Trapped With my Stepbrothers – Menage Erotica

By: Kenzie Haven

Part 1 of My Billionaire Cowboy Stepbrothers

Erotica Story Genres:

The wind was blowing up a storm, which wasn’t unusual for Kansas, so it didn’t worry me too much when I visited the ranch.

I was going home, visiting the place that had made me and my family extremely wealthy. Billionaire wealthy. My grandparents had built the ranch from nothing and my stepbrothers were still working the land to make sure it continued to thrive.

They were out in the fields today, repairing some fences at the back of the property. Or so Judy, the housekeeper, said. She’d packed them a lunch and sent them off at the crack of dawn. She hadn’t seen them since, despite the horrible weather brewing.

We all had so much money we could easily afford more ranch hands, but my stepbrothers insisted on doing much of the work themselves. They said they enjoyed it, and no amount of money would change that.

I jumped in the nearest truck and made my way around the ranch to them. I loved the open fields, the way you could look in all directions and see nothing but land and the cattle we bred. It reminded me of my childhood and all the hours spent out here.

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The truck was solid, but it was still being blown around by the wind. If I didn’t know better, I would’ve thought we were in for some wild weather. Tornados could spring up out of nowhere in these parts, and it only took a bit of wind to get them started. I made a mental note to be quick with my brothers and get back to the house where there was shelter if something happened.

The dots at the edge of the field started coming into focus as I approached. They merged into the familiar shapes of my two stepbrothers, Andy and Blair.

Our parents had married when we were all teenagers, the boys were a few years older than me when they came to the ranch. From that first moment, they loved the farm life. They helped my father with the cattle and learned everything possible from him.

The way things happened, it was like it was meant to be. We got along really well and my stepmother loved her new role looking after the big house and feeding all the hungry ranch hands. My father instantly loved his stepsons, and things just settled into a natural rhythm.

I loved my new stepbrothers, too. They were both tall, blond, and ten years of ranching had shaped their bodies into muscled perfection. They were both strong and powerful, more man than any of the guys in the city.

I suspected my stepbrothers were the reason I’d never been able to find a man I could see myself with in the long-term. All the guys I met were more worried about their hair than anything else. I’d lost count of how many boring first dates I’d sat through, comparing the guy to my stepbrothers. They always came up embarrassingly short in all kinds of ways.

Andy and Blair were the ideal men, and they always made me feel like a real woman. I’d had so many secret fantasies about them that it was hard not to blush when I looked at them. If only our parents hadn’t married, maybe things would be different now.

They stood and waved when they heard the rumble of the truck approach, almost mirror images of each other. There were two years separating them, but they could easily have passed as twins. Although Andy enjoyed reminding Blair that he was the older one as often as possible.

I put the truck in park and bounded out to get to them. They gave me a dual hug, making me the meat in their stepbrother sandwich.

“Sis, I didn’t think you were coming until tomorrow,” Blair said, planting a kiss on my cheek. He smelled good, like sweat and musk.

“I got an earlier flight,” I replied, completely unable to remove the smile from my face. “I couldn’t stay away for a moment longer.”

Andy gave me a kiss on the cheek too. “Good thing you did. This wind is kicking up into a motherfucking storm. Your flight might have been cancelled if you’d waited.”

The wind was almost knocking me over as it whipped around. The trees bent sideways with the force. It was growing worse by the minute.

“It looks like it’s only going to get worse. Maybe we should all get back to the house and have some cocoa?”

Blair slapped me on the ass. “In a minute, sweetheart. We’re almost finished with the last post, and then we can catch up properly.”

Andy flashed me a gorgeous grin. “Stick around and give us an update about the city. Tell us everything and we’ll work twice as fast.”

I settled on an old tree stump and gave them a full update. There wasn’t much to tell, really. I was in my final year at college and studying business. My life consisted of studying, studying, and more studying.

“So, there’s no man in your life?” Blair asked. “Nobody I have to beat up to make sure they look after my little sister properly?”

“You know you’re the only guys in my life,” I replied, remembering my theory on why that was the case. I would never tell them that, or anyone for that matter. It was my own little secret.

“Good thing. We don’t want anybody hurting you, baby girl. You can’t trust those city folk. They have wild ideas about stuff,” Andy said.

My stepbrothers were definitely cowboys, through and through. To look at them and hear them speak, you’d never guess they had investment portfolios worth more than some countries’ GDP. That was one of the many things I loved about them.

I had to try not to drool while watching them work. Sweat stuck their shirts to their chests, showing me all kinds of hard muscles hidden underneath. And their jeans? They didn’t get any tighter as they clung to their rounded and oh-so-squeezable asses. It was eye candy as its best. I snuck in longing looks whenever I could.

Eventually, we had to stop talking. It was impossible to hear over the howling wind. My hair was blowing all over my face, and the cold breeze was working its way through all my clothes to make me shiver.

And then I saw it.

I leapt to my feet. “Tornado! We have to run!”

The boys’ heads snapped up to see the funnel I was pointing at. It was a massive one, far bigger than any I’d seen as a kid growing up out here. We needed to seek shelter or it would tear us apart in no time.

I’d always joked about being swept away in a tornado and transported to Oz like Dorothy, and this one was about big enough to do it.

“Get to the truck. I’ll drive!” I screamed.

“We’ll never make it,” Andy called back, shaking his head. “There’s a shelter under the old house in the next field over. We’ll have to run.”

There was no time to debate the merits of either plan. Andy gripped my hand and we started running. Trying to outpace a tornado was a crazy idea, but it was all we had.

The house quickly came into view as we headed for it. It was little more than a shack, once the home of the original owners of the land over a hundred years ago. Grandfather told me it was haunted, so I’d always avoided it before.

But the house didn’t matter. It was what lay underneath it that counted.

Blair raced ahead of us as we approached. He located the storm shelter and tugged on the old doors. He had to put his back into his efforts to get them to budge. Finally, they swung open and we raced through and down the stairs.

It was pitch black down in the shelter. The place smelled like dirt, but the wind didn’t make it down there. The walls were made out of concrete, strong and stable.

A light flickered on to show that Andy had found a gas lantern. After all these years, I hoped it was stable enough to not blow up in the confined space. He hung it from a nail on the wall so we could see.

“We should get comfortable. This storm could last a while,” he warned. He sat on one side of me to make his point. Blair followed suit and sat on my other side. I felt safe between them.

The tornado started to pull at the shelter doors, rocking them and testing their hinges. I tried not to be scared. After all, it wasn’t a rare event on the ranch. I’d been through hundreds of storms before. But I couldn’t get the size of the tornado out of my head. It had just been so big.

Blair snaked his arm around me, pulling me against his chest. “It’ll be okay, sis. We’re going to take care of you.”

Something about his words made me forget all about the tornado. Just the idea of my stepbrothers taking care of me was enough to get my pulse racing faster. It had nothing to do with the storm, and everything to do with the two men.

“Maybe we should play a game that will make us forget about the tornado,” Andy suggested. “How about truth or dare?”

I sat up, reluctantly taking my head off Blair’s chest. “I’ll go first,” I volunteered. “Andy, truth or dare?”

He thought about it for a moment. “Um, truth.”

Now was a chance to have some fun. When else would I get an opportunity like this? It was like my fantasies were coming true.

“Okay. Did you ever have any naughty thoughts about me when we were growing up?”

Blair grinned while we waited for an answer. It was cheeky of me to ask, but I just had to know. It wasn’t like I could broach the subject under normal circumstances. My heart hammered in my chest while I waited for an answer.

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Finally, he was ready to confess. “Baby girl, I had so many naughty thoughts about you I thought your daddy was going to kill me just for looking at you.”


Andy nodded with a wicked smile quirking his lips. “Now your turn. Truth or dare?”


“I dare you to kiss Blair.”

My gaze dragged to Blair, who I thought might be wincing. But his smile was bright and wide. “Okay, pucker up.”

There was little room in the shelter, so I didn’t have far to reach until our lips met. I thought the kiss might just be a quick peck, but once I started, I didn’t want to stop. His lips pressed hard against mine before I dared to open my mouth for him. Blair kissed me back, passionately and deeply.

I was breathless by the time he released me. He licked his lips. “Wow, sweetheart. If I knew you were that good with your lips, I might have asked you to kiss something else.”

I arched an eyebrow, feeling even more daring now. “Maybe on the next round. I’d be happy to kiss whatever piece of you needed some attention.” My eyes purposefully went to his crotch just in case he didn’t get my meaning. Judging by the growing bulge in his jeans, knew exactly what I was talking about.

“It’s your turn, Blair. Truth or dare?” Andy asked.

“Truth,” he replied.

Andy laughed, no doubt thinking of what he wanted to know the answer to. “How badly do you want to fuck Serena right now?”

Blair swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing with the motion. “I can’t answer that.”

I sat up eagerly. “You have to. Those are the rules. There’s no skipping out on a truth or dare.”

“Fine. I want to fuck her more than I want to breathe right now.”

My pussy came alive, responding with a deep pulsing need to be filled. I wanted Blair to fuck me. I wanted Andy to fuck me. I wanted to have them both wrapped around me while I writhed in ecstasy. At least it made me completely forget about the mother of all tornados raging above us.

“Andy, it’s your turn,” I said. If I played the game right, I’d be able to get exactly what I wanted.


“Take off your shirt.”

He leaned forward and complied, removing his shirt so I could see his tanned and toned chest. It sent my blood boiling. Why was it suddenly so hot in the shelter? I’d gone from shivering to sweltering in only a few minutes.

“Your turn, baby girl. Truth or dare?” Andy asked. There was something rough and sexy in his voice now, a need that begged to be satisfied.

“Dare,” I replied easily. I didn’t care about telling the truth now. I wanted to see what these two guys could come up with for me.

Blair replied before Andy could. “Take off all your clothes.”

“But Andy only had to take his shirt off,” I insisted. “I can’t get totally naked in front of you two.”

“Sweetheart, we have a few hours in this shelter, and we can either have a whole lot of fun, or sit here bored. I want to see you naked and do unspeakable things to your body, and I’m sure Andy does too. It’s up to you how you want to play this.”

This was wrong. If anyone caught us doing this, especially our parents, I would die of embarrassment. I’d never be able to look my family members in the eyes again.

But I’d wanted this so badly and for so long it felt like the need had always been there. Now it was finally time I got what I wanted.

I stood up in the small space while the eyes of my two audience members grew wide and excited. I wasn’t going to just take off my clothes. I was going to strip for them. Like Blair said, we had plenty of time to play.

I popped the buttons of my blouse one at a time, revealing more of my naked skin as I moved lower. When I was all done, I slowly let the material slide down my arms. Next, I unbuttoned my denim shorts and let them slither down my long legs. The boys’ gaze followed them the entire way.

Blair gulped when I reached around for my bra clasp. This was really happening. I was really going to be stark naked in front of my stepbrothers. I pretended to have some trouble with the strap, drawing out their anticipation before I tugged it off. My boobs were the only part of me I really loved. They were big and bouncy, more than a handful for most men.

I jiggled them, really channeling my inner stripper. Both boys had bulging pants now and I couldn’t wait to issue the next dare. They’d upped the ante when they told me to get naked. There was nothing off limits now, in my opinion.

I leaned down and slid my fingers underneath the waistband of my panties. They were purple lace and left little to the imagination. I tugged them a little before finally slipping them down my legs and fully taking them off.

There I stood, completely nude.

“Nice, baby girl,” Andy gushed.

“My turn,” Blair said breathlessly.

“Truth or dare?” I asked as I kneeled down on the floor. The concrete was cold against my ass, but soothing on my hot pussy. I was already wet, and I bet both the boys had seen it already.

“Dare,” Blair replied quickly.

Did I dare issue the challenge that I really wanted fulfilled? It was now or never, I guessed. “I dare you to finger me.”

“With pleasure,” he said. “Sit on Andy’s lap and spread wide for me.”

I glanced at Andy to make sure it was okay. His huge smile told me it was.

I crawled onto his lap and leaned against his bare chest. Instantly, his hands cupped my boobs and started toying with my nipples. He rolled them between his fingers, setting off a new rush of wetness through my cunt.

I placed a leg either side of Andy’s, but Blair didn’t approve. He took my ankles and spread them wider until a breeze from the shelter door hit my pussy and the soaked wetness. A rush of cold made me shiver.

“I bet you’re tight, aren’t you, sweetheart?” Blair said as he leaned in, getting an eyeful of my pussy. I should have been self-conscious, but it only made me hotter. I couldn’t wait to have his fingers on me.

“You’ll have to find out for yourself,” I replied. It was hard to concentrate on anything with Andy’s fingers doing incredible things to my nipples.

“Oh, I’m going to. Don’t you worry.”

Blair brushed his fingertips up my thighs, tickling the heated skin as he reached the apex. He didn’t hesitate in diving in between my folds and finding my clit. He squeezed it between his fingers, pinching it until I was so close to climax I thought I would slip over before he did anything else.

But he released his hold on my clit and delved lower until he found my entrance. His fingers circled the hole, teasing it open until he could slide one finger in. The relief of being filled was wonderful, but it wasn’t nearly enough. I squirmed, trying to get more, but Andy held me in place. They made a fucking fantastic team.

Blair slipped a second finger in and started moving them both in and out. With his other hand, he started flicking my clit back and forth. With two sets of hands on my body, it was impossible for me to stay grounded.

I moaned with pleasure as it coursed through my body. My two sexy stepbrother cowboys, paying so much attention to me, in such a confined space—it was too much to handle.

My orgasm exploded deep in my belly and ricocheted across my skin. I cried out and my consciousness soared until I could feel only the joy singing through my body and nothing else. The tornado, our taboo acts, everything else just faded away until it was the three of us.

“God, baby girl, you’re so beautiful,” Andy whispered in my ear. He never stopped playing with my nipples, tweaking them like they were dials and he was desperate to find the right station.

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Blair slowly removed his fingers from my pussy, licking them with a satisfied smirk on his face. “You look incredibly hot when you come. Did you know that, sweetheart?”

I shook my head, too lazy and sated to reply. These two men had given me so much pleasure, it was time I returned the favor. I really wanted to see some dual cock, bring them to their knees like they had so easily done to me.

While I was still in Andy’s arms, I said, “Truth or dare, Andy?”

“Dare, of course.”

What more could I get him to do? He was at my command, and the possibilities were endless. I was sad to have him leave my breasts to carry out his dare. But there was plenty of time. We could get back into this position again.

It was time he lost his clothes.

“Strip naked and then take Blair’s clothes off.”

I shifted off his lap so he could do as I told him. When all three of us stood, it was nearly impossible to move in the tiny shelter. It was built for the old man and his wife, hardly a group of strapping young cowboys and their little sister.

Andy removed his jeans. He wasn’t wearing any underwear. His cock sprung free like it had been straining for that very thing. He was hard, long, and no doubt tasted incredible. My eyes almost bugged out of my head just looking at the massive thing.

He moved to Blair and I shifted so I could watch. Andy seemed a little shy about taking his brother’s clothes off, but he did it anyway—quickly and efficiently. I never thought it would be erotic seeing a guy undressing another, but it was. Damn, it was hot. Two masculine bodies, so perfectly built, and getting naked together. So, so erotic.

Before I knew it, all three of us were naked and pressed up against one another. Blair’s cock was hard too, ready and willing with the wetness of his pre-cum sliding out of the tip.

“Let’s save some time,” I said. “I choose dare. Please tell me what you want me to do.”

They chuckled and exchanged a glance, seemingly talking without actually using words. It was Blair who issued the dare.

“Do whatever you want with your tongue and that sexy mouth of yours to our cocks. Have some fun, sweetheart. We’re ready for you.”

That was a challenge I would relish. I kneeled down until I was eye level with their manhoods. Placing a hand around the base of each, I pulled them closer so I had them lined up. I only had one mouth, but I would certainly make use of it.

Using just the tip of my tongue, I wiped Blair’s clean of his pre-cum. The salty taste stuck to my lips when I moved to Andy’s. I did the same, getting used to the subtle differences between them. Just like their looks, their cocks could almost pass as twins, too.

As I licked up and down their shafts, my hands played with their balls. I kneaded their sacs between my fingers, tugging and squeezing them to make the men moan. I only had one mouth, but I had two hands, and I used them wisely.

“Geez, Serena, you’re going to make me come if you keep doing that,” Blair moaned. I wanted to bring them to their knees, making them quiver from my touch. But I also wanted to feel them inside me, so I finished lapping up their juices.

I smacked my lips together as I stood. “You taste good, boys. That was fun. Whose turn is it now?”

“Mine,” Blair said. “And, hot damn, I’m going with dare.”

All the power was in my hands now. I got the feeling nothing would be off-limits anymore. These weren’t my stepbrothers, but my lovers. I hoped the tornado would take a long time to cross over our town.

As I was thinking about the tornado, the doors to the shelter rattled on their hinges. It had to be right overhead now, bearing down on our ranch and showing us its fury. I said a silent prayer that nothing would be damaged in its wake.

Blair’s dare popped into my head, coming easily once I glanced at his naked body. “I dare you to fuck me while Andy watches.”

“Dare accepted, sweetheart.”

Our bodies were already pressed up against each other. All I had to do was turn slightly and my tits were squished against Blair’s chest. His hands went straight to my ass, cupping my cheeks and pulling me even closer against him.

His hard body was a wonderful contrast to my soft curves. He was every inch the man I’d always dreamed of being with. His cock was pressed into my belly, trapped between us and reminding me just how horny I had made him.

“Bro, how about you help me with this sexy little thing?” Blair said, never taking his eyes off me but speaking with Andy. I held his gaze while Andy moved in my periphery. I felt the warmth of his body press against my back moments later.

Andy snaked his arms around me to tickle down my belly and pull me away from Blair. He helped get my hips into position so Blair could settle his throbbing cock at my pussy entrance. I relaxed into Andy’s hold as his brother entered me.

My walls stretched to accommodate him, eating up his cock like my cunt was starving. As Blair buried himself inside me, Andy started toying with my clit, playing with the nub and rubbing fast circles around the sensitive bundle of nerves.

Blair started thrusting, holding one of my legs around his waist so he could do deeper and deeper with every movement. I was deliciously filled, hot and bothered by the brothers as they worked together once more for my absolute pleasure.

“Oh, my gosh, it’s too much!” I cried. My body was wracked with pure bliss as it soared toward its peak. “Harder! Please, fuck me harder!”

Blair started grunting as his cock plunged into my cunt while Andy’s fingers worked overtime on my clit. All three of us were frantic, determined to get me off in the most erotic of ways.

The ache for the climax was almost painful as Blair slapped against me, rushing me higher and higher until it was impossible to hold myself together anymore. Andy gave one more hard tug to my clit, and it was enough to finish the job.

My orgasm hit hard and fast, shattering me as I wailed in ecstasy. I was grateful the tornado had made sure nobody else would be able to hear my cries of happiness. I was loud, but I couldn’t help it.

Blair came next, his cock thrusting into me one last time before he spurt his seed and held his body against mine. I needed Andy to hold me up while my climax tried to tear me apart, its furor emulating that of the tornado outside.

My pulse raced, the throb echoing in my most intimate areas while goosebumps covered my skin from head to toe. I didn’t understand how I could have goosebumps and be so hot at the same time. Whatever these boys were doing to me, it was consuming me.

Blair took a step back while I was still trying to regain my breath, leaning on his knees as he gasped in fresh air. “Fuck, sweetheart. Your cunt is a fucking wonderland.”

I laughed. I couldn’t help it. Hearing those words come from my stepbrother’s mouth was just too much to take seriously. It was like a daydream I was lost in. I almost thought I would wake up to find myself masturbating.

Before I could recover, Andy spun me around. “It’s my turn and I choose dare. Dare me to do it, Serena, or I’m going to explode here.”

His cock was swollen and throbbing, all the veins standing out on his velvety white skin. It did look like he was going to explode if I didn’t deal with the erection I’d created.

“I dare you to fuck me even harder than your brother,” I said. I needed him inside me, I wouldn’t be satisfied until I’d had both of them. I knew that just by looking at his engorged member.

“Come here, then, sweetheart.” Andy’s gaze was dark and hungry. He was about to fuck me hard, just like I’d dared him to. I knew he would accept the challenge wholeheartedly.

I stepped into Andy’s arms and he engulfed me. He spun me around to press me against the wall, lifting me up so my legs could wrap around him. He sucked on my nipple, dragging the hard bud into his mouth and biting it sharply. The effect brought my pussy to life again, preparing it for yet another onslaught.

Over Andy’s shoulder, Blair watched on. He never took his eyes off us while he waited patiently for his brother to finish his turn. Having someone watch us was far hotter than I’d ever imagined it would be. I wanted to put on a show for him, make sure he got an eyeful.

Andy suckled on my neck next, running a fiery trail of kisses up to reach my mouth. He kissed me hard, like he’d waited a long time to do it. I kissed him back with equal fervor, making sure he knew I’d wanted it for a long time, too.

“Hold on, baby girl,” he whispered in my ear, sending a shiver of sweet anticipation down my spine. My arms settled on his shoulders, linking up behind his neck so I could tickle his hair.

When he entered me, I knew why I had to hold on. Andy buried himself inside me, right up to the hilt until I was stuffed full of his cock. He bounced me up and down on his hard length. The friction of my clit rubbing against his naked skin was enough to get me excited again.

Our bodies writhed together while I clung to him, Blair watching on the entire time. He was starting to get hard again. I wondered how many times I would have to go back and forth before they were satisfied. Maybe we’d outlast the tornado.

Andy and I were both extremely horny, cresting over the wave in no time. Once again I was unable to keep my mouth shut and screamed when the orgasm took me a second time. Andy came nearly at the same time with a series of grunts and expletives.

My body went into ecstatic shock, joy pooling in my belly before coursing around the rest of me. It was going to be impossible to come down after this. No man was ever going to top my stepbrothers.

I clung to Andy until our aftershocks had shaken out and he gently placed me back on the floor. All three of us sat down for a moment, taking a breather while the shelter doors still rocked from the storm.

After a few moments, Andy grinned with that naughty glint in his eye. “It’s your turn, Serena. Truth or dare?”

I could only guess what more they had in store for me.