My Second She Wolf

By: The Animal Inside

Erotica Story Genres:

Josh woke up feeling slightly disoriented. The first sensation he noticed was the smell of a she wolf in heat. The smell sent a strong signal to his cock making it hard and ready.

Josh opened his eyes to see if his nose could possibly be telling him the truth. Beside him were two naked women.

And, his last evening came back to him.

He took in a long sniff. The she wolf in heat smell was no longer coming from Candy. Candy’s scent had changed. Changed in a way that made him feel aggressive and protective. He had no doubt the mating the night before had worked and that he had put a pup in Candy. He hadn’t expected it to trigger the sensations of protectiveness in him. He knew it was going to be impossible to leave the two women. Especially once he had put a pup in the other as well.

And, as for that….

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Josh reached out a hand to cup Bonnie’s breast. The sensation seemed to bring her out of sleep and into wakefulness.

Josh strained his neck forward to give her a nuzzle against her back.

Bonnie smiled at him.

“Shall we get to making that pup now?” Josh asked.

Bonnie reached out and ran a hand up Candy’s thigh causing her to open her eyes.

“You ready?” Bonnie asked.

Candy smiled at her seductively.

Bonnie reached forward to give Candy a kiss. Her tongue flicked in and out of her girlfriend’s mouth.

Josh felt a momentary pang of jealousy but then Bonnie reached back with her hand and began to stroke his cock. His cock was more than pleased at the attention and it jerked at her touches.

Josh let out a growl of pleasure.

Bonnie let go of him and rolled over to hover over Candy. She took a breast in her hand and began to massage it. Her pink fingers against the dark skin of Candy’s nipple was an erotic sight for Josh and he thought for a moment he might just come then and there. He wanted to reach out and pump his cock until he came. To let his hand take over where Bonnie’s had been just moments ago. But, he held back. He needed to be patient. Needed to wait for the she wolves.

Bonnie brought her mouth down over Candy’s breast and began to suckle her. This caused Candy to moan and arch her back in pleasure.

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Josh’s cock was jerking in frustration. It’s tip was moist with desire.

Bonnie positioned herself between Candy’s legs bending over her with her ass up in the air.

“Alright Josh,” she whispered.

She didn’t need to tell him twice. Josh leapt forward.

Josh positioned himself behind Bonnie, who was suckling Candy. From his position Josh had a clear view of Bonnie’s pink pussy and her pink asshole. It was a beautiful sight. Her pussy glistened with moisture. Clearly, she was ready for him.

Josh found Bonnie’s pussy entrance and he gently slid inside her. She was tight and hot as he broke through her barrier. She didn’t make any sounds of pain or protest as Candy had done. As a matter of fact, Josh wasn’t sure she had noticed the tearing of her virginity at all. Her mouth was so focused on Candy’s breasts.

Bonnie felt the pleasure mixed with pain of Josh filling her. He was big and hard and he filled her in a way no one ever had before. It made her moan slightly as she suckled Candy’s nipple. Running her tongue in circles around the brown point that was filling her lips just as Josh’s cock was filling her pussy.

As Josh thrust deep into her, Bonnie felt Candy’s nipple slip from her lips as Bonnie let out a low moan of pleasure. She hadn’t expected a cock in her pussy to feel so good. She wasn’t about to give up Candy and the love they shared but she decided she wouldn’t mind an occasional cock either. The hardness stretching her. Caressing her clit as he slid in and out.

Bonnie pushed against him causing Josh to momentarily lose his rhythm.

“What…” His voice was husky. Almost pained.

With one hand she pushed him back an inch so she could trail a line of kisses down Candy’s soft stomach. She took a moment to dip her tongue in Candy’s navel causing Candy to squeal with delight. She loved how much Candy liked that small flick of her tongue there.

Then, she continued her kisses down to the brown curls underneath.

She felt Candy’s skin tremble with pleasure as Bonnie dipped her head forward and flicked her tongue against Candy’s brown pleasure nub. Candy squealed and grabbed Bonnie’s hair by the handfuls. Holding her mouth against the warm wetness of Candy’s pussy.

Being a she wolf made the scent of arousal intense to her. The smell of Candy’s eagerness mixed with the hard cock thrusting into her pussy and rubbing against her clit was enough to make Bonnie’s pussy contract and a wave of pleasure shot through her. She heard Josh groan as the muscles deep within her squeezed down on his cock. It felt so good to her. The squeezing against his hardness forced out a desperate moan.

Candy was caught up in the pleasure of it all as well and was panting. She was pulling Bonnie’s head downward desperate for her pleasure as well.

As soon as the spasms in Bonnie’s pussy stopped she brought her mouth to Candy’s pussy and began to lick.

Josh was in the perfect position. He was on all fours fucking Bonnie. His wolf loved the position. It was wild. Animalistic. All the things that his second nature found most appealing. His bare chest was against Bonnie’s back and his face looked down over her shoulder.

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Candy’s dark fingers were grasping Bonnie’s blond hair. Pulling on it erotically. Candy was arching as Bonnie’s pink tongue thrust in and out of Candy’s dark pussy. It was erotic to watch Bonnie tongue fucking Candy. And, Candy clearly enjoyed it. She was gasping and arching so erotically that Josh lost his rhythm more than once watching the sensual spectacle before him.

Then, he saw Candy tremble and he heard her let out a pleasure scream as her legs began to twitch and shake. Her face contorted as she came.

Her coming caused a chain reaction. He felt Bonnie’s pussy tighten around him for the second time. This time though, her whole body shook beneath him and she let out a scream as well that mixed with Candy’s. Soon, it turned into a howl.

That was when his wolf took over. Josh opened up his mouth and a howl escaped as he felt his balls contract and he felt the warm liquid shooting from the tip of his cock and splashing against the walls of Bonnie’s pussy. His wolf ears could hear every sensual splash as he shook with pleasure and as Bonnie’s pussy contracted around him.

Candy’s howl stopped first by a second and then he and Bonnie stopped as well.

They were all soaked with sweat. They were all gasping from pleasure.

Josh pulled his partially hard cock from Bonnie’s pussy and fell back onto the bed with a gasp.

Bonnie collapsed between Candy’s legs with her head on Candy’s abdomen. Candy stroked her face.

Josh moved over to be closer to the two she wolfs.

He could smell the change in Bonnie’s scent already beginning to happen. He had no doubt she would grow his pup in her as well.

He felt the intensity of the protective urges such a smell invoked.

He was mated to these two women.

He wasn’t going to be able to leave them. Ever. He was going to stay there. To protect them. To get and give pleasure.

After a moment Bonnie reached out and motioned for Josh to move closer to them.

He snuggled against her back and nuzzled his face against the back of her neck.

“I rather like having a strong male here to protect us,” Bonnie said softly.

“As do I,” Candy agreed.

Then, as if somehow cued, Josh felt his body begin the change. He heard the watery noise the change brought but it wasn’t coming just from him.

The women beside him became fur and animal.

Then, the three wolves curled against each other and fell into slumber.