Publish Your Short Erotica

NOTE: We are not looking for new authors at the moment. The rest of this page is left in place for future purposes.

Smutpire Press is on the lookout for new erotica authors. We have a proven track record of long term sales with short erotica and want you to join our successful team!

Why write for us?
  • Excellent royalty rates. 50% to you, 50% to us.
  • We’ve built a mailing list of over 5900 readers since 2013 that your books will get instant access to. (Last updated March 14th, 2017)
  • We take care of and pay for everything except the writing.
  • Great cross promotion opportunities with our other authors. All readers are directed back to our website where we actively encourage them to read a book from everyone (and we both know that if they try your writing, they’re going to buy more of it!)
  • We will do the research for you and keep you up to date on the latest trends so you’re always writing what’s hot.
Some highlights
  • Our highest earning series has earned around $25,000 by itself. That’s almost $1/word.
  • We got out of the short erotica game to pursue romance novels and our old erotica was still selling reliably, even after over a year without fresh content. My own books (I have 20 individual ones) still made $485 in the month one year after my final release. Other authors published with us have seen similar long term results.
  • Our website is currently getting about 400 targeted visits per day.
What do we take care of?
  • Sexy cover designs
  • Professional editing
  • Naughty blurb writing
  • Persuasive marketing
  • And more! (If it’s not writing – it’s on us)

The bottom line? We’ll sell your writing. If you just want to write books that people will read but don’t want to learn how to do any of the above, you’ve come to the right place! Let us take care of the business side of things.

Types of authors/books we’re seeking:
  1. You’ll need to keep up with our publishing schedule. One story per week.
  2. All stories should be between 5,000 and 8,000 words.
  3. All stories should be written in first person, from the female POV.
  4. All stories should be a part of a series involving the same characters. 3-6 books per series.
  5. Billionaires. As of now, all books should have a billionaire (or two!) Along with that, you will need to throw in at least one or two more themes. Other available themes are BDSM, Menage, Biker, or a man in a position of power (a boss, senator, or professor for example). I’m also open to other suggestions if you have them.
  6. These books need to focus on being dirty, but there should still be a touch of plot in there. Two sex scenes per book, each of at least 1000 words. The rest of the words should be there to advance attraction between the two characters and make them crave one another.
  7. You should take pride in your work. In order to ensure a high quality output, we don’t accept rough drafts. You should at least do a once-over before submitting to us.

Prior experience writing erotica is not necessary, provided you can write what we’re looking for!

A testimonial

I have been working with Jamie and Smutpire for almost two years now as an author and I have found them to be nothing but professional and helpful. It has felt like we’ve been a real team and working together to make sure our books are as successful as possible. I have no hesitations in recommending Smutpire Publishing to any author that is looking for a new opportunity to get their name out there and make money in the process.

– Leila/Kenzie Haven


That’s it! If you’d like to write with or have further questions, please use the contact form below and we’ll be in touch 🙂