Stepbrother Bonding – Taboo Erotica

By: Kenzie Haven

Part 1 of Stepbrother Bonding, Yearning, Exposed

Erotica Story Genres:

The club was packed full of leather and hard, muscled bodies as I made my way through the crowd. If I didn’t know the owner, I would have been terrified about all the bikers around me.

They knew to keep their hands off me. I was protected property, out of reach of them all. I could do whatever I wanted and get away with it. The bikers were too scared of their leader to touch me.

I was deep in the Royals Motorcycle Club’s territory, and I should have been concerned about the level of testosterone in the air. Yet somehow, I felt safer here than anywhere else.

“Hey, have you seen Gray?” I asked the bartender over the din around us.

He shrugged and went back to pulling beers. So much for getting some help finding my stepbrother. He’d invited me here, and now he was nowhere to be seen. He was good at disappearing acts, but this was just plain rude.

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One of the other members brushed up behind me, pulling me close against his chest. “Hey, sexy ass.”

I laughed, recognizing the voice. There was only one member of the Royals MC who would have the audacity to call me that. “Someone’s going to get the wrong idea about us, Brakes.”

He squeezed me close before letting me go. I spun around to face the bearded face of the club’s vice president. “If they’re going to talk about us, then maybe we should give them some better material, sweet cheeks.”

I shook my head, unable to remove the smile from my face. Brakes, aka Bernard, had been trying to get into my pants for years now. If anything actually happened between us, Gray would throw him out of the club before his ass hit the pavement.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. These guys don’t need any visuals to add to their fantasies,” I laughed. “Hey, have you seen Gray anywhere? He called me over and I can’t find him.”

“Probably out back. Check his office. If you get lonely, come find me. I’ll keep you company.” He waggled his eyebrows and grabbed a bottle of whiskey from the bar. He poured it straight into his mouth.

Brakes was going to be drunk before I reached the end of the bar. I left him to his whiskey and liver damage to head to the office out back. The loud thumping of the music and voices raised in merriment slowly declined behind me.

There was only one office behind the main bar area and it belonged solely to Gray. He was the president of the club, which meant he was also in charge of all the businesses owned by the Royals. There were dozens of tattoo parlors, bars, and drug runs that kept them cashed up. They somehow managed to mingle their illegal activities with their legitimate ones, making it too complicated for even the cops to work out. They’d given up trying a few failed arrest attempts ago.

I still couldn’t quite comprehend that my stepbrother was in charge of all these badass bikers. He was always a rebel growing up. Every week, there was a new reason for the school principal to call our parents. His mother had married my father when we were teenagers and I don’t think my dad fully comprehended what kind of a stepkid he was taking on.

When we first started living together, I was terrified of Gray. I thought he hated me and my life was practically over with a new stepfamily to deal with. A few weeks later, Gray had stood up for me at school in front of everyone when Lacey Thompson tried to humiliate me in the cafeteria. He’d been my hero ever since.

He was also sexy as hell. Gray was built for fighting, with his heavily muscled body and six-foot-three stature. It was impossible not to compare him to a statue of an ancient Greek god.

His hair was jet black and wild enough that it looked like he was perpetually just getting out of bed. I found myself wanting to run my hands through those luscious curls more than I would ever admit to anyone.

Then there were the tattoos. They covered most of his arms and half his chest. It was practically compulsory for members of the MC to get inked, but Gray only got a new piece when it meant something to him. My favorite was a heart on his back, but he never divulged the meaning behind it. The boys always teased him for the girly swirls on the pink heart. He always threatened to kill them if they didn’t shut the fuck up.

I knocked on his door and waited for his gruff voice to tell me to come in. He was a grumpy-ass man, but I knew there was a heart of gold hidden underneath. He chose to show his softer side to a rare few, and I was one of them. It put me in an elite club.

“Come in.”

I opened the door, smiling at the sound of his voice. It was just as stern and dour as I had expected. I peeked inside. “You are a hard man to find, Gray.”

“Close the door,” he ordered, taking his eyes off the computer screen for only a moment to acknowledge me. He was even more distracted than usual tonight. “It’s good to see you, Maddy.”

“Thanks.” I stood there awkwardly, taking him all in. His vibrant green eyes were focused on something other than me, and I wanted his attention. When Gray looked at me with the same attentiveness, I felt like the most beautiful woman in the world.

Maybe it was a silly crush by a little stepsister on her big stepbrother, but it seemed like more. It was the reason I let Gray boss me around and turned up to the club when he asked me to. He had a magnetic pull on me that I could never quite figure out.

“Is something wrong?” I pressed when it was clear he wasn’t going to talk again.

His eyes snapped away from the computer and flicked to me. They grazed over my body, taking in my tight black dress. It was new. I’d hoped he would notice how it hugged all my curves.

“Sorry, baby girl. There’s some stuff going on with the club and our rivals. I don’t want to get you involved. I’ll sort it out. There’s no need to worry.”

“Anything you want to talk about?”

He stood, managing to make even that tiny movement into something akin to an underwear commercial. I would buy whatever he was selling, even if it was a jockstrap.

“No, nothing I want to talk about,” he replied in his husky voice. “Except I do want to know what you’re doing wearing that tiny dress in a club full of bikers that are trying to work out ways to tear it off you right now. I can tell you, they won’t be gentle about it.”

So, he liked the dress. Good to know.

“Maybe that was my intention,” I said, smirking and trying to goad him out of his mood. “Maybe I like it rough. Ever considered that?”

His green eyes darkened as he slowly stepped around the desk. He perched on the edge only a foot in front of me and crossed his arms over his chest. All the muscles in his arms popped and flexed.

“That’s some big talk,” he said. “You’ve got a dirty mouth on you, little sis.”

I stood taller, lifting my chin and pushing my chest against the flimsy fabric of the dress.

“You’re overprotective,” I shot back.

“I like to protect what’s mine.”

“Oh? I’m yours?” My eyebrows arched in question. “I didn’t realize I was a commodity to be owned.”

He pushed up from the desk and towered over me. “I want to put you over my knee and spank all that attitude out of you. Teach you a lesson for walking into my bar looking like that and not expecting me to have all kinds of dirty thoughts about it.”

The visualization coming to mind with each of his words made everything in my panties quiver. I wanted him to spank me, more than was decent. What was happening to me?

“Yeah right, Gray.”

“I’m serious.” He never broke eye contact with me. He really was thinking about spanking me. Heat pooled in my belly. The small office seemed a whole lot hotter all of a sudden.

He took a step closer so there wasn’t a breath of space between us. In one swift movement, he grabbed both my ass cheeks and pulled me against him. I could feel the tight lump in the front of his jeans. Was this really exciting him as much as it was me?

“I’ve been wanting to spank you for years, Maddy. I can’t wait any longer.” He tugged me over to the couch by the wall as he sat down. I was left standing, but it didn’t last long. “Get over my knee. Now, Maddy. Do it right now.”

I’d never been spanked before, so it felt a little weird draping myself over Gray’s knees, but I gladly did it. Every nerve in my body was on fire and excitedly waiting to see what he would do to me.

The shortness of my dress was apparent as it rode up my thighs while I laid over him. I faced the floor as Gray slid his rough hands up my legs and pushed the dress even higher. I felt the chill of the evening air as he lifted it right over my butt.

“A thong? Baby girl, you should not be in this club dressed like this. Bad things can happen to a bad girl.” He caressed my cheeks, setting my flesh ablaze.

My pussy was well on its way to becoming drenched. My nub buzzed with excitement, waiting for the spanking I was about to receive any moment now. I never would have thought my stepbrother would be the one to deliver it, but he was the only one who I wanted to touch me like this.

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He slid his finger underneath the string on my thong, teasing me as he moved it in all different directions. It tugged on my clit as he did so, making me squirm for more. I wanted him to touch me all over, to give me some relief.

Gray removed his hands from my skin. A few seconds later, his palm came down to spank my ass. The rough surface of his hand immediately replaced the sharp sting as he caressed the skin and chased the hurt away. I arched into his palm, needing more and more of him.

“You’re such a bad girl,” he cooed. “You need to be taught a lesson. I can’t have all those men looking at you like this. You’re all mine.”

He spanked me again. This time it was lower so my pussy took some of the slap. It jerked to life, yearning for his hands to caress it better like he did my ass.

Gray didn’t disappoint. He rubbed his hand over my cheeks before delving lower and lower until he hit the sweet spot. He delved into my folds and slid his fingers over my clit. The feeling he inspired in my most intimate areas was exquisite. I couldn’t believe he was touching me like this, but it felt more than right. It felt perfect, like it was always supposed to be this way.

“Are you going to dress like this again?” he asked.

“Yes,” I replied, smiling even though he couldn’t see my face from behind me.

He spanked me again, the sound of his skin hitting mine echoing in the room. It was audible even over the distant thumping of the music in the bar. It also reminded me that we weren’t entirely alone and anyone could walk in on us. They would see my bare ass under Gray’s hand and instantly know what we were up to.

Bikers were pretty open-minded, but they might not understand us doing this when we were stepsiblings. It wouldn’t be any of their business, but I didn’t want Gray having a difficult time with his club brothers. They were just as much family to him as I was.

The thought obviously hadn’t occurred to Gray. “Tell me you’re not going to dress like this again, baby girl. I’m the only one who sees you like this.”

“Yes, Gray. Yes.”


He blew cool air on my backside before rubbing his hand over my skin. It was going to sting for a little while, but I couldn’t get over what effect it was having on me. I was on fire, desperate for him to turn me over and get between my legs.

“Stand up,” he barked.

He helped me to stand again, pulling my dress down to where it should be. His gaze traveled up over my body until it finally reached mine. I wanted him more in that moment than in all the fantasies I’d had about him over the years.

“I’m going to take your dress off, Maddy. Then I’m going to put you over my desk and fuck you. Just like I’ve always wanted to do. If you don’t want this, you need to leave right now. I’m not going to be able to stop myself once I start. And I warn you, I’m not going to be gentle about it. I’m going to fuck you hard and pound into your cunt until your tits bounce.”

A shiver ran down my spine. There was no way I could walk out that door now, not when I was imagining all the ways Gray could fuck me in his office. My pussy was begging for it.

“I’m not leaving,” I replied.

Gray took exactly two seconds to move. He stood, crushing his mouth against mine and taking ownership over my body. His hands roamed down my back until they reached the hem of my dress. He let my mouth go long enough to tug the flimsy material over my head.

He assessed my underwear-clad body, his gaze growing hungrier the more he saw of it. My black thong matched my lacy bralette—it did little to support my generous breasts, but it looked fabulous.

“You’re like a present I’ve waited years to unwrap,” he muttered, more to himself than to me. “I’m going to fuck you until you can’t take the pleasure anymore.”

“Do it, then,” I replied, challenging him. I knew he’d accept. I knew his words weren’t just empty promises. Gray meant what he said. He’d never let me down before. Not in the cafeteria that day at school, and not a day since.

He slid his fingers under my thong again, snapping the fabric against my skin. Then he tore them from me, throwing them to the floor. His hands moved to my tits next, squeezing them through the lacy fabric as he got acquainted with them.

“Hmm. These are nice,” he growled. “I’m going to have a lot of fun with these.”

He leaned down and took one of my nipples into his mouth, sucking and licking at it through the gauzy material. I leaned into him, wanting him to have it all, telling him there was nothing off-limits tonight.

Except… I was still worried about being caught. “Can we lock the door before we go any further?”

Gray straightened up with his hands still on my tits. “Baby girl, nobody comes in here without my permission. We’re all alone.”


“But nothing. I’m going to have my fun with you, and nobody is going to come in through that door unless I tell them they can. You’re not even going to come until I tell you to.”

He ended the conversation by taking off my bra. It landed on the floor, leaving me completely naked. I reached for his shirt, trying to even the score. I wanted to see his chiseled abs if he could see my nude body.

I tugged at his shirt and he helped me remove it, all his muscles rippling. I traced their outlines, running my fingers over his chest and feeling every one of its grooves. It was hard as rock under my touch. I bet he tasted as yummy as he looked.

Next, I went for his jeans. Gray didn’t stop me, just watched as I undid the button and then pulled open the zipper. His hard bulge sprung free, relieved to have some freedom from the confines of his pants.

I desperately wanted to feel his cock, see its length, and have it in me. To do that, I needed to slide his jeans down his legs and then deal with his boxers. The jeans were easy as he stepped out of them. His boxers teased me, willing me to take them off and see the prize they contained.

I placed my fingers at his waistband, tugging it down. I was careful not to get his boxers hooked on his erection as I took them over the bulge and down his muscled legs.

His cock was much bigger than I had expected. I’d never seen it while growing up. We’d had separate bathrooms and never strayed into each other’s territory. If I’d  known how well hung he was, I might have tried to do this years ago.

“I want to be inside your tight little cunt, Maddy,” Gray growled. “I’m going to fill you, and you’re going to moan with pleasure.”

He pulled me against his chest with his hard length between us. He covered my mouth with his as I opened my lips to let his tongue inside. He left me breathless and speechless.

I pressed my breasts against him as they heaved with desire. I wanted Gray more than I’d ever wanted anything else. He consumed my every thought, dominated every one of my emotions.

My pussy was soaked just from that kiss alone. I ached to have him inside me, to know how it felt to be so intimate with him. I wanted to run my hands over every inch of him before the night was over.

Gray pushed me backwards and closer to his desk without breaking contact. He cupped my ass and lifted me onto the hard surface. It felt cold under my bare ass, but the heat of his body quickly warmed me all over.

He spread my legs, gently moving them apart so he could see just how wet I was for him. I loved the way he looked at me. For once, there was absolutely no reason to be self-conscious in front of someone. He appreciated every one of my curves.

“You’re sexy as hell,” he murmured against my skin, the vibration sending shivers through me. “I am going to have so much fun fucking you.”

“Fuck me, then,” I moaned. I was lucky to be able to still string words together to form a sentence. All I could think about was the throbbing between my legs and the need that had to be quenched.

He ran his hands over my body, feeling the weight of my breasts, the smooth lines of my back, the heat lingering under the surface. I did my own exploring, touching his hard muscles and knowing their strength until I had them memorized. I wanted to remember every part of him, and this night.

Everywhere he touched ignited a fire I needed him to extinguish. By the time he reached the apex of my thighs, I was about ready to finish the job myself if he didn’t hurry. The thought of masturbating in front of Gray filled me with a new kind of excitement.

He applied pressure to my clit with the palm of his hand before rubbing a slow circle around the area. I relaxed at the exquisite pleasure his ministrations gave me.

Gray flashed me a lopsided smirk, a chuckle forming deep in his throat. He kissed me once more before he knelt down in front of me. His mouth was on my pussy before I understood what he was planning.

He lapped at my clit, stroking it with wicked movements. He alternated between fast and slow, mixing it up while I used my hands to prop myself up on the desk and not collapse out of sheer bliss.

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He sucked on my clit, taking it into his mouth and nibbling gently. He slipped one finger inside my pussy, easily pumping it in and out through my juices. Then he added another finger, stretching me with ease.

I couldn’t hold on as his fingers and tongue worked my sensitive skin. My orgasm exploded in my belly and pooled out to cover all of me. I closed my eyes and tipped my head back as Gray continued to work me with expert skill.

The pleasure covered me like a warm blanket, setting me alight. I couldn’t think about anything except the ecstasy that shone like the sun burning from within me. It enveloped me, taking me over like I was a slave to my primal desires.

“You like that, don’t you, baby girl?” Gray asked as he pulled the aftershocks from my body. I opened my eyes to look at him, seeing a look of hunger and want behind his eyes.

He wanted me.

He was ready to take me.

“Fuck me, Gray,” I replied. His fingers wouldn’t be able to hold a candle to his cock. I needed him inside me, and I needed it now. I had never been more certain about anything in my life.

He stood to his full height and gazed down at me. His eyes traveled all over my naked body, drinking me in as he grinned. I could only imagine the thoughts running through his head, but my guess was that they were all decidedly triple X-rated.

Gray gathered me in his arms, drawing me to the edge of the desk until my legs could wrap around his sexy body. He lifted me slightly, positioning me the way he wanted me.

His cock pressed onto my pussy, pushing its way into my canal and joining us. The sensation of being filled registered only a moment before he buried himself deep inside. We were connected in a way we’d never been before, and it finally felt like I was whole.

“You feel so fucking good, Mads,” he sighed before he started thrusting. His cock rocked back and forth in me, continually hitting all my sweet spots until I was bordering on the edge again.

Gray leaned me back until I lay on the top of his desk, my back where his keyboard would ordinarily be. He gripped onto my hip with one hand to keep me steady. With the other hand, he toyed with my clit, flicking it with his thumb like it was a game. If it was, I was definitely the winning player.

Our bodies slapped together to the rhythm of the music in the bar. I quickly forgot about anyone busting in on us. Gray was right—nobody would dare enter his private office without knocking first. Everyone was too scared of him.

But I wasn’t. The man between my legs took care of me. He was gentle when he needed to be and so, so rough when I needed him most.

He thrust into me hard, pounding my pussy with everything he had. I squeezed him between my legs tightly, gripping around his waist so he wouldn’t leave me until we were both completely satisfied.

The heat pooled in my belly again as our bodies continually crashed together. Gray was fondling my clit with reckless abandon, teasing and tugging at the nub until I was about ready to burst from need.

“Come for me, sexy girl,” Gray ordered between gritted teeth. His cock was filling me to my limits, sending every part of me into oblivion. He pinched my clit one last time.

I couldn’t wait for a moment longer. With his words still lingering in the air, I dove headfirst off the cliff and let the orgasm tear through my body.

Gray came soon after, his cock twitching out his pleasure as he sprayed his seed deep within me. He leaned over me, clutching my body against his as our skin connected and promised never to part.

The ripples of ecstasy crashed over me again and again as the fire exploded and then settled into a sizzling heat. I lost track of where my body ended and Gray’s began. At the moment, it didn’t matter. We were connected, and we were one.

It felt like I was floating. The man holding me had sated every part of me. He had pushed me to my limits and pulled me back before I lost myself.

His office was now my favorite part of the bar. I’d always liked it before because it smelled like Gray and held his presence. Now I loved it because of the amazing orgasms he had given me on his desk. I’d never be able to look at the piece of furniture the same way again.

Someone knocked on the door and I froze while my orgasm was still producing aftershocks. Gray placed a finger to my lips to stop me speaking as he put his head up.

“What do you want?” he barked.

The muffled voice had to yell to be heard through the door. “We’re running low on change in the registers. I need a bag from the safe.”

“Fuck,” Gray whispered. “Hang on a minute,” he said to the door.

He quickly pulled out of me, standing in one fluid motion. He pulled me up to a sitting position but placed a hand on my chest when I tried to slide off the desk.

“Stay,” he ordered me.

There was no point arguing. It would only give away my presence to the person at the door. Instead, I watched Gray as he hastily threw on his clothes. His bare ass running around the room was quite possibly one of the hottest sights I’d ever seen. I wanted to squeeze that ass so badly my fingers twitched.

“Under the desk,” he whispered my way, pointing to the floor.

“You seriously expect me to hide under the desk?”

“Yes, Maddy, I do. Now movem or I’ll have to spank that sexy little ass of yours again.”

As much fun as that sounded, I also knew he wasn’t playing around. If anyone in the MC found us together like this, he would lose credibility with his club brothers. I didn’t want to put him in that situation.

I slid off the desk and went around to the back, curling underneath the tabletop until I thought I couldn’t be seen. It wasn’t exactly the ending I’d hoped for, but it was kind of hot being caught in the middle of the dirty deed.

I listened as Gray opened the door and someone walked in. They talked amongst themselves as they went to the safe in the wall and pulled out a bag of coins—the rattle gave it away.

Gray was curt with the guy as he sent him on his way. He was like that a lot, anyway. I doubted anyone would suspect something different was going on just from that one interaction. Hopefully the scent of our sex wasn’t lingering in the air.

The door closed and Gray sighed. “You can come out now.”

I crawled out and stood, feeling every inch of the nakedness of my body while Gray stood fully clothed. “Um, can I please have my clothes?”

His gaze dripped over me. I fought the urge to cover myself with my hands. He could look all he wanted. He’d already claimed me tonight. There was no point in being shy now.

“No. No clothes.”

“Yes, Gray. I’m serious. I need to get dressed.”

He bent down and gathered up my clothes, holding them hostage in his grip. “I don’t want to see that gorgeous body clothed again.”

I crossed the room and snatched my clothes from him. “Be good and you’ll see it naked as much as you want.”

He grabbed me, pulling me against him. He cupped my ass cheeks and kneaded them softly. “I’m going to be bad, baby girl. So bad you’ll beg me to keep fucking you.”

Then he crushed my lips with his, making me completely forget about whatever we were talking about. My body instantly responded to him, melting against him like I was where I was supposed to be.

When he let me go, my knees felt weak. He kissed my forehead. “Now you can get dressed. Then we’re going to get a drink.”

“And after that?”

“You’re coming home with me. I’m not done fucking you tonight.” He smirked, and it was enough to get me drenched again.

I was definitely going to have more fun with Gray than I ever had before. I got the feeling it was only the beginning of our new relationship.

And I couldn’t wait to see how he fucked me next.