Max and Greg

By: Mr. Max

Erotica Story Genres:

“Are you happy to be home?” Greg asked his brother Max. It was Max’s first visit home since he had left for an out of state college three months before.

It felt nice to have his brother back. A brother who he had shared a room and bunk bed set with for as long as he could remember. Even with his brother in college and himself months from leaving for college as well, their parents had never bothered to give them separate rooms. Or to turn in their bunk beds for anything more functional for two grown men.

“It’s weird to be home. College has been an eye opening experience. I’ve met a lot of different kinds of people. It has opened my mind. Quite a bit,” Max said.

Greg hoped it had opened his mind a whole lot. Because, there was a conversation he needed to have. A very complicated conversation.

“I think I am going to come out of the closet to mom and dad,” Greg said.

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He and Max had talked many times over the years about their individual sexual orientations. Greg was attracted to men. He had no sexual interest in women whatsoever. Max considered himself sexually fluid. He had fucked girls. He had fucked boys. And, Greg suspected, Max may have even experimented with exploits outside of the realm of humanity. But, he couldn’t be certain.

“Have you fucked a guy yet?” Max asked.

“No,” Greg said. He hadn’t fucked a guy. He had been waiting for a very specific guy to fuck. A very special man with ebony skin and short brown curls.

“Don’t you think you should fuck a guy and make sure you really like it before you go spilling your guts to mom and dad?”

“I do think I should. And, I’ve been waiting for you to come home. I want you to be the first guy I fuck,” Greg said. Max leaned his brown face over the side of the bunk beds to look at him.

“You sure about that?”

“The first time should be special. Should be with someone you love. There is no one I love in this world as much as my brother. If I fucked anyone else for the first time, they would one day end up out of my life. There would be lovers quarrels and jealousy. So much ugliness. So much hassle. But, you will always be my brother.”

“And what happens if we don’t want to fuck again? Or if I end up in a relationship. Will you be ok with that?” Max asked reaching out to take Greg’s hand in his. The whiteness of Greg’s skin contrasted against Max’s dark skin.

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Greg’s parents had tried desperately to get pregnant for five years without success. So, they had adopted a baby boy from Somalia. Almost exactly nine months after they had brought Max home, Greg had been born. His mother had actually gotten pregnant in Somalia as she and Greg’s father were waiting to take baby Max home and trying to sort out all the paperwork that comes with international adoption.

“You are not going to tell mom and dad we did this are you?” Max asked.

“Of course not!” Greg said.

“Alright then. I think it is a brilliant idea,” Max said. He threw his legs over the side of the bunk and lowered his feet to the floor. Within a moment, he as sitting next to Greg on the bed.

Greg knew he should feel shy or at least unsure. But, he had been jerking off to dreams of his brother for years. With Max sitting beside him and willing to engage, Greg leaned forward and kissed him.

Max’s lips were thick. A thickness he had always admired. He didn’t care for thin lips such as his own. He liked the thick almost bee sting look of his brother’s lips. And, he loved their plump feel against his. Feeling bold, Greg pulled Max’s lower lips into his mouth and began to suck on it. Max groaned. Greg had been worried that his brother would be a willing participant but just to help him out or be a sport. But, that groan made Greg sure that his brother was going to be willing and just as excited as he was. This was confirmed when Max moved his hand up Greg’s thigh to the place where Greg’s erection was straining against the cloth of his flannel boxers.

Max reached his long fingers through the fly of the boxers and pulled Greg’s erection through the fly and into the open. Max’s warm hands began to stroke the head of Greg’s cock. Circular motions that made Greg’s cock jerk and made Greg moan into Max’s mouth. Greg gently bit down on Max’s lips which was still in his mouth.

Max pushed him back. At first, Greg thought he had taken his passion too far but, then he saw Max’s eyes which were hot with desire.

With the hand that was not running circles over the tip of Greg’s cock, Max pulled his own rock hard erection from his boxers and forcefully pulled Greg’s face downward towards it.

Max’s erection was about two inches longer than Greg’s. And a bit larger around. But, of course, Greg had known that. And it excited him.

Greg opened his mouth to take Max’s cock inside. Even as he ran his mouth up and down the length of Max’s cock, Max began to pump Greg’s cock with force. Clearly, he had given up the soft circles around the head.

His own feelings of intense pleasure made Greg all the more eager to return the favor. He used his tongue to tease the shaft of Max’s cock as he pulled his mouth upwards and then brought it back down until Max’s cock nearly gagged him when it hit the back of his throat. But, it wasn’t unpleasant. Quite the contrary actually.

And, the moans it produced in Max were well worth it. Greg was almost so caught up in the sensations of Max’s cock in his mouth that he didn’t notice the new speed with which Max was pumping him. He was trying to get him off in earnest. And, it worked. Greg felt the wave of pleasure flow from his feet upwards. His balls contracted. And then, he felt the wave of pleasure as he came. The white cum that spouted from the tip of his cock covering the dark hands of his brother in a beautiful contrast of white and dark.

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Greg let Max’s cock fall from his mouth at the pleasure of it. It was so consuming he felt like he couldn’t think. Couldn’t focus. There was nothing in the world but his pleasure. After his cock finally stopped erupting, Greg laid his face on Max’s thigh. He intended to pull Max’s cock back into his mouth in a moment. But, he just wanted to enjoy his own pleasure. To feel the complete relaxation that came over every muscle of his body.

Max lowered his face until his lips were close to Greg’s ear.

“I want to fuck your ass,” Max said.

Greg felt a wave of excitement flow over him at the idea. And, his cock began to harden again.

Max got up from the bed and pulled Greg’s hips backwards so that he was leaning over the side of his bed.

Max pulled Greg’s boxers down off his hips until they were against his knees. Then, he reached under the upper mattress for the bottle of lubricant he kept there. Max had taught Greg when they were much younger to lube up his hands before jerking off. It was a useful thing for a younger brother to learn from the older.

Greg heard the splat of the lubricant from the bottle onto Max’s hands. He imagined Max rubbing the lubricant up and down the length of his long thick shaft.

Then, he felt Max position himself behind him.

Max’s hands pushed Greg’s ass cheeks to the side. And, Greg felt the wet tip of Max’s cock at the entrance of his ass hole. In a moment, he felt the pain and pleasure as Max pushed the length of his cock deep into Greg’s asshole. It was a tight fit. Greg felt his ass being stretched by the girth of Max’s cock. But, it felt pleasurable as well.

Max dug his fingers into Greg’s ass cheeks as he thrust into him forcefully.

Greg’s cock was hard again and he reached down a hand to pump his cock in time with Max’s thrusts.

He heard the increased heavy breathing as Max thrust into him faster and faster. Greg pumped his own cock with increased speed.

Then. he heard Max gasp and thrust one last time deeply into Greg’s asshole. Then, Greg felt the warm of his brother’s cum hit the insides of his ass.

The feeling was enough to send him over the edge as well and his own cock erupted warm liquid over his hands.

Finally, he was ready to tell his parents that he preferred fucking men.