We’re looking for an erotica editing partner!

The short version:

Smutpire Press is looking for a partner to take care of selecting writers to work with, editing their books, and writing blurbs. We’re offering a percentage of book sales rather than the typical flat payment based on word count.


The long version:

Hi everyone! I founded Smutpire Press over two years ago and I personally have been in the erotica game for nearly three years. Due to a change in circumstances, I’m no longer able to find the time to run Smutpire Press by myself. Instead of turning away interested writers and letting things go stagnant, I’d like to find a partner who would be interested in helping it grow.


A bit about Smutpire Press

  • According to Book Report, our income is holding pretty steady at around $3750USD/month despite a serious lack of publishing (We’ve published roughly 6 books in the last year).
  • We have around 140 books published, most of them being short stories of 5000 words and bundles of said short stories. We have 5 novellas of 40,000 words and would like to continue with longer works.
  • We currently have a mailing list of 4471 loyal readers and a review team of 214 avid readers.


A bit about the opportunity

Basically, this is going to an editing job but with profit sharing. Before you ask: yes, I’ve already hired and worked with multiple editors. However, I don’t feel that the typical pay-per-word system provides the right incentive to keep an editor around and keep them motivated.

Instead, I’m upping the offer with hopes that I’ll find someone that I can trust will continually do a good job. In exchange, the right person will be able to build and earn a passive income.

Ideally, I’d like to bring on a self-motivated individual who actually likes erotica and is good at the following:

  • Editing
  • Blurb writing
  • Preparing the inside of the book
  • Selecting good writers to work with and helping them improve. I’ll be passing you any interested writers that contact me.

Near the beginning you’ll be working very closely with me. If you need help perfecting a blurb, I’ll be there. If you need help deciding whether or not an author is suitable to work with, I’ll be there. That means you’ll have unlimited access to the experience of someone who’s been at this for three years to ensure your success. Eventually, I’d like to let you loose so you can do your own thing (I’ll still be there to help when necessary).



I’m proposing the following payment tiers, which are open to negotiation:

  • 15% on any book you edit (you’ll be in charge of editing for our existing authors as well).
  • 20% on any book you edit that was written by an author you selected.

To help you understand, I’ll use an example author, Leila Haven from the time that her first book was published on September 30, 2015 until now. She wrote four books (160,000 words total) in that time period.

So far, those books have made $7347.3CAD (5618.25USD as of today’s exchange rate). Note that some assumptions were used to get this rate because we don’t yet know June or July’s page read estimate, but it is a best guess.

Let’s assume you selected Leila to work with us and you edited all four of her books. That means you’d have already made $1123.65USD (20% of 5618.25), and are STILL going to get paid well into the future on these books. Since we specialize in long tail sales (as evident by our continued earnings and lack of recent publishing), this will end up being a lot more over the years.

Would you rather have that, or a single payment in the amount you’d have charged to edit 160,000 words? That’s up to you.


Final Words

If this interests you, contact us with a little about you and we can talk!