning. Sometimes, he wished he had thought to add a microphone.

Bee had pushed her hands under Dean’s red pullover top and was now struggling to pull it over his head. It was almost humorous to watch because of how tall dean was and, comparatively, how petite Bee was.

Finally, she managed to get his shirt off and then he pushed her shirt off her arms leaving her with just the black bra above the waist. Dean reached his arm behind her and unsnapped the bra as Bee leaned forward and nipped at his shoulder.

Her black bra fell to the ground and Bee moved forward to push milk white breasts against the coal black chest of Dean.

While still smothered against his front, Bee reached a hand down to undo Dean’s pants. It was hard for Josh to see because of how close they were standing but he knew what she was doing.

Dean reached his hand behind Bee and slid it down the back of her pants to cup her ass. That made her stretch upwards against him. Like a cat arching into an offered hand.

Bee pushed Dean’s pants down to the floor. He was wearing blue boxer briefs underneath. She pushed them off his hips as well. Dean was now completely naked before her except for white gym socks.

Dean was even more muscled and sculpted naked. And, his erect cock was more than adequate. It wasn’t the largest Bee had brought home. But, it was in the top 25% Josh guessed. Certainly bigger than his average cock.

Finally, Dean stepped away from Bee so she could undo her pants and slide them down her slender hips.

Dean stepped forward and roughly pushed Bee backwards onto the bed. But, her smile said she didn’t really mind his roughness.

Josh’s camera caught a side view of the action. That was his favorite view. He could see their faces as they grimaced and panted with pleasure. He could see the cock being thrust into the soft pink pussy of his wife.

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Josh watched as Dean pulled Bee’s thong to the side, grabbed his cock, spread Bee’s pussy lips, and plowed inside.

Josh watched Bee arch with the movement. Her mouth wide as if she was either protesting or encouraging. Josh began to pump his cock harder.

Dean lifted Bee’s leg up over his shoulder. It was the leg nearest the camera and gave Josh a perfect view of Dean fucking his wife.

.Dean withdrew his cock until little more than the head could possibly be inside Bee’s pussy. Then, Dean would plunge his whole length inside her until her pussy hit his balls.

Josh actually preferred when Bee’s conquests had darker skin. The contrast made it easier to watch. A pink cock in a pink pussy made it hard, at times, to see details. But, the dark cock plunging in and out of Bee’s pink pussy was easy to see.

With each thrust, Bee arched her back. Her breasts bounced with the movement. He could see that Bee’s other leg was wrapped around Dean’s back. Her little white foot stood out against the black muscle of Dean’s ass cheeks.

Josh could tell that Bee was coming close to orgasm. He could see her visibly panting and her fingers clawed into Dean’s shoulders. Then, he watched Bee stiffen. He watched her lips part and he wondered what she was crying out as her whole body shook under the massive, bull like, form of Dean.

Finally, her spasms subsided and she fell back onto the bed.

Dean stopped thrusting into her and pulled his cock out of her pink pussy. Josh could see the moisture all over the long black cock. Bee got so wet when she came.

Dean moved up to the head of the bed and began pumping his cock over Bee’s breast. Josh began to pump his own cock at a similar rhythm. Apparently, Dean was the kind of man who came and then went. Some of Bee’s partners had taken the time to make her cum two or even three times before succumbing to their own pleasure. And, Josh always managed to pace himself.

But Dean, apparently, had done what he felt was required and planned on getting his.

Dean pumped his big hard cock hard and fast. Josh did the same.

Josh watched Dean bite his lip as he approached his peak. He could see Dean knit his brows and grimace as he kept pumping harder and harder as Bee watched.

Then, Dean pushed his cock downward and white cum shot out of the tip of his black cock all over Bee’s breast and her face.

Josh let himself succumb. His toes curled as the muscles throughout his body tensed. Pleasure ran through him as he felt the warm wetness of his cum pump out of the slit on the head of his cock and run down his fingertips.

He let out a moan of pleasure and closed his eyes to concentrate on the sensation. When he opened his eyes, Dean already had his pants back on and Bee was wiping her face with a towel. Josh thought she looked a bit sulky. Perhaps Dean hadn’t been everything she had hoped for. It was hard to say. As for Josh, he was feeling satisfied. He opened the door of his computer desk and pulled out Bee’s silk camisole and used it to wipe the cum from his cock and his hands. Every laundry day he went through her under things and pulled out one or two articles for that exact purpose. She hadn’t appeared to miss them, yet.

Josh buttoned up his pants and waited for Bee to knock on his door, letting him know he was finally allowed to come out of his man cave.