My Big, White Were-Horse

By: The Animal Inside

Erotica Story Genres:

It wasn’t that Jade didn’t love her husband. She did. She just didn’t enjoy fucking him. The marriage had been an arranged one and she had been given little say in the matter. But, that was common in royal families. She was certainly not the first princess to be sent from her home to marry a king double her age.

And, she was certainly not the first queen to cheat on the king either.

The stable boy brought out her horse, keeping a close eye on it with distrust. The horse was a large white stallion which she had recently acquired. The groomsmen hadn’t been pleased with her purchase of the temperamental horse, but as she was their queen, there was little they could do but plead with the king. The king had begged her not to ride the brutish animal. The horse had even managed to nip the king on the arm when he had gone to visit it to see if the groomsmen were correct. But, the queen wouldn’t be swayed.

“Will you be taking your maid with you?” the groom asked.

“Not today. I won’t be off the castle grounds. I am merely going for a ride through the orchard,” she said to the groom as she mounted the horse.

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“Won’t you consider taking a gentle mare for such a leisurely ride?” the groomsmen asked.

“I will be just fine,” Jade assured him, giving the stallion a swift kick in the sides which sent him forward at a gallop.

She was barely out of sight of the stable when she leaned forward to whisper in the horse’s ear. “The orchard will be empty today. I made sure of it. It will be the perfect place for us to fuck.”

The horse whinnied with excitement and sped up his run.

“I can’t wait to have your cock in my mouth. And then in my pussy,” she said dreamily stroking the horses neck sensually.

Just thinking about her plans had made her pussy wet. She had instructed her maid to dress her without most of her underclothes. She still wore a corset and a chemise, but her lower parts were nude and she could feel the rough material of the saddle through the cloth of her dress. It rubbed against her thigh and, when she positioned herself just right, gave her a very pleasant but of friction against her clit.

“Can’t you go any faster?” she panted into the horses ear. The horse sped up.

Finally, the orchard came into view. Jade was tingling with anticipation. She actually was panting a little as she thought about what she was about to do.

“Just a little further,” she told him as they entered the shade of the orchard. As she had been promised, it was empty.

She flung her leg over the saddle and lowered herself onto the ground. Then, she undid the horses saddle and laid it on the ground. She was glad she had learned how to dress and undress a horse. Normally, the stable boys or grooms did such things and many royal women didn’t have the skill. But, it had turned out to be a valuable one.

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She took the bit from his mouth and the reigns from his neck. She laid them on the ground as well. She looked at the horse in anticipation.

“Well,” she said. The horse neighed as if in answer. Then, the air around the horse started to sizzle and shake. A puff of blue smoke rose around the horse. The smoke caused Jade to cough violently and to step backwards.

When the smoke appeared, a naked man was standing in it’s place. The man was well muscled and hung…. well, he was hung like a horse, thought Jade. Although, his cock was not quite horse size. It certainly was in excess of what she had seen in other males. And well in access of her own husband’s endowments.

The man shook his head for a moment as if trying to get his bearings.

“What is your name?” Jade asked him softly. She had told the grooms that she hadn’t yet named her horse but that after their first ride she would give him a name.

“Willie,” the man said with a wink.

“You jest!” Jade said with a laugh.

“Only a little. My mother named me William. But, Willie seems most appropriate these days,” he said.

“Well Willie, I am so glad to finally see you,” Jade said. He was everything she had hoped he would be. Muscled. Broad shouldered. A face that could have been chiseled as a Greek statue. His hair was blond and it hung down his shoulders. much like a mane, ending at his shoulders. A patch of blond curls covered his nipples making them almost invisible to her eyes. And, the curls that rested above his cock were equally blond and curly.

And, hanging behind his cock were balls that were the size of oranges. Much larger then the men she had seen. The sight made her imagine his virility. And, he would be a virile man. She was sure of it. She was glad she had thought to maintain relations with her husband the king. She had little doubt the stallion before her would put a prince or princess in her belly. And, that would do nothing but please her aged husband. His other children were blond, as was Jade, so, even though the king himself had dark hair, there would be no suspicion that the young prince or princess was anything but the child of the king. Unless of course, he possessed his father’s ability to turn into an animal. There was not a good way to explain that away.

Willie reached out and grabbed her arms, drawing her into him.

He bent his head down and met her lips with his hard ones. The sensation made her melt. His mouth was so hard. So desirous. So passionate. All she could do was cling to his naked body as his tongue forced open her lips and he pushed his tongue inside. With his hand, he fumbled with the laces of her gown.

She barely noticed the gown slipping to the floor as he flicked his tongue in and out of her mouth. It made her think of what he and she would momentarily be doing with their lower halves. He was fucking her mouth with his tongue. And, not nearly soon enough, he would be fucking her pussy with his cock.

Her corset and chemise joined the gown on the ground and her naked breasts were against the hardness of his chest.

He pulled his lips from hers.

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“You said you wanted my cock in your mouth,” Willie said. His voice was hoarse and filled with desire. She pushed him backwards against the trunk of the tree nearest to them and knelt down before him, taking his hard cock into her mouth. He let out a groan as she plunged her mouth down the length of his cock, covering it with the warm wetness of her mouth and using her tongue to add pressure to the bottom of his cock.

She reached a hand out and took his balls into her hand, massaging them gently. He let out a loud groan at her touch and reached a hand down to cup her breast. He massaged her much as she was massaging his cock. Except that every few moments he would pinch the tip of her nipple sending pleasure and pain through her breast and a wave of heat down her stomach and to her pussy which was now soaked with desire.

Finally, she could stand it no longer and she brought his hand down from her breast and placed it on her pussy. He didn’t need any further instructions, he pushed three fingers into the depths of her pussy making her moan around the cock in her mouth. He thrust the fingers into her hard. Fast. He was far from gentle. He wanted her to cum and he wanted her to cum now. She had no doubt of that. To Willie, she wasn’t a queen. She was nothing but a cheating whore who he had been charged to fuck to oblivion.

As his fingers thrust into her more forcefully she let his cock slip out of her mouth as she moaned against his stomach. She was so close to orgasm. So close to the peak of pleasure. Just a few more thrusts of those fingers and she would be in pleasure convulsions. But, apparently, Willie had other ideas.

He pushed Jade backwards onto the grass and lowered himself over her. He roughly pushed her knees apart and, grabbing his cock with one hand and balancing above her with the other, he positioned his cock at her entrance and with one rough thrust he pushed into her. His huge cock strained the walls of her pussy and she could feel her body stretching to accommodate him. But, his huge girth and length in her pussy felt better than anything she had ever experienced. She let out a panting moan.

Willie pulled his length out of her until only the very tip of the head of his cock was still at her entrance. Then, with force, he thrust into her. He did it again. And again. After the fourth thrust, she felt the muscles in her pussy tighten around him. Her toes curled and a wave of pleasure pounded through her causing her to scream. The scream was so loud that the birds who had been nesting in the branches overhead took flight. But, Willie kept pumping into her. He was riding her harder and faster. Once or twice she thought his cock might actually rip her in two. She grabbed ahold of his shoulders so she could hold onto him as he rode her with all the force she might expect from a wild stallion. Then, he let out a moan of his own and she felt his cock pulse inside of her pussy and the hot liquid from his balls shoot into her depths.

They both laid in the grass for a few moments. Panting.

“We better get back,” she finally whispered. The last thing she wanted was for someone to come looking for her.

“Fair enough,” Willie said as he pulled backwards and his semi flaccid cock flopped out of her.

“Is there anything I can do, to make your life easier?” she asked tentatively.

“Keep bringing me out for rides as often as you can,” Willie said. “And bring some apples and sugar when you come to see me,” he added.

“I’m sure life as a horse isn’t easy,” she said softly.

“It isn’t so bad. It is a hell of a lot better then death.”

“What were you convicted of?” Jade asked. She hadn’t asked the maid who had begged her to buy Willie, the horse, who was a part time man as well. Jade had only been told by the maid, who had caught her giving pleasure to herself, that there was a man who would be more than willing to fuck her in exchange for her hospitality and protection as a horse in her stable.

“Murder,” he said.

“Murder?” she asked. She wondered if she should feel a bit uncomfortable.

“A man caught me fucking his wife and challenged me to a duel. I won,” Willie said with a smile. Then, the air around him filled with smoke and before her eyes, the man had disappeared and in his place again stood the white stallion.