Watch Me, Parrot

By: The Animal Inside

Erotica Story Genres:

Kevin jumped back in shock as April waved her hand his way. A blue light jumped forth from her finger tips and the room around him shimmered. Then, suddenly, he felt a chill run through his body. Then a numbness. Then, tingling. It was only then that he looked down and saw that his arms had become wings and his skin was now covered with green feathers. He tried to speak but his mouth felt odd. He no longer had lips. Instead, be had a beak.

Three weeks after turning Kevin into a parrot, April was at a club sipping a beer and waiting for the right man to appear. She was sure she would find one tonight. She had been looking for several nights. He had to be just the right build. She liked men who were thin. Not quite to the point of skeletal, but, she didn’t care for much muscle mass either.

This particular night, she found him. He was thin and pale. His hair was dyed black. He had a black shirt, black pants, black combat boots, and a black duster. And, she could tell by the thoughts radiating from his mind that he was a virgin, though she couldn’t imagine why. He looked about nineteen. And, she didn’t usually find too many virgins in that age range. But, that would work well for her. She was twenty five. Still young enough that he might not take too much convincing. Moving forward, s took a seat opposite him at the table.

“Can I buy you a beer?” she asked before listening to the thoughts that rushed through his mind. He thought she was hot, which made her smile. He also wasn’t sure exactly why she was sitting there. He didn’t care for beer. And, since he was underage, he was hesitant to take her up on her offer.

“How about a coke instead?” she amended.

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“Sure,” he said.

“Can I get your name?”

“Hunter,” he said. She smiled at the irony that tonight he was the hunted instead of the hunter.

“After you finish that coke, do you want to come back to my place?” His mind was racing. She could tell that he really wanted to but he also wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. He was getting a boner under the table which was embarrassing but also a very good reason for him to follow her home. But, the fact he was a virgin was also making him a little nervous.

“Come on. It will be fun,” she said.

“I guess,” he finally agreed. She smiled at him sweetly. She had big plans for them that night.

She didn’t bother to turn on the light in her living room. Hunter didn’t need a tour or a view of her decor. Instead, she led him straight back into the bedroom and turned on the light. In the corner of the room, Kevin flapped his wings in protest to the sudden light. Even in bird form, his thoughts were human and she could read them. And, at the moment he was pissed at her. But, he had been pissed at her for weeks now. So, she didn’t really mind that. What she was most interested in was his thoughts as he registered that she was not alone. That she had a man with her. Kevin knew instantly what she planned to do. And, he was feeling half horrified and half aroused. Which was exactly what April had predicted.

“Cool, you have a bird,” Hunter said. Stepping over to the cage. Kevin knocked his wings against the bars where Hunter was standing and then jumped to the most opposite part of the cage.

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“He’s a little shy,” April said. “I haven’t had him very long.”

“Don’t you think we should cover his cage before…”

Kevin was torn between wanting her to cover the cage with the sheet she used at night and wanting to watch exactly what was about to happen.

“It’s just a bird dude. Don’t get all weird about a bird. If I cover him up it will throw off his whole schedule.”

“Alright,” Hunter said. He wasn’t fully comfortable with the idea of losing his virginity in front of a bird. But, he also knew that it would be a really lame thing to say and he wanted April. So, he was going to keep his mouth firmly shut.

April leaned forward and pulled Hunter’s lips to hers in a soft kiss. She wanted to start him off gentle. She didn’t want to spook him. As their lips and tongues caressed each other, she brought her hands to where the zipper of his jeans was located and she pushed her hand against him. Cupping his erection. A few girls had done that to him before, but, not in a while. He momentarily stopped moving his lips as he let himself feel the entirety of the sensation of his cock being touched.

“Should we undress ourselves or do you want to undress me?” she asked.

His mind said he just wanted to get out of his clothes in whatever the fastest possible way was. But, he wasn’t about to say so.

“I’d like to watch you take off your clothes,” he said after a moments hesitation. The idea of fumbling around with a bra strap and other female attire he just didn’t know much about had made the decisions for him.

Discreetly, April positioned herself so that both Hunter and Kevin could have a full view of her. Then, she slowly reached her hands down and undid the button of her jeans. She slid them down over her hips with a suggestive wiggle. Underneath her jeans she wore a purple thong that was barely visible under her shirt. She reached underneath the bottom of the shirt and grasped the thong with her index fingers and pulled it down her legs as well. Just a hint of her brown nether curls jutted beyond the hem of her shirt. But, both Hunter and Kevin immediately focused their attention on that area. She stood there a moment, letting them both wait and anticipate. Then, she brought her fingers to the hem of her shirt and pulled it up over her head. As soon as the shirt was off she reached behind her back and undid the snap of her purple lace bra, letting her 32 C breasts bounce invitingly.

“Your turn,” she said to Hunter. He didn’t even try to look sexy as he scrambled out of his clothes. The last item he was wearing were black silk boxer shorts. He was about to pull them off when she caught a hint of worry from his mind. He was worried that she wouldn’t like his cock. That she might even think it was ugly. Every virgin she had ever been with had wondered that the first time they had gotten naked together. But, his was a deeper worry. There was something he viewed wrong with his cock. The reason he was still a virgin. She couldn’t quite read the reason from mind so she patiently waited for him to remove the boxers. She saw the problem immediately and almost laughed. She didn’t know why men were so silly.

“It’s nice and natural. I like them that way,” she said. And, that was true enough. Whether a man was circumcised or not didn’t matter much to her. She felt the relief pour off of Hunter and she felt an equal sensation of disgust off of Kevin. Only men seemed to think that uncircumcised penises were ugly as far as she could tell.

April laid down on the bed positioned so that Kevin would be able to view the action at a side angle. That fact was not lost on him.

Hunter climbed onto the bed above her and then hesitated.

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“I’m a virgin,” he said. It was almost as if he was spitting something bitter or distasteful from his mouth.

“I like virgins,” April said. That, also, was true. Virgins were teachable, trainable, and damned grateful for everything they were given. A huge improvement over so many of the other men in the world.

“I’m not really sure what to do,” Hunter admitted.

“Well, what do you want to do? Where do you want to touch me?” April asked.

She could hear him thinking that what he really wanted to do was to get his cock in her pussy as fast as possible. But, he wasn’t sure that was a polite answer. She couldn’t really blame him though. Virgins often wanted to just get on with it. And, actually, she did as well. This wasn’t about her fucking Hunter. It was about Kevin watching her fucking Hunter. That was what was making her really hot.

She reached out and grabbed his ass and pulled him forward, positioning his cock at the entrance of her pussy. She raised a leg up on Hunter’s shoulder. It was the leg nearest Kevin, giving him a full view of the action.

She never had anyone watching her having sex before and especially since she knew exactly what Kevin was thinking about the whole thing, she was hot and wet. Kevin had been a hypocritical pompous ass. He had criticized her sexual exploits while secretly wishing he could watch them as well. Now, he was getting what he wanted. And, so was she. The fact that Hunter also was getting exactly what he wanted was an additional bonus.

She squeezed Hunter’s ass as he thrust forward into her. His hard cock filling her. She felt the men’s reactions as a mixed wave. Hunter was thinking how hot, wet, and tight her pussy felt around his cock and how he had never felt anything so amazing in his life. Already, he was panting heavily which made April smile. Kevin was feeling very turned on. He wanted to be inside of her. Desperately. And, he liked watching her being fucked. April loved his reaction. She loved how turned on both of the guys were. It made her feel beautiful. Powerful. Sexual.

Hunter began to thrust slowly into her pussy. She could feel his nervousness that he might be hurting her. She decided that for both his sake and Kevin’s she was going to make a show of her pleasure. She opened her mouth and let out a loud moan as she reached up and grabbed her breasts and began to fondle them. Occasionally, turning to look into Kevin’s eyes. To make sure he knew that she was touching herself as much to turn him on as she was to turn herself on. Her nipples hardened under her fingers and she made sure that he could see their hard pink tips. Kevin had a perfect view of Hunter’s cock going in and out of her pussy. Pulling out until the base of the head could be seen and then thrusting in until he was filling her completely.

April brought one hand down to rub her clit as Hunter fucked her.

“Harder. Faster,” she moaned as her fingers stroked her clit above Hunter’s cock. He was happy to oblige. He liked to see her touching herself. And, Kevin liked it even more. His little beak was sticking out of the cage and he was straining against the bars watching her pleasure herself.

Feeling the combined arousal of both men watching her was just what she needed to take her over the edge. She felt the tightening begin in her abdomen and flow down to her pussy and thru her legs. Her pussy contracted rhythmically, spraying fluid onto Hunter’s thighs and abdomen. Hunter pulled his cock from her pussy, knowing he wouldn’t last much longer. Kevin was noticing how wet the cock was. How wet from her pleasure juices. And he was wishing he could be a man again and have his cock all moist and wet with her juices. To be inside her when she came and to feel all her juices splashing him.

Hunter took his cock in his hand and began to pump it furiously until he let out a moan and his thick white cum erupted from the tip of his cock onto April’s belly.

After Hunter had left, April turned to Kevin.

“So, are you ready to give me a try now and stop being so fucking hypocritical. I know you want to fuck me.”

She took the bird out of the cage and sat him on the bed. Then, the air around him crackled and shimmered and Kevin was a man again. A naked man with a hard and hungry cock.