Get Paid to Write Short Erotica


Smutpire Press is on the lookout for new erotica writers. We’re offering an excellent pay rate for the right candidate, $150 per 5000 word story.

Types of authors we’re seeking:
  1. You’ll need to keep up with our publishing schedule of one story per week.
  2. All stories should be at least 5,000 words.
  3. All stories should be written in first person, from the female POV.
  4. All stories should be a part of a series involving the same main characters. 3 stories per series.
  5. Billionaires. As of now, all books should have a dominant billionaire (or two!)
  6. These books need to focus on being dirty, but there should still be a touch of plot in there. Two sex scenes per book, each of at least 1000 words. The rest of the words should be there to advance attraction between the two characters and make them crave one another.

Interested? Fill in the contact form below.