Taken by my Twin Stepbrothers – Menage Erotica

By: Eve Singer

Part 1 of Twin Bonds

Erotica Story Genres:

I stomped my boots hard through the mud as I tried to keep up. Angel and Damian were several yards ahead of me, and slowly increasing the distance. I could hear the two of them making each other laugh and gritted my teeth.

“Guys,” I said, my voice strained, “can you slow down a little?”

“Sorry,” Damian replied, slowing his pace. “I thought you were right behind us.”

“Me too,” added Angel.

“I was,” I replied as I closed the gap between us. “Then the two of you kept rushing away from me.”

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“Sorry,” Damian repeated. “Look on the bright side: we’ll be at the lake in a few minutes, and then you can swim circles around us.”

“That’ll be nice,” I said, wiping a layer of sweat from my forehead. “Whose idea was it for us to head north, anyway?”

“Yours,” Angel replied.

“I just said we should take a trip out to the lake. Why are we staying at the cabin? There’s a million other places we could have gone to.”

“It’s called nostalgia,” Damian replied. “I thought you’d enjoy coming to the old place. Don’t you remember how much fun we had out here as kids?”

“I remember Angel picking up a snake and throwing it at me,” I muttered.

“I remember you spreading dried out rose hips in my underwear drawer,” Angel shot back. “How the hell did you figure out how to make itching powder on your own?”

“Library trip. There was a book on pranks.”

“See?” Damian said. “Some parts of our trips out here were fun for everybody.”

“Prank wars were only fun when I was winning,” I argued.

“Which you claimed was all the time,” Angel reminded me.

“That’s because I’m better at pranking than either of you,” I said, finally catching up.

Angel stuck up his nose. “No, you were better at convincing Mom that we were bullies and that you were an innocent little angel than we were at explaining the truth.”

I laughed. “And that is the greatest prank of all!”

“No, hold on, we got you in trouble once,” Damian said. “Remember? We stole one of your hair binders and tied it to the handle of the kitchen sink sprayer? Mom came in, turned it on, got soaked, and blamed you.”

I stuck my tongue out. “Can’t win them all. I still won the most.”

“Then why are you being such a downer about coming back to the woods?”

“Because I only started the prank wars out of boredom. I mean, Jesus, guys, there’s nothing to do out here except hike down to the ol’ fishin’ hole.”

“It’s a lake,” Damian said.

“And that’s all it is,” I replied. “There was no internet, none of my friends lived around here—just a month out of every summer in forced proximity with my brothers. After the first few times, the appeal wore a little thin.”

“Did you hear that?” Damian asked Angel. “She called us her brothers.”

“I don’t believe it,” Angel replied in a mock falsetto. “Prove it to me, and I still won’t believe it. You mean she acknowledges us?”

“Indeed. The interloper of our family unit has ordained that us mere pure-bloods are worthy of being related to her.”

“Interloper? I was an honored guest of a family member,” I replied. I had spent a large portion of my life making sure anyone who would listen knew that the twins were my stepbrothers only, and that I wasn’t really related to them. In retrospect, I might have been kind of mean about it.

“You were picked up like a stray,” Angel said.

I smirked. “I think you mean I was hand-picked, selected due to my obvious superiority. You two were just an unfortunate accident.”

It was an argument we’d had on a recurring basis for about a decade. The truth was I had been a teenage runaway who was on the verge of turning tricks in order to survive when a kind family took a chance and welcomed me into their home.

Angel snorted. “I don’t think you can claim to be hand-picked if they had to wear rubber gloves.” Damian elbowed him slightly, frowning at the low blow. “Sorry,” he muttered.

I made a face but didn’t retort.

We walked in silence toward our destination. Honestly, I had always been a little sensitive about being adopted, especially later in life. Angel and Damian might have been obnoxious, maybe even crude, but they had accepted me without question.

They’d complained about having to having to share a room so that I could have a space of my own, they’d teased me about my interest in boys, but it was heaven compared to the house I’d run from. They never raised a finger against me, and they never had a fight with me that I didn’t start.

It had actually made dating difficult, and not just because any date I brought home had to deal with two brothers instead of just one—although that did scare off a few. It was the fact that I had to compare anyone I was interested in to them. It wasn’t fair to my dates. I couldn’t expect an individual person to have all of my stepbrothers’ combined best traits.

Angel was funny, with a razor-sharp wit and intellect. Damian was kind, forgiving, and always willing to just listen. Both were honest and open about how they really felt, but took the time to figure out how to phrase their feelings to avoid hurting others. Try finding a guy who can do all that in middle school. Or high school. Or college. Or at work. Or in a bar.

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I only dated occasionally, and it was frustrating waiting for someone to come along who could satisfy all of my needs. I had plenty of prospects, but they all seemed to be deficient in some way or another. I was young and intelligent with a lot to offer, and I didn’t want to settle just to be with someone. That left me longing for someone who could tend to me in every sense of the word.

We arrived at the lake around two, the sun still high and hot. The lake was, as always, completely isolated. It smelled crisp and clean. There was nobody but the three of us for miles around. As much as I had complained, I had to admit I was looking forward to just relaxing by the water. Not for a solid month, mind you, but for a weekend, the place was ideal.

Angel set our cooler down while Damian began spreading out several towels along the ground. I pulled off my bag and set it on a picnic table near the fire pit. Then I took out my bottle of sunblock and pulled off my shirt, revealing the top of my bathing suit underneath. I shimmied out of my shorts, exposing the bottom portion of the suit.

I squirted some of my sunblock into my palm. I began applying a fresh coat of the stuff, working downwards, mentally checking off areas as I went down. When I was done, I turned around to ask one of the boys to get my back when I realized that they had both been carefully watching me.

I blushed as I took in their expressions. They seemed almost hungry as their eyes roamed over my body. I was embarrassed to admit that I was doing the same to them. The twins had always been fit, but now they were truly impressive specimens.

The two of them had gone into construction work almost immediately after high school, taking business classes on the side so that one day they could own their own company. In the meantime, the hard labor had sculpted their bodies into excellent definition.

At some point over the last few years, we’d all grown up and I hadn’t noticed. They were certainly noticing me now, though. In the past, I had occasionally thought I’d caught one of them checking me out, but whenever I turned to look, they turned away. Now they weren’t trying to hide it and were instead giving me their full attention.

“Could you guys help me?” I asked, my voice coming out smaller and higher-pitched than I intended. After a split second of staring blankly, they both sprang into action. I walked over to the towels Damian had laid out and handed the bottle of sunblock to him.

I laid face-down on the towel, feeling the sand sink under my body and mold to fit my shape. Damian and Angel sank to their knees on either side of me, and I could tell that Damian was squirting some sunblock into his brother’s hands.

I felt their strong hands begin gliding down my body, their palms digging into the knots in my back. I sighed and relaxed under their attention. They were doing much more than applying lotion; they were giving me a full-fledged massage. Damian was up high, working on my shoulders and neck. Angel was focusing on my lower back and steadily creeping lower.

He had just reached the top of my bikini bottom when he stood and moved down by my feet. He added more sunblock to his hands before he started in on my soles. He dug his thumbs into my arches, rubbing hard before moving up to my ankles. He kneaded those more carefully, supporting my leg with one hand while working with the other. Soon he moved to my calves, then my hamstrings.

Damian was inching lower down my spine, loosening the stress that I carried across my shoulder blades. I had been moaning softly the entire time, encouraging them to keep going, to keep touching me with their perfect balance of tenderness and force. I was also feeling a warm stirring deep inside of me. I tried to push it down, but it was only growing.

It wasn’t the first time that I had thought about them that way. A young girl spending all of her time with two handsome boys that she’d only known for a brief amount of time? The feelings were natural, and yet wrong all at once. There were times when I’d fantasized about going into their room and exploring the new feelings that were thrilling my young body. I’d never worked up the courage, though…

It now appeared that Angel and Damian had suffered from the same distraction. They were running their hands all over my mostly naked body, no longer ignoring the parts that might seem too intimate to any onlookers. Even as most of my body relaxed, parts of me began to tighten. I wanted to know, needed to feel how far they’d take this.

Damian reached the back strap of my bikini around the same time that Angel was massaging the backs of my thighs right under my bottom. I knew the question that was burning in their minds, and I desperately wanted them to ask. I couldn’t bear to make the first move, but I’d happily go along with whatever they had in mind.

I was surprised Damian spoke up first. “You know, you’re going to get tan lines if you keep this on.”

“I better not keep it on, then,” I replied. My cheeks were burning again, the heat in my face matching the heat that was growing inside of me as the two men began pulling apart the knots that kept my bathing suit in place. I almost expected them to just undo the strings and leave it at that. Instead, they pulled the tiny bits of fabric completely away.

I stayed still, my face buried into the towel as the most handsome men I’d ever known continued to work their hands against my naked, sun-kissed flesh. Damian’s fingers started in the middle of my back and spread outward toward my sides. Angel showed no hesitation in rubbing the sunscreen directly onto the globes of my ass.

I moaned as Angel pushed his weight against me, driving his palms hard against my rear. I carried a lot of tension there as well, and I could feel it ebbing away. I spread my legs as he worked on me, exposing myself to him, inviting him to glide his hands lower.

Damian was still trailing his hands down the sides of my body, inching closer to my breasts. He coated the sides of his hands with the protective cream while Angel grabbed a fresh dollop of sunscreen and began slathering it along my inner thighs, just barely grazing my glistening wet honeypot.

I was beginning to think the slow buildup of passion inside of me was going to drive me out of my mind. I could feel the scorching heat of my need filling my body, spreading outward from my core like a rising sun. Just the back and forth motion of the skin surrounding my pouting pussy was acting as low-intensity foreplay and amping up my libido. I grabbed hold of the towel as I let out a low moan.

“You know,” Angel said, “we should really get both sides of you. You want to flip over?”

I bit my lip as I nodded. I pushed myself up, turned, and laid back down. I briefly considered covering up, but I wanted this too much.

Instead, I spread myself like a flower before them. I could see now that the two of them had already stripped down to just their swim trunks. I could also see from the bulges they were sporting that they were enjoying this as much as I was.

Angel immediately spread the sunscreen onto my breasts. I gasped as my nipples hardened against his palms. Damian was running his hands all over my pelvic area, his fingers lightly scratching through my sparse pubic hair. I knew he could see how moist I was, and when he breathed in through his nose, I knew he was taking in my fragrance.

He must have enjoyed it, because his coy manipulations turned more deliberate. As his strong fingers came closer and closer to touching my desperate pussy, I lifted my feet up and ran my toes up and down his strong, heavily-muscled torso. I dropped my feet, but as I passed by his waist, I grabbed at the band of his trunks with my toes. I was able to hook the fabric a little and started pulling them down.

I lifted my head and gave him a sensual smile as I slid his trunks down several inches before he could stop me. I probably could have gotten him more exposed, but his erection kept me from pulling them down all the way. I reached up with my hands and grabbed the back of Damian’s trunks and tried the same with him, with a similar failure.

“Trying to pants us?” Angel asked, as he slipped his shorts back up. “Well, we’ll just have to make sure you can’t do that, won’t we?” He stood up and began walking back to our gear.

“Oh, come on. This is officially a nude lake now,” I protested. I closed my legs and rubbed my thighs together, trying to stimulate myself with the little ability I could. “I’m just helping you guys out.”

“Well, we still need to be careful around you. You’re too wily,” Angel replied from somewhere out of sight. I tried to get up so I could see what he was up to, but Damian gently placed his hands on my shoulders and kept me pressed down. I tried pouting at him, but he just smiled.

Angel returned a few moments later with what looked like everything he needed to set up a tent, except for the tent itself. “You brought camping equipment?” I asked.

“Thought it might be fun to stay the night,” he said as he settled down near my feet. He took two stakes and pounded them lightly into the soft earth, several feet to either side of me. It didn’t take much, and they’d be uprooted easily, but he didn’t need them to be super strong. He grabbed some soft, nylon rope and attached each spike to one of my ankles.

“Is that too tight?” he asked once he had finished his knots. I gave the ropes a gentle tug, afraid of accidentally pulling them free of the ground.

“They’re fine,” I told him. He repeated the same process above my head, spreading my hands. I was now tied up like a starfish between two hunky men. I hadn’t realized until this moment how desperately I’d wanted this.

Damian was looking down at me, his eyes blazing with years of repressed hunger. He couldn’t see my eyes through my shades, but he could read my expression well enough. He leaned down and brushed his lips against mine as soft as a feather. He kissed me again, slightly firmer this time, and I kissed him back.

He slid his tongue against my bottom lip and I opened my mouth welcome him. It was an incredible experience. I’d never kissed somebody who was so gentle, but so eager. It was like a tsunami of passion was building up in his body, and the only thing that was holding him back was his delicate nature.

Damian didn’t try to explore my mouth right away. He kept teasing me, gently running his tongue across my lips, the flavor of his breath mint giving off a slight tingle. Angel laid down south of my body and began crawling up toward me. He slid my slick legs over top of his shoulders and continued moving north, kissing my inner thighs as he traveled.

He wrapped his strong arms around my waist, pulling me against him, and Damian cupped my cheek as he kissed me tenderly. I pulled fruitlessly at my bonds as my desire reached a fever pitch. My years of repressed lust and hidden desires were boiling to the surface. There was no turning back now.

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They acted in unison the way only twins could. Angel gripped my inner thighs tightly, spreading me open. Then he leaned in and gave me a long, slow lick. At the same moment, Damian kissed me harder, penetrating my mouth with his tongue. The combined sensations were so intense that my moan bordered on a scream.

Damian ran his fingers through my hair with one hand while his other slid down to massage my breast. Angel was continuing to drive me mad with slow, luxurious licks. My body was a lightning storm of sensation, my heart pounding like a bass drum as I tried to focus on the incredible pleasure they were both giving me.

It was such delicious torment that they had tied me up before deciding to take me. I wanted to embrace Damian and Angel as they explored my body. Instead, I could only claw at the ground and tug at the ropes that held me in place.

I was ready for anything, willing to do anything they wanted. Their hands gliding across my skin left sparks of electric passion in their wake, and I never wanted it to end. I needed them to keep going, and I was willing to do whatever it took to make sure they never stopped.

I could feel an orgasm starting to form deep inside of me. Angel had been slowly licking me, but now he had captured my clit between his lips and was thrashing it with his tongue. I bucked against his face as I moaned into Damian’s mouth. Damian broke away from our kiss and bit where my neck met my shoulder. The pleasure made me scream.

I was panting. Every muscle in my body was tense with need and desire. Every nerve ending in was being bombarded with sensation. I was on the verge of a mind-shattering climax, and we were still only on the foreplay.

It wouldn’t stay that way for long. In perfect sync, Angel and Damian pulled away from me and got to their knees. I watched, intrigued as they pulled down their bathing suits to expose their hard cocks. It was a moment that I had been waiting years for, and it was worth every second.

They were so desperate for me that they couldn’t even take the time to pull their suits off completely. Instead, they left the material bunched around their knees as they descended on me. I opened my mouth and eagerly accepted Damian’s stiff rod. He rewarded me with a loud moan as I sucked him off.

Angel ran the head of his cock around the outside of my pussy lips, gently teasing me into a frenzy. I moved my hips, trying to capture him inside of me, but with the ropes holding me in place there wasn’t much I could do. Once Angel had lubricated the end of himself with my slick juices, he slowly drove it into me.

It was exhilarating, feeling him spread me open. The moment of insertion as I stretched to accommodate him made me buck and clench. He leaned down and began to lick and suck my nipples as he sawed in and out of me. Then he picked up the pace, moving my entire body back and forth as he slammed against me, driving Damian’s cock further into my mouth.

It was so intense to be at the mercy of two men. Knowing that they could do anything they wanted to me, and hoping that they would, was a thrill that I had dreamed about for most of my life. Actually experiencing it was just as incredible as I’d always hoped, especially since it was happening with people I could trust.

I tried to hold off on my climax, to stretch it out so I could enjoy it more, but I couldn’t control it for long. It spread through me like a wave of pure, prismatic light, flooding my body from my toes to the roots of my hair. My spine twisted and my toes curled.

My eyes rolled to the back of my head as I shook from the force of the bliss rocking through me. Every fiber of my being was convulsing in euphoria as Angel pounded into my chasm. Just when I thought it couldn’t possibly feel better, I felt him swell inside of me, felt the warmth of his essence spread into me as he shuddered and bucked.

Angel collapsed on top of me, his softening penis still inside. Damian stood up and untied me from the spikes. I wanted to apologize for leaving him blue-balled, but I could barely speak. He laid down next to the two of us, completely naked, and stroked my hair as I caressed Angel’s back.

I would have thought that having an orgasm like that would have left too wiped out to continue, and I certainly felt that way at first. But having Angel’s limp rod gently rubbing me from the inside helped me get over my exhaustion. Even as the afterglow made me feel warm and content, I wanted to keep going.

Angel rolled off of me, collapsing onto the sand beside me like a meteor. I had to laugh at how exhausted he looked. Damian crawled on top of me, kissing my neck as he slipped his arms under my shoulders. I wrapped my arms around his strong torso and moaned as his lips traveled up, gently kissing along the way.

I kissed him back when he got to my lips. I could feel his still hard cock grazing my inner thigh as we made out. I ran my leg up around his waist and pulled him against me. He wasn’t at the right angle to penetrate me; instead, the length of his shaft slid flush with my stomach and mound. I moaned as I felt him make contact.

Damian kissed my ear and asked, “How are you doing?”

“I’m doing fantastic,” I replied. “How about you?”

“Just trying to figure out if you’re okay to go for another round.”

I pulled him down for another kiss. “I’ll give you anything you want.”

He smiled at me. “So you won’t mind if I tie you up again?”

“Not at all,” I said with a grin. I felt his erection swell.

“Good, but not here,” he said, pushing away from me. He bent down and collected the ropes, then walked over to the tree line. I watched as he tossed the ropes up and over the branches, then secured them down below. I got up and sashayed over, hoping to recapture his attention.

“What exactly do you have planned?” I said as I arrived. Damian tightened one last knot, then turned to me, grinning mischievously.

“Sit here, like it’s a swing,” he said, indicating one of the looping ropes. I shrugged and did as he asked. He quickly went to work tying my limbs to the various ropes hanging down. In moments I was suspended in a position that was halfway in between lying down and sitting. I swung a little as he walked around me, stroking my body.

“Those Boy Scout lessons really paid off, huh?” I asked him.

“They didn’t exactly teach this,” Damian replied, smiling. He kissed me again, his hand trailing down my body until it reached my drenched core. He stroked me firmly as we kissed, making me moan as he explored my mouth. Then he walked around and stepped in between my spread legs, bending down to kiss me once more.

He had gone limp when all of his concentration was on setting up the improvised sex swing. I could feel him getting hard now against me as he caressed every inch of my curves. I didn’t know where a gentle soul like him had learned to do something like this, but I was glad he had. I was so involved with Damian that I didn’t notice his brother coming up behind me.

I jumped when Angel began caressing my ass, but once I realized it was him, I settled back down. He had brought a bottle of mineral oil. I was glad he hadn’t brought more sunscreen; it would have burned if we’d tried to use it intimately.

As Damian expertly kissed me and fondled my breasts, Angel spread the mineral oil across my ass, and then between my cheeks. He slowly worked a well-lubricated finger into my back door, loosening me up carefully and slowly. Usually I was reluctant to do that with a partner, but I knew Angel would be gentle with me.

It wasn’t long before my twin stepbrothers were both rock hard and my ass and pussy were slick and ready. Damian entered me first, holding me close to him. Angel went second, slowly easing himself into my behind. We stayed still like that for a long moment. I had to get used to the sensation of two men filling me.

Once I was ready, they began to move me back and force in between them, sawing their cocks in and out of my body with perfectly matched rhythm, pumping into me like two pistons of an engine. It was incredible being used and cared for all at once. I was overwhelmed by the delightful pleasure when they alternated their rhythm. Instead of taking turns inside of me, they both went in at once.

Despite the shade of the tree and a cool breeze flowing across us, I was dripping with sweat. My mind was adrift on a sea of erotic pleasure as the two of them took me faster and faster, their meaty thighs slapping against me in unison.

It wasn’t long until I was overtaken by my second climax of the day. The combined stimulation was too much for me to resist. It wasn’t as strong as the first one, but it was powerful enough to make me jerk and twitch between them. If it hadn’t been for the swing, they probably would have dropped me.

Angel didn’t last long. I didn’t know it at the time, but he’d always been an ass man, and mine was exquisite. He released himself inside of me, groaning in my ear as he did so. He stumbled backwards, collapsing on his ass, a stupid grin on his face.

Damian, on the other hand, still had plenty of stamina left. Once Angel had backed off, he grabbed me by the hips and started thrusting into me harder than ever. I was already incoherent from sexual exertion, and yet somehow Damian’s commanding strokes pulled me back from the brink of passing out.

As he quickened his pace, I felt another orgasm swelling inside of me. I’d heard of multiple orgasms, but I’d never had a partner who able to coax them out of me. Now I realized that it had never worked because I needed two men to do that job. Damian’s handsome face twisted with sweet agony as he tried to last as long as possible.

I didn’t try to stave off my orgasm this time. Instead, I announced it as loudly as possible, freeing Damian from having to hold back. He climaxed with me, pressing against my inner walls from every angle as he jetted his hot, wet load into my channel. I held him close as our mutual bliss peaked, and then ebbed.

Damian looked like he was about to faint, but before he did, he managed to tug the knots on my limbs loose. Once I was free, we collapsed together on the soft ground next to Angel. He rolled over and threw his arm on top of me, just under Damian’s.

The two of them snuggled up to me, forming a dogpile of naked, sweaty limbs. As we began to doze in the shade, I relaxed in a way I never had before. Something inside of me that I had kept knotted up for years had now been untangled. In the morning, I’d have to see if I could make arrangements so that the three of us could have a full month up here.