Little Kelsey

By: Mr. Max

Erotica Story Genres:

Darren sat on the couch pushing buttons on a black game controller identical to the ones that his two best friends, who were seated on either side of him, held. They were playing a platform game that they had beat already on all but the hardest difficulty.

Darren’s character hit an explosive, causing his controller to shake in his hands. He sat it down on his lap while he waited for his character to revive and grabbed a handful of pretzels. Joe, to his left, took a brief sip of cola without missing a beat of his game. On the other side, Steven pointed his controller at the screen as if the entire reason his character was getting pummeled was due to a poor connection between the controller and the console.

Darren’s character had just reappeared on the screen when he heard the basement door slam. He hit the pause button which elicited protests from his companions. He turned his head to see who was entering his domain. Ever since he had come home from college, after having achieved a useless degree and getting a job as a fast food manager, Darren had lived in the basement as if it was his own private home. Occasionally, his step mother would invade his space to throw in a load of laundry or his father would need some tool he hadn’t used once in the past three years but for whatever reason was suddenly desperate for.

But, it was neither his father or step mother.

Kelsey smiled as she stepped forward out of the shadows and into their view. She was his step sister and the only other person who lived in the house, though he couldn’t recall her ever invading his domain before. He couldn’t think of a good reason for her to do so. Her mother handled all of her laundry and Kelsey had nothing stored in the basement, that he could think of. He wondered what she could possibly need.

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She had just turned eighteen the week before and was still in high school but there was only one more month until graduation.

She was petite and blond, just like her mother. She had a tan which she kept primarily from hours out on the football field as a cheerleader.

And, even though she was technically his sister, he had noticed that she had pert breasts which were a little more than a handful. Her breasts topped a flat belly which then fanned out into curvy hips.

Her face was heart shaped and her eyes were what one might call bedroom eyes. They always seemed heavy lidded as if she was in the early stages of desire.

Today, she was wearing a sweater with a short woolen skirt which barely reached mid thigh. She had no socks nor leggings he could see but he wasn’t sure if that was what was normally worn with such clothes anyways.

Her feet were bare, which he guessed made sense since they were inside. Still, he always had his tennis shoes on unless he was reclining in his bed in the corner of the room. The floor was linoleum and got more than a little cold.

“Hey sis, what’s up?” he asked. They had decided even before their parents wedding that they might as well be as friendly and informal as possible. They both lived in the house full time and neither had much contact with their other parent.

“I saw you had friends over, and I needed help with something,” Kelsey said with a sweet smile.

“Please tell me you need a jar opened. I specialize in jars,” Joe said. He was looking Kelsey over hungrily.

“No. Not a jar.”

“Then, is there something you need put on a shelf out of reach perhaps?” Steven asked.

“Oh, dear, no.”

“Well, instead of keeping us in suspense why don’t you just tell us then?” Darren asked. He was feeling mildly annoyed with her. She had invaded his space and interrupted his game.

“Well, you see, I have a job interview tomorrow, and I was wondering if you guys could help me prepare for it,” Kelsey said.

“We can try, I guess,” Joe said, he sounded disappointed.

“What type of job is it? I don’t know much about carrying trays or anything like that,” Steven said.

“Oh, no, I am sure you wouldn’t,” Kelsey was quick to assure them that she hadn’t intended to imply that they might do manual labor. Both Joe and Steven were geeks to the core of their beings. Each wore thick glasses though Joe’s were rounded where Steven’s were squared. Joe was tall and thin and Steven was squat. Both had college degrees though their degrees had proven more lucrative than Darren’s.

“It’s an acting gig,” Kelsey said.

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“You need us to run lines with you?” Joe asked. He had done drama his freshman year of high school.

“I think perhaps you could just watch my performance and give me feedback,” she said.

“We can do that for you,” Steven said. Darren glanced at his watch. He had two hours until his shift at work. He had really wanted to get through another level of the game. But, he supposed his sister and her silly little job interview should come first.

“May I use your bed?” Kelsey asked, nodding to the corner of the room where his full size mattress sat atop a brass frame. He had made the bed neatly that morning and he hoped that she wasn’t going to make too much of a mess of it with this silly acting thing. Perhaps she was playing sleeping beauty or snow white, he thought.

“Go ahead,” he sighed.

“Alright, now, will you all three come around to the foot of the bed so you can see,” Kelsey said.

The three men put down their controllers, Darren more hesitantly than the rest, and made their way to surround the bed.

Kelsey sat down with her back against the pillows. Darren watched her take a deep breath and he waited for her to start to say her lines.

She didn’t.

Instead, she lifted up her shirt and spread her legs to reveal pussy that had been neatly shaved until just an arrow of blond curls pointed the way to her glistening pink slit.

All three men gasped.

“What kind of film are you going to be doing?” Steven asked.

“The adult kind,” Kelsey said with a smile.

Darren watched in awe as Kelsey reached down and used the fingers on her right hand to part her pussy lips and reveal the darkness of the red chasm between them. Just below her index finger, Darren could clearly see her round nub of a clitoris where it peeked out from underneath it’s hood.

He knew he should look away, Kelsey was his sister, for God’s sake. But, at this moment, she was a naked woman whose pussy was spread open before him and he was a man whose cock had suddenly gotten very hard.

Kelsey took two fingers on her left hand and brought them to her pussy slit. Then, she moved them inside and he watched the fingers disappear to her knuckles in the depths of her.

Slowly, she brought them back out and as each centimeter appeared it was covered with a thick clear slime that Darren’s cock knew would be hot and thick.

He wanted to move forward, pull his cock out of his pants, and plunge it into her. He could tell his companions were having the exact same thought. Kelsey was HIS sister. If any of the three men should be allowed to fuck her it was certainly him, he thought wildly.

He watched her fingers slide back into the depths of her pussy and he heard her make a little moaning sound.

She leaned further into the pillows behind her until she was surrounded by them as by a lover.

Darren watched her arch her back, pushing out her breasts and making him long to touch them. He could see little hard nubs through her shirt. He had no idea whether or not she was wearing a bra but he was damned sure her nipples would be firm if he gave them a little squeeze, which was exactly what he felt like doing.

She brought her hips forward, moving them against her hands and she let out a little moan as her fingers slipped from her pussy and were brought upwards to stroke her exposed clitoris. The slick juice covering her pussy smeared the surface of her clit, making it sheen.

“Is this making you guys hard?” Kelsey asked.

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“Oh, yeah,” Steven moaned.

Joe nodded. He was biting his lower lip.

Darren just grunted because it didn’t seem a good idea to show that she was driving him to the very edge of reason.

“Can I see?” she asked them, her voice soft and sweet, more like a girl asking to see a basket of puppies than this sex kitten asking to see their erections.

Darren watched Joe hurry to unzip his fly and expose his pale cock. The cock was leaning upwards and a drop of cum was clearly coming from the slit of the head.

Kelsey looked it over carefully before giving Joe a big smile.

Encouraged, Steven freed his cock as well. His was slightly shorter than Joe’s but there was clearly more girth.

Kelsey admired it before giving a nod of approval. Then, his step sister turned expectant eyes towards him.

He made no move for his zipper. After a moment, she frowned at him.

“I’ve shown you mine. Isn’t it only fair that you show me yours too?” she asked.

He watched as she used her index finger to slowly trace the outline of her pussy lip all the way around. It looked almost like someone absently stroking the top of a shot glass, though he was sure it was deliberate. The pink flesh puckered under her touch and, when her fingers came to the side of her clit, he watched her give a little shudder of pleasure.

He reached down and unzipped his fly. He reached his hand through the fly of his jeans and then through the fly of his boxers to grab hold of his raging erection and free it from its cloth prison.

Goose pimples covered his body as he watched her admiring his hard cock which he pulled slightly away from his body so she could get a clear view of every inch of it.

“How very reassuring,” she said.

She closed her eyes and Darren’s eyes were drawn to her fingers again. She had slid her first two fingers back into the depths of her pussy again but her thumb was strumming over her clit almost like one would guitar strings.

Her hips thrust into her fingers and he could see the muscles tightening in her legs as her hips pumped.

He watched her face grimace in a look that could have been pain but that he was sure was pleasure.

He looked over to see both Joe and Steven trying to discreetly rub their own erections.

None of them had ever been involved in a circle jerk before. It just wasn’t what geeks did. But, one could hardly be expected to watch his beautiful sister masturbating before their very eyes and not attempt to relieve at least some of the built up pleasure.

Darren reached down and firmly took his cock in his hand and began to pump it steadily.

His eyes concentrated on Kelsey’s body. Her lips were parted and she was panting while little whimpering noises escaped her mouth.

Her muscles seemed tight and strained as her fingers thrust vigorously into her pussy.

Then, she let out a cry and he watched her whole body shake.

Pussy juice shot around her fingers and splattered on her thighs as she writhed and moaned. Her legs jerked and then stilled. He could see that perspiration had broken out on her face and he almost wanted to ask her if she was alright. But, the thought was lost as his cock quickly took the cue that the show was coming to an end. He felt his balls tighten and then the hot pleasure flow up his belly as his cock began to spew cum.

Kelsey opened her eyes to look at them carefully. Her cheeks were unusually pink.

“So, do you think I will get the job?”