My First She Wolf

By: The Animal Inside

Erotica Story Genres:

The girl that approached him in the hallway smelled good but not just like perfume. Other girls all smelled like perfume and other fake scents. This woman smelled like him. Like wolf.

Josh gulped and backed against the wall even though she was shorter than him by a foot. She was thin and blond with full hips as well as lips.

He instantly felt a tightening in his groin as the blood flowed downward to his cock making it stiff. He groaned. Even if she happened to not notice the enormous bulge in his jeans he was sure she would smell his arousal. He gave out an annoyed growl as he shifted the textbooks in his arms. He just fucking wanted to go to calculus. Was that really too much to ask.

“Can we talk,” she said softly. Her voice was rich in his ears.

“I’ve got to get to class,” Josh said.

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“You have perfect attendance this semester. I am sure that if you miss one little class your teacher will forgive you.”

“How did you…” How did this wolf woman know he had perfect attendance. And, more importantly, why should she care. They were in college. Half the students didn’t show up to class anyways. Most of them still passed.

“It would be really dumb not to look into the male we were considering mating with,” she said.

“We…Mating…” Josh had caught those two words but they didn’t seem to want to come together in his mind. She reached out and took his hand. Josh, the man, just wanted to go to his damn math class. But, Josh the wolf was feeling a deep sense of hunger in his loins. A hunger that overtook the sensibilities that man Josh was trying to use to override the animal. Sensibilities like the fact he wouldn’t make a good mate for anyone since he was still a virgin.

Josh had never met a she wolf before. He had known he wasn’t the only wolf in the world. But, he had never met anyone like himself. His parents would have been wolves as well but they had died when he was a child.

Now, before him, was a gorgeous she wolf saying she wanted him to mate her. He was sure his mind was playing tricks. And, Josh the man kept trying to reason with himself. All the while, his wolf just salivated. A she wolf was exactly what he had been waiting for. Exactly the reason he was still a virgin.

“Our pack leader said we needed some fresh genes. So, we found you. It wasn’t an easy task. But, you are cute. It won’t be too much of a hardship to get a pup from you,” she said. Josh wasn’t sure if he should feel insulted or proud.

“Candy is waiting at the apartment. She’s ready for you right now. Please, can you come?” Josh’s cock jerked at the double meaning.


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“My girlfriend.”


“Yes. We’ve been together for years. We’ve never bothered with a male before. But, unfortunately, the pack needs pups. We want our pups to be blood siblings. So, we want to share a mate. Our cycles are close. If you spent the night with us that should be sufficient.”

“Before I go running off with you can I get your name?”

“Bonnie,” the she wolf said. Her cheeks grew crimson. Presumably, she had realized her terrible manners.

Josh’s human brain knew he should say no. But, his wolf was solidly in control and fully aware of what he wanted. So, he followed Bonnie home.

As soon as she opened the door to the apartment he smelled it. The she wolf in heat. His cock went into spasms within his pants. His blood rose to a boil.

Candy was laying on her side in a king size bed. The sheets were devil red. Candy was the color of chocolate. She had thick curly hair that hung to her shoulders. She was curvy with an ass that would overflow his palms and breasts to match.

“Are you ready for us?” Bonnie asked taking a seat on the bed next to her girlfriend.

Candy sat herself up and Josh got to see her features for the first time. She was a lovely woman. Her face was heart shaped and her eyes were almonds. Large gold hoops hung from her ears. A diamond stud decorated her left nostril.

Candy reached out and took Bonnie’s hand.

The women looked each other in the eyes for a moment then turned to Josh.

“Take off your clothes,” Candy said. Josh could only have shed his clothes faster if he had turned into his wolf form. He was naked and human before her. And, his erection was throbbing. The tip of his cock was moist with anticipation of the female before him. He was so concentrated on Candy that he didn’t see Bonnie toss off her clothes. But, she had. Now, two nude women were before him on the bed. Bonnie turned to face Candy. She reached a hand behind Candy’s neck and pulled her lips down. Candy opened her lips and Josh could see Bonnie’s tongue sweeping in and out of Candy’s mouth. Mimicking the motion of a cock. Josh groaned.

Candy reached forward and placed a hand on Bonnie’s breast. Josh watched as Candy’s thumb stroked Bonnie’s erect pink nipple. The movement caused Bonnie to arch into Candy’s touch.

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Josh had to resist the urge to move forward and take a breast in his hands. Or, better yet, his mouth.

Bonnie’s hand left Candy’s neck. It trailed down her breast and down her stomach to the curl of dark hair beneath her naval. Josh watched in awe as Bonnie’s fingers expertly slid between the folds of Candy’s pussy. Josh felt a sudden sense of jealousy. His cock wanted to be where Bonnie’s fingers were. His raging throbbing cock was feeling impatient. He considered reaching down and taking his cock in his own hand while he watched the women touch each other but Candy used a finger to beckon him onto the bed.

“She’s nice and wet for you,” Bonnie said. She helped ease Candy onto her back as she licked and nipped at her neck.

Bonnie’s fingers opened the folds of Candy’s pussy. With her other hand, Bonnie grabbed Josh’s cock and eased it into Candy’s warm center.

Josh groaned. Nothing in the world could compare to the tight warm heat around his cock. He thrust forward, breaking Candy’s barrier. He heard her yelp and he froze.

“It’s okay sweetie,” Bonnie said soothingly to Candy as she caressed her lovers face. Candy nodded. Josh figured that was his cue. He pulled his cock almost completely out of Candy’s pussy and then plunged it in. There was no yelp this time. Candy and Bonnie’s lips and tongues were intertwined. They were lost in each other’s mouths. He wanted to be annoyed that he was being excluded so openly but he just couldn’t be. Watching Candy suck Bonnie’s tongue was just too erotic.

Josh’s senses were on full alert. His nose took in the mating scent created by his and Candy’s bodies. His ears heard the rapidness of the three heartbeats in the room. His skin felt the soft warmth of woman surrounding him. And, his eyes took in the erotic view of the woman beneath him who happened to be kissing and caressing another woman.

Candy’s breasts bounced each time he plunged into her. He could see the sharp contrast of his white cock as it disappeared into her brown skin. It excited both man and wolf..

Josh had always been afraid that fucking would make him turn. Anger sometimes did. As did fear. Any strong emotion. But, even though he was balls deep in a she wolf he was still a human male. He was glad. It wouldn’t have felt nearly as good fucking her as a wolf. And it did feel good.

Even better when Bonnie brought a finger down to begin teasing Candy’s clit. Bonnie’s pale fingers with deep red nail polish on perfectly manicured nails rubbed the small brown nub just above where Josh was fucking. He could feel her fingers against his cock with each thrust.

To his surprise and delight, Candy began to pant. Apparently, Bonnie knew just what she liked.

He could feel more pressure of Bonnie’s finger and Josh began to thrust harder. Deeper. He was close. On the very edge. He could have lost himself. But, that didn’t seem right. Even if he was just there to put a pup in Candy. Even if he was a virgin. He still wanted to feel her come.

As Candy’s panting became moaning he was sure he was going to lose control. Then, it happened. He felt the tightening around his cock. A sudden gush of warm liquid splattered on his balls and Candy screamed beneath him. As if that was some kind of signal, he felt his balls tighten and his cock spasm. A warm heat of pleasure traveled from his toes through his body like a melting wave. He let out a howl as he felt himself spilling into her.

The pleasure of it felt like it might stop his heart for a moment. He was almost surprised when he was able to catch his breath.

It took him a moment to regain the ability to think. He wanted to collapse on Candy. He almost did but then he noticed Bonnie nuzzle Candy lovingly. He didn’t want to interrupt their private moment. He pulled his cock out of Candy’s pussy and stood up. Bonnie looked up at him with mischievous green eyes.

“In a couple more hours you can do me too,” Bonnie said.

Jim’s wolf growled and his cock jerked back to attention.